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  1. The Hyper light drifter run: Shame the audio quality from Alex and Teddy was so bad
  2. Double the padding, double the speed! no i bought the bigger mousepad but realized very fast that i don't like hard mousepad but i like the thingie to hold the cord and a friend had a smaller one in some fabric so i threw it on top..
  3. Finally got my new office chair, i can't find any reason to go outside anymore...
  4. In giantbomb's titanfall cover they said even the pc version is going to run on microsoft's servers, same as the xbone version.
  5. Hey everyone.. found out about the idle thumbs podcast when they visited's Octoberkast and i was hooked.. been listening at the backlog (haven't started at the very beginning, alot of googling in between) and thought i would join up on the forum. and been watching the older broadcasts on twitch, it's quite addictive..