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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    I've been watching/re-watching some John Carpenter films the past week, I'll just mention two: Escape from LA, I don't know what to make of this movie. It had a budget 10 times higher than that of the first movie, yet the SFX look like absolute garbage. Even for the time, if you consider how good Starship Troopers looks (twice the budget, one year later, but still). Even TV show like Voyager has better CG. Then there's the fact that the movie is at times a scene-by-scene remake of the first movie, they even tell the same jokes the same way. I don't mind it actually, because I can listen to Kurt Russell say "call me Snake" all day, it's just weird. Did Carpenter resent making this movie or something? I had fun with it, mostly because I like Kurt Russell, Steve Buscemi and Michelle Forbes, but it's not a good movie. The attempts are satirizing LA are quite weak. Big Trouble in Little China, I've seen this movie mentioned as one of Carpenters best, something I don't understand at all. This was easily my least favourite movie of this that I've watched and I stopped to see how much of it was left at least four times. I was utterly bored by the whole thing, didn't think any of the jokes were particularly funny and the endless fights were tedious to get through. The Chinese mysticism thing didn't grab me, and so many events in the movie feels completely random (which can work, I just don't think it does here). The only good part was the exploding head.
  2. Kim does have a few good episodes, Timeless like already mentioned, but I also like The Chute. I'll take him over Chakotay any day. @TheLastBaron There's an episode guide to Voyager posted somewhere in this thread, if you get bored with Season 1 I recommend following that and just watching the highlights instead.
  3. The whole thing looks like CGI to me, kinda off putting. I mean, obviously at least the human faces aren't, but even they look so post-processed that they're close to CGI
  4. Voyager is very prone to techno babble and boring combat sequences, but there are character focused episodes too. The good Voyager episodes are really good.
  5. I think people's reactions to that scene have more to do with the characterization than the race of the actors, Kurt Russell is the main character, of course people side with him. Maybe you want to argue that the latter begat the format, but that's something different.
  6. I started watching TNG again, I'd forgotten how preachy Star Trek is. They even end most episodes outright stating the moral of the story. At least in season 1
  7. Which episode did Dan say he realized that maybe his path through college was a bit BS? I listen quite frequently but never caught that bit.
  8. 'Advise' is the verb 'advice' is the noun (you probably know but I couldn't help it because you starred the word and everything :P)
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched Starship Troopers for the first time in ages, I liked it way more than I was expecting. At times it feels like maybe it's being too in your face about mocking propaganda, but then some people didn't get it so I guess not. Some people seem to think it's bad, others that it's so bad that it's good and others still dislike it for being so different from the book (I think it mocks the book), but I think it works both as a fun action movie and as an anti-fascist piece. That was also part of the point I think, to make people watch the movie without a critical eye, not realising they're being subverted. I'm not sure if would have been better with a 'good' cast or not, I think the soap opera cast fits well with the cheesy tone. It's an insanely quotable movie. Anyway, I think it's brilliant. edit: oh also, I think some of the VFX hold up extremely well. There are a few CGI scenes that look dated, but for the most part it's good and the miniatures are amazing.
  10. Johns Wick 1 & 2

    I watched the second one recently too and I liked it slightly less than the first one, which unlike other people I didn't go completely crazy for. The biggest problem I have is that the movie lacks an identity beyond trying to re-create what made the first one stand out. Laurence Fishburne was bad, and the Italian guy was so-so. The action scenes are the best part of the movie, but they feel unjustified. In the first one it's kind of a joke, that he goes on this murderous rampage over a dog. In the sequel they try to create a more serious motivation, but it falls flat and at the end he becomes persona non grata anyway so it was all for naught.
  11. Ben vs shooters:
  12. Aha I see what you're saying about the clipping. I had forgotten it was that way in E.YE. but for me it's not something bad, I kinda like games where the guns have a more physical presence and you don't shoot straight out of your camera. Depends on the game though of course, it'd be terrible in Quake.
  13. Cool that you tried it. I don't think your experience is atypical, which is why it didn't review super well especially with sites like IGN, but there is a lot of good stuff about the game as well. Regarding the hit detection issues, I didn't experience any of that myself so I'm not sure what's going on there. The weapon selection is like that for the entire game, it's not something where you find weapons in the environment or loot them off enemies, although they are gated in different ways. The combat, if you get into it, is actually one of the strongest parts of the game. If you find it difficult on easy I think you can tweak a lot of the difficulty options manually, like detection range and reaction time of enemies and so on. Also, I will say that the "pre-game" area as you call it does have a purpose, but actually unravelling the full story is a bit of a Dark Souls like endeavour. I'll counter your old review with one from this year
  14. I'll grab it for you but I'll wait to see if there's a sale, it was a mid 2011 game so you've got about a dozen games to go before anyway. There's both a lot of good and bad things about it, but it'd be one of the most unique game on the list and I think it's at least worth giving a try even though there's a good chance you might bounce off it. It has a bit of a learning curve, which isn't helped by the way it tutorialises or the poor (but charming) translation.
  15. Btw, have you thought about adding E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy to the list? It has some RPG elements but I'd say that it's primarily a shooter.