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  1. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Hey! We've released a new game for iOS and Android based on our Wizard Jam entry. Same bears, same farts but different challenges! Get it now FREE. Go here for Android and here for iOS version. Or visit the game's site Cheers, Bob
  2. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Yeah definitely surreal...for me the world of Let's Play is entirely new. The other plus from the whole thing is that our main project also caught some nice download shrapnel when the Markiplier bomb blew.
  3. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Cheers lads...yeah 1.25m views in 24hrs is mind boggling
  4. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Cheers @Ben X yeah agreed on the arcadey-avoid a baddie or Forest Ranger element. Hey I'm still amazed that Abban could even make the Bear move that well in 2 weeks let alone a real game. We'll get Big Bad Spanish out soon!
  5. [RELEASE] The Bear's Black Heart

    Wowzers...this being our first game and all I'm blown away by seeing two gameplay vids already: And yep, great insight from the players: We need to make the NPC's appear larger on the text options screens.
  6. [RELEASE] The Bear's Black Heart

    No you can't backtrack but I still get lost!! (designer not developer here)
  7. [RELEASE] The Bear's Black Heart

    Yeah little bear footprints would be a good way to see if you have been somewhere before maybe?
  8. What a style! Well done, this definitely needs to be continued
  9. [RELEASE] The Bear's Black Heart

    yeah me too, recorded loads of process gifs and vids. Sore this morn, but back at it!! Now on to the next game
  10. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Cheers Sloane, threres loads more content left on cutting room floor which we couldn't squeeze in. You're in Germany/ are we! Abban is in Berlin and I'm in Spain. What parts?
  11. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Yes, much respect to everybody who got through it...I only contributed a smidgen compared to the amount of hours and strain Abban put in on this. You're the man Ab, couldn't hope for a better biz partner and pal.
  12. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Gahhh! nearly there! Brandy is stinging my eyes and I haven't moved in hours.
  13. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    He certainly does, looks great man, well done!
  14. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Uh oh! A little tremble on his upper leg maybe?
  15. [released] Avocado Smash

    Works and plays perfect on Mac! Well done, love that ziney effect on the characters