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  1. My appologies to Mington in that other thread. I thought he was being overly doomy and gloomy, but he was right! Man, this Valve open structure thing. I'm sure it's great for people who work there, but it doesn't seem especially great for maintaining focus or actually finishing projects.
  2. Half-Life 3

    What? Why would it mean either of those things? And Valve released the Vive in 2016, and the Index half a year ago. If they were gonna release a bunch of games to support sales of their headsets, they've missed the bus on that one.
  3. Netflix Originals

    Ok, El Camino is out and also I've recently watched a pile of Netflix's Orignal movies for the year. Time for my fall-time BEST OF list. Best Netflix Original Movies 2019 (so far) 1. Always Be My Maybe Hilarious and heartwarming, even if it the jokes do dry up in the final act and it pretty much becomes a straight drama. Also, that mid-movie cameo puts all other movie-cameos to shame. 2. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Really well put-together, with some great performances. Felt very episodic, like 3 or 4 episodes of the show mashed into a movie, which is kinda appropriate. Somehow it never really engrossed me 100%, but I also feel like I wanna watch it again. 3. Between Two Ferns: The Movie A bit uneven, but I enjoyed it enough to watch it twice. Honestly, the end credits are the most hilarious part. 4. Walk. Ride. Rodeo. A real-life story about a competitive rodeo rider who, after a paralyzing accident, is determined to not only walk, but get back in the saddle again. It's starts out very sacharine, but manages to bring the feels when shit hits the fan. Overall the structure is kinda your classic underdog sports movie, but I found it very captivating. 5. Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened This was pretty crazy, huh? Also pretty good: Triple Frontier In The Tall Grass In The Shadow Of The Moon Meh: Velvet Buzzsaw Wine Country Polar The Highwaymen See You Yesterday The Wandering Earth Shaft Still to come: Dolemite Is My Name The Irishman
  4. Broken Lines - New 2019 Trailer

    Link doesn't work! Here, I'll embed it for ya: I played a bit of this at your stand at Gamescom, and, yeah, it's good stuff. Gameplay was very Frozen Synapse-y. Looking forward to the release!
  5. I realize I've barely posted anything about my game devlopment here in recent times, so to recap: I quit my job of 13 years last spring and founded my own indie development studio, September Games. Since then I've been working on a new version of my 2015 itch.io release Stilt Fella, and just this morning I put up the Steam page! Trailer! Steam Page WISHLIST, Y'ALL! WISHLIST LIKE CRAZY! Planning on getting this done and released sometime before the end of the year. Hopefully.
  6. [Release] Shoehorned

    Ok, wow, this is really something. It certainly requires a lot of patience to master the controls and make any progress, but once you get a hang of it, climbing the tricking sections feels very tense and rewarding. Also, that sequence with the treasure, holy shit what a plot twist.
  7. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    Hey not bad! The procedural generation is indeed impressive, and lightning fast! If you're still updating it, here's some simple improvements I'd like to see(tho I'm sure these are already on your to-do list): -Cursor.visible = false; -Sun (directional light with realtime shadows) -Fog(I usually dont like it, but in this case it could really add to the mystery of exploring these unknown streets) -bigger play area.
  8. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    Speaking of glitches, I tried lifting a table while I was on top of it, and...
  9. [Release] Shoehorned

    Yup, sent as PM!
  10. Good stuff as usual, Atte!
  11. [Release] Shoehorned

    I'm just getting a black screen when I try running this!
  12. [Release] Descending

    The description doesn't lie. That was mellow AND mildly interactive! The only criticism I would offer is that the jellyfish can be seen spawning in at the bottom of the screen (WebGL version). Surely it'd be better if they spawned in off-screen and then swam in?
  13. Hah, this looks great.
  14. [Dev log] Curling

    Nice, I was hoping someone would do a curling game. Welcome to the forums, sonny!
  15. [Dev Log] Walking an unfamiliar city alone

    Ooooh, nice! When I saw this as one of the recomendations I was thinking it could make for a cool Bernband-alike. This is kinda different, but very neat. Looking forward to seeing how the proc gen turns out.