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  1. [Released] Betrayal and Manipulation

    This sounds really sweet, Im eagerly waiting.
  2. [Released] häx_processer

    My excitement for this is tremendous.
  3. [Dev Log] Pegasus Launch

    Thanks Rilen. Will you be jamming ?
  4. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    That's probably all g fart satchel. Im gearing up for preparing my Dev thread.
  5. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Oh cool, nice job.
  6. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

  7. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    This one's coming up gobbler I think.
  8. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    I'm glad you shared this wonderful image atte.
  9. Plug your shit

    Thoroughly enjoyed by me.
  10. ISC's Dev Thread

    Spent this month working on prototype for a weird single input game. Heavily inspired by Downwell with an attempt at spelunkies every object interacts with one another. You start out at the top of a mega city and the goal of the game is to reach the ground. To get there you move and dodge with a single input draw mechanic. See in this gif below a clear example of the draw mechanic while fighting a worm.. When you draw a line if it intersects with an enemy a (very ugly temp) circle appears indicating your character will attack it. Every attack that lands adds to a combo count at the top of the screen, currently this does nothing. Time also slows while you draw the path too. Drawing the paths has an almost sketch/gestural quality I quite like, though attacking automatically is weird. Iv been thinking perhaps the game should be shifted to focus on avoiding things than trying to attack. Heres the intro sequence. Iv not actually animated anything so its all just temp stuff but it gives a feel for the style. Heres a fight with a turret. The map is randomly generated though there's few tile types right now. Heres one version of a Shop, a club where a player could buy stuff(currently does nothing). Anyway I think iv had enough of this one for the moment. This month im going to play a ton of games and learn more about coding so ill put it on ice.
  11. ISC's Dev Thread

    Draw! Iv never drawn anything in my life and the assets I make for my own games are ass. So I figured id learn to draw. I've started working through that Scott Robertson perspective book and I do a daily Walk cycle animation. Really though i'm pretty clueless about what i'm actually doing. If anyone has any study advice or whatever i'm always interested. Here's a handful of cycles from the first week or so. Iv got some actual sketches too which i might include in the next dump. Edit: some sketches I left out.
  12. Important If True: A Funky Bad (Good) Apology

    This episode broke me.
  13. Missions that made you quit

    There's some really hard flying minigames in GTA5 that I think I quit out of, although i then just went and played other parts of GTA. There's definitely more but I cant think of them. A lot of the games I play allow save scumming so I just incrementally make progress like the filthy cheat I am. ^^ I get that in horror games too, though its more love hate. I'm constantly ready to alt F4 but I never actually do and usually retrospectively enjoy it, horrors weird.
  14. Tone Control Season 2 Episode 9: Richard Lemarchand!

  15. ISC's Dev Thread

    Long time since I updated this! Still drawing, though i had a break(and got into photography) for a few months before resuming. I do an hour each morning so i have not improved much, which is fine iv got other things to focus on. After kicking around last year and trying a bunch of different things i'm really digging game development. This year im going to just learn as much as I can, make stuff and put together a portfolio. The project iv been working on the past few months is an AR game where you grow plants on a randomly generated map. Playing the game would be like bumbling around a garden, shifting rocks, planting seeds, inquisitively looking at the little creatures living there. Here's a cheesy and kind of confusing prototype video I made today, since its on IOS I cant easily send the game to people so I thought id better make a video or something. I was in the city today so I filmed some stuff and put this together. It was actually really hard haha. Really it was an excuse to make cheesy music. Anyway its at the point where I kind of want to move on. I think there's some massive flaws, namly I don't really know what this is actually about. I started the project on a whim without any planning and now im looking up at the jenga tower. Id really like to work on some less ambitious projects where I can just focus on learning game design without the crazy tech issues.
  16. Recommendations for GUEST ARTIST for a GAME JAM

    This is cool, you should try the slack game dev channel incase it’s a bit quiet over here. The link at the end of this thread should work? I can’t remember how joining slack works. 😣
  17. Designer Notes 37: Chris Hecker - Part 2

    Really enjoyed this. In particular the discussion about beginner design mistakes. Chris’s observation about how he used to put off design for technical or the trap of making a game without a specific purpose are both things I can relate to. Thanks for the cast Soren, really good.
  18. Plug your shit

    hahaha nice! RIP low poly pear. That 3D test thing is sweet too.
  19. Idle Thumbs 317: Press Start Go

    Really enjoyed the Sea of Thieves discussion, yall should definitely stream it
  20. Far Cry 5

    I might do the same^, last I played was 3. Think I might get this for the map maker. I’d like to do some level design and make some multiplayer maps. Just not sure my computer will be able to run it.
  21. Far Cry 5

    "A Ubisoft rep also said in an email to Kotaku that Far Cry Arcade will include the exact same feature set across both consoles and PC" - Really cool, love when games give creative tools to the players. I got a lot out of the map editor in far cry instincts back when I only had an xbox and no access to pc modding/map making.
  22. I suspect Nicks finally been replaced by a robot. The non “overdubbed” bits are just the mask slipping. Good cast.
  23. Tone Control Season 2 Episode 7: Meggan Scavio of GDC!

    Oo cool variation, looking forward to listening to this.
  24. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey folks, welcome !
  25. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    As much as I snigger at shoe horns I currently have a rough calloused patch on the top of my index finger from trying to get shoes on.