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  1. me irl, I don't think I've posted here before
  2. No, and that is exactly what they did as well? If you read up a bit the patch notes are listed. There are a lot of free features that go a long way to fixing a lot of the issues I had at least.
  3. Yep. Quite a few of us play. It is the only game I really play these days. It is a very good game.
  4. Warlock is really good at just keeping a pub game together I think. He has a heal, good harass, and a good ultimate to save your dumb team when they start a team fight they shouldn't have.
  5. You're above the average schmoe if you are at 3k+. 3.5k is like the 85th percentile of players so a lot of the toxicity is probably filtered out. 3.5k to 4k is also where Dunning-Kruger starts to dissipate, and a lot of toxicity has it's basis in that. It's a pretty good place to be, most people are just trying to improve their own game instead of focusing on others. If you go lower they think they don't deserve to be in the sub-3k bracket and blame everyone else than themselves.
  6. Yeah, can we get a truth table for the statement "entertainment, pop culture, and technology" to clear up any confusion. Is that an AND, XOR or OR statement? Thanks
  7. I am officially teased. Looking forward to the full episode.
  8. http://www.dota2.com/leaderboards#europe yep
  9. I am planning on playing through ME3 with access too, as I have not yet played that game for some reason.
  10. It's a common problem in LOMA-like games that people have a very hard time evaluating their own performance and their own contribution to the victory/defeat, evaluating your team mates is even harder. Overwatch tries to solve this with the medal and play of the game system somewhat, but I am not sure how successful it is and sometimes I think it does more harm than good. Heroes of the Storm has those things at the end of the game where it compares you to other players in your skill bracket, and I kind of like it, but it is hard to take anything concrete away from it.
  11. I have only played 4 competetive games this season. Fun so far, I have only played in groups though. I hear a lot of complaints about the ratings and games being very unstable this season, from players from all levels. Seems the matchmaking system is a bit wacky currently. I mostly play Zenyatta, Ana, Mercy, Zarya, Mei and Soldier.
  12. Hey. Sorry for taking so long to reply. We did not have time to add the minigames! We also didn't have time to make any effects (sound or otherwise) to the gun so it is a thing people have struggled with. There is no reasoning behind the respawn times (or anything else in the game!), they are just arbitrary numbers that I came up with and tested for a few minutes.
  13. Not hot seat but it can be played by two people on one keyboard, also happens to be the best game ever made in finland! http://www.liero.be/
  14. Patch is live. Thoughts?