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  1. Spelunky!

    I got so obsessed with Spelunky - both SD and HD versions. I'm guessing this PS4 exclusivity thing is timed, so I really hope to see it also on Xbox One and Switch.
  2. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

    so after upgrading my TV in my game room I've pretty much just been gaming on my Xbox One the past couple months. It's weird, after spending years playing games at a desk with keyboard and mouse and now going back to playing games on a couch with a controller, there's a weird comforting simplicity to it. Anyway, curious how active the Xbox Live community is among y'all Thumbsters? I've mostly been playing Overwatch, Destiny 2 and Madden 18 as of late myself. The Overwatch Halloween event has been making me really happy. Though I've got the XCOM 2 expansion lined up for later this week.
  3. The Big VR Thread

    woah, thanks bud! I knew nothing about this - as actually this is the first SteamVR game that I've encountered that didn't just work on the Rift. Super excited to give the Google Earth VR thing a try.
  4. The Big VR Thread

    ohhh that's that sort of sculpting thing, right? I forgot about that. It's nice having some new Rift stuff to try - and actually one benefit of the Touch controllers is that now I have a reason to do some gaming while standing up.
  5. The Big VR Thread

    was that one of the freebies? I'll check it out.
  6. The Big VR Thread

    I got my Touch controllers last night and am really glad I did. Seeing your hands in-game just changes things big time. Y'know that demo where the little 80's robot is giving you diskettes to 3D print stuff to play with? That blew my mind. He handed me something and I took it out of his hand and my brain was just like "yup, that's it, totally believe this is happening now." Robo Recall is really intense, though. I can't fathom how to move myself, and be turned the right way, AND try to focus on shooting stuff. I bet 3rd-cam would help me, but I'm not in a rush on that. I tried Minecraft VR but not a good idea. While it played fine for me sitting w/ Xbox controller, the forward motion while standing up for some reason really threw me off. Like, as soon as I hit the analog stick it was like "ok stop right now or we'll throw up." I downloaded the Google Maps thingy on Steam, but it said it won't work w/ Rift (?)
  7. anyone else excited about Resident Evil 7?

    wow. I would have never thought to do something so simple as far as making things easier on myself logistically. Thank you for the tip. I'll have to find some time to give it another shot. Maybe after a couple of stiff shots, haha.
  8. anyone else excited about Resident Evil 7?

    as the dude that started the thread, I feel really embarrassed to admit that very early on in the game I turned into a total baby and haven't gone back since. Basically when you're first brought to the house (the section that starts at the dinner table) and you're able to start roaming around. Well, there's a part where you get a key but Jack starts chasing you and busting through walls and you need to make it to a locked trap door - and RIGHT THERE he catches me and shovels me dead. I tried several times and ended up dead every time and I found that section of trying to evade him long enough to unlock the trap door just totally stressful. I wish there was a Super Baby Mode or something, because I love the game and its aesthetic but I'm gonna have to muster up some more courage before heading back.
  9. my wife is going through a heavy Batman obsession the past couple of years, so it was her idea to watch Gotham. I liked season one a lot, though. It was a neat idea - the whole Batman & Gang as kids thing. Season two I'm not crazy about though. They're starting to take some pretty big changes to characters that kind of stop it from being a possible 'prequel' series, and instead makes it just feel like some alternate reality where some characters happen to share names of other characters. That said, the acting is solid.
  10. I *would* talk about them with you.... except I was too impatient to watch them in correct order, so instead I just started season one on all of them at roughly the same point. Which I know, I know is stupid because they overlap so I'm gonna spoil things or confuse myself. But eh, I just kind of felt like it. Then there's the other DC shows. Like, Gotham. We really enjoyed the first season, and then kind of stalled out in the middle of the second.
  11. I feel really unexcited about Iron Fist. And I'm not even worried about missing out on anything. I feel like we'll be alright to just head into Defenders without it. Like you said - maybe just read Wikipedia. The Arrowverse et al, I've watched a bit. Like, very little bit. But I enjoy those shows more than I thought I would. At least from the little bit I've seen. (I'm still on season one of all those shows, so take that into consideration). Arrow is cooler than I expected. Kind of feels like a poor man's Daredevil x Iron Man or something. And Flash is pretty fun. Supergirl is actually my favorite of the lot by a long shot. It just feels unique. It's like... I don't know if you took Devils Wears Prada and made it a super hero show. It balances as a sort of office comedy/drama thing really well with Supergirl then kicking ass. And then you've got Legends Of Tomorrow which I feel like is really bad but in a fun way. It's actually pretty stupid and feels SyFy quality. But again, still kind of fun. But not good.
  12. I still buy CDs... Mostly used for the reason mentioned above. But then I feel like an idiot when I fire up Spotify and listen to something I own on CD there.
  13. Logan

    I thought it was great. Ranks in my top tier comic movies really.
  14. Solitaire: The Lonely Hearts Club

    have you tried Solitairica? Not sure if there's a PC version or not, as these are the kinds of games I generally seek out for play on my tablet.'s a single player card battler RPG thing that uses mechanics from Solitaire (and Uno kind of?). It's totally not the best game mentioned in this thread, but it is pretty fun and easy to learn and looks appealing.