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  1. Pitch: We are a team of two programmers who need some help! The game we are making can be sumed up as: You have been tasked by Gilgamesh to defend one Babylonian city from invading forces. The game will be a 2D tower defense-ish game, where you as a player can build things as well as attack things yourself. What I need: 2D sprites for our players, enemies and environment. We have no preference for how large the sprites are, or how good they are. Anything is better than what we can make ourselves. We also need sound effects and music. What I'm doing: Game design, programming, Unity stuff. Contact Info: PM here on the forum, or message me on slack (I am njoos there) Time Zone: We are in Europe. GMT and GMT +1. Portfolio: We made one game together for wizardjam4. The DevLog with more info can be found here:
  2. Your gh-pages branch has a lot more stuff than master: https://github.com/gerbilsinspace/soundboard.cool/tree/gh-pages/audio/Chris
  3. Premise You have been tasked by Gilgamesh to defend one Babylonian city from invading forces. The game will be a 2D tower defense-ish game, where you as a player can build things as well as attack things yourself. Enemies spawn on one side of a square map, you have to prevent them from destroying your wall on the opposite side. Things you can do: Shooting arrows from your bow Looting gold from fallen enemies Building/buying walls to force enemies to take a longer path Building/buying walls with some defenses mounted on them (archers, polybolos or hwachas or something) We will go for a low resolution pixely art style. The Team Me: I am a software developer with 5 years of C# experience. I have made one game before, together with VagueBagel, for WizJam4. VagueBagel: A software developer with several years of experience in C++, C#, and many more. We're both fairly new to game development. Challenges I am busy one of the weekends so I only get this weekend, and the final weekend to work on this. We don't know how to make any assets. Want to help? We would like help with the following. PM me if you want to help with something on the list Music Sound effects 2D art work
  4. Bethesda, Tamriel Unlimited, Skywind, and an uncountable number of mods for the original game.
  5. me irl, I don't think I've posted here before
  6. No, and that is exactly what they did as well? If you read up a bit the patch notes are listed. There are a lot of free features that go a long way to fixing a lot of the issues I had at least.
  7. Yep. Quite a few of us play. It is the only game I really play these days. It is a very good game.
  8. Warlock is really good at just keeping a pub game together I think. He has a heal, good harass, and a good ultimate to save your dumb team when they start a team fight they shouldn't have.
  9. You're above the average schmoe if you are at 3k+. 3.5k is like the 85th percentile of players so a lot of the toxicity is probably filtered out. 3.5k to 4k is also where Dunning-Kruger starts to dissipate, and a lot of toxicity has it's basis in that. It's a pretty good place to be, most people are just trying to improve their own game instead of focusing on others. If you go lower they think they don't deserve to be in the sub-3k bracket and blame everyone else than themselves.
  10. Yeah, can we get a truth table for the statement "entertainment, pop culture, and technology" to clear up any confusion. Is that an AND, XOR or OR statement? Thanks
  11. I am officially teased. Looking forward to the full episode.
  12. http://www.dota2.com/leaderboards#europe yep
  13. I am planning on playing through ME3 with access too, as I have not yet played that game for some reason.
  14. It's a common problem in LOMA-like games that people have a very hard time evaluating their own performance and their own contribution to the victory/defeat, evaluating your team mates is even harder. Overwatch tries to solve this with the medal and play of the game system somewhat, but I am not sure how successful it is and sometimes I think it does more harm than good. Heroes of the Storm has those things at the end of the game where it compares you to other players in your skill bracket, and I kind of like it, but it is hard to take anything concrete away from it.