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  1. Star Wars Episode 8

    This reply is a month late, but anyway
  2. Confused about Social Media...

    Small communities still exist independently from facebook, reddit etc. Of course the majority of people will be on the larger sites (by definition), but if you want to seek out the smaller communities you can. For me this is more of a problem in online gaming actually. I strongly prefer a structure where players run dedicated servers that are listed in a server browser. Each one has its own flavour and community. Match making is a very different experience and doesn't let you form communities at all.
  3. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Found it, thanks
  4. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Is it gone? I missed it and I can't see it on the IdleThumbs twitch channel
  5. The perfect embodiment of the supercut of Half-Life that Gordon sees is segmented speedruns. This one consists of hundreds of segments, each attempted hundreds of times probably, and in the end it's completely seamless
  6. I'll go back to it, I think I wasn't in the mood for what's essentially a VN at the time, and the first conversation with the journalist didn't grab me.
  7. I bought Doom / Wolfenstein TNO in last year's christmas sale, Axiom Verge and VA-11 HALL-A in the summer sale. Fired up VA-11 HALL-A once, but I had to stop playing before the point where it saved my progress so I never went back. Also bought a Capcom humble bundle (Resident Evil, DmC and some other junk). The only game I finished this year was Super Metroid for maybe the 5th time, on my sister's SNES mini over the holiday break. It was also pretty much the only thing I played all year. The SNES mini that is, not just Metroid. Also played a bit of Super Mario World, which I still don't think controls well and Contra III (the top down levels suck too much). I might buy one of those for myself. Why isn't Chrono Trigger on it though? edit: looking through my Steam history, the last game I bought on Steam that I also finished was Stanley Parable in late 2014 Oh, also bought ME:Andromeda but it was for my sister because she borrowed my PS4. Figured I'd play it at some point but now I doubt it.
  8. Star Wars Episode 8

    Maybe I'll go and see it a second time then. Not sure though how I'll get past things like
  9. I've had a mildly negative view of Valve going back very far. A long time ago, maybe I'm even the only one who remembers this, right after Steam and CS 1.6 launched there was a guy called killer_koala or something like that made a thread complaining about the AWP in CS. Specifically, he was saying that it was broken because you could fire faster by switching to another weapon, then back to the AWP, and cancel the rate of fire timer. This was actually a thing in very old versions of CS, but hadn't been for a long time. That thread went on forever, with this guy mostly making stuff up and in the end Valve changed it so that the AWP had an artificial firing delay every time you switched to it, even if you hadn't fired it recently. It bugged me on principle (because the original argument was factually wrong) and just aesthetically, because it's an ugly exception in how the game works. Anyway, that's just kind of a petty thing. But the way Valve treated CS over the years was quite frustrating in other ways. For a time, before e-sports was what it is now, CS was a pretty damn big one, and Valve showed zero support. They did not fix bugs that caused disputes and replays of games at the largest stages, they didn't give event organizers any support, didn't communicate with the community etc. For a period of about five years the only significant update was that they added in-game advertising to the game (which still shows off The Orange Box btw), and a subsequent fix to the workaround allowing you to disable them (but nothing for the performance issues they added). A few years after that there was some independent contractor working for Valve who took it upon himself to update the game a little bit, and did fix a few things. As of right now though the server browser has been hacked for years, filled with bogus servers that take you to non-Steam, non-VAC games. This is all history, I know nobody cares, but the point is they had the biggest game in the world for a few years and they did absolutely zero to support it, probably because nobody at Valve gave a shit. I guess that's not the main problem with modern Valve, or the one being discussed here, but to me it's the same disregard for what people want. To go a bit more on topic, I don't think their dominance in the marketplace is a good thing, and personally I prefer to buy DRM free games. All this stuff about gamifying sales is revolting to me, but that's capitalism.
  10. Star Wars Episode 8

    I saw it last night and my thoughts are more or less that while I didn't actively dislike it, there wasn't much that I did like about it. I definitely liked Rogue One more, especially in terms of cinematography. I'm going to go through and read what you guys said about it, but I'll leave a few thoughts here first. Honestly, I think there are more things I like about TPM than about TLJ and I don't like TPM. Maybe I'd feel differently after a re-watch.
  11. This is out on Steam now: http://store.steampowered.com/app/240720/Getting_Over_It_with_Bennett_Foddy/
  12. Blade Runner 2049

    Just saw the movie, a little late I know, and I love love loved it. Never would I have imagined that a sequel could be good, and this one was more than good. Really cheered me up I have to say, I've gotten so used to being cynical about entertainment these days. Regarding the nips, yes there were a lot of them, I noticed it too. Maybe because they were so perky. Didn't bother me or anything though. What a visual treat, I'm going to go see it again and that's not a thing I do.
  13. I've only played games 30 minutes this year, but I also stopped buying them (more or less)
  14. I think E.Y.E. has 32 because it's a bit like a broken out Half-Life 2 mod, and the player count was already there in the tech. It's not really built for 32 players.