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  1. WIZARD JAM 9 -- Welcome Thread

    Goooood theme choice! I am afraid I will probably be unable to participate fully, but hope to contribute in other ways before and after the jam time
  2. The Cutdown - Episodes 1, 2, 3 discussion!

    Enjoying the pod so far! Looking forward to episode 3 That Ultraviolet trailer is something. I too have never seen the film, but am now tempted to check it out to see what it is actually like. The music feels like the movie should have come out in 1999 instead of 2006, though? The visuals kind of remind me of the Wachowski's Speed Racer, especially the bright colors and the shot of the motorcycle ride at around the 50s mark. Also, @Ben X if you search youtube for "jem 24 ultraviolet" you will not be(?) disappointed in the surprising array of fan cut music videos. This feels of a certain era of the internet.
  4. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    Thanks to you both for playing! I agree as well regarding the grid. I think some kind of flyout wheel or grid-based window to view/select from many at once would be better. I also think I should add a dedicated button for Conveyors since they are sort of unique and required all the time (sort of like the 'roads' button in sim city or something). Thanks for your feedback
  5. RELEASED: The initial release has been posted! Jon and I are starting to plan our game a little early. Our goal is to explore the joy of simulating machines with code, and translate that into a game. My best guess is that this is going to be some kind of factory simulator, probably in 2D or fixed angle 3D (think Cities: Skylines, Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc.). I imagine the end result after 2 weeks work will be a very very basic (maybe just a "tutorial" section) factory where you build some small machines, some conveyers/transport infrastructure, and have an end result on the manufacturing line. Might do a candy factory, because we want it to be fun and approachable thematically, not a hardcore simulation game. There's also some free/good thumbs candy content: The gum disease Gingivitis Off-brand candy bars (Jokerz, Thumbs Up, Twilight, Bucaneer, etc.) Talk of Bubble Gum Tape, the endless pursuit of candy during childhood, gross candy corn, etc. Anyway, we'll see how it goes! UPDATE: The initial release has been posted! (For some reason this image appears twice. Sorry.)
  6. [Released] The Fresno Experiment - again

    This was good! Even if it was short, I liked that you linked up the previous content as well. Very good mood!
  7. [Released] The Convergence Compulsion

    This game is super ambitious! I really like the core interaction ideas about controlling the beams. I got stuck on the 2nd last level though. Really cool ideas and a solid thing I had fun puzzling out for quite some time
  8. I was able to do a lot better with the glass shooting and typing. Got a new high score and had just as many laughs as before!
  9. [Released on] Alexa, Destroy Me

    This is fantastic! Very well written and funny.
  10. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    This game is great fun! I really love the art style and the animations and characters are great.
  11. [Released] Palpable Dreams

    This would be something. Sort of floating in particle soup.
  12. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    FYI keen manufacturers of fine chocolates, I have updated the game with a couple minor bug fixes and 2 new manufacturing scenarios: Crispy Chocolate Bars and Nutty Chocolate Bars! Hooray, you can beat the initial challenge, then re-tool the meet these two new challenges. Have fun!
  13. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    Nice! Thanks for playing!
  14. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    Come to think of it, not really no. Maybe it looks like my doctor's office? Now I am curious why I thought that. Edit: It was a combination of the office and the guy's white shirt. I guess he sort of looks like a doctor? *shrug*
  15. [Release] The Shitty Wizards RETURNS!

    I kept getting Dragowned. Those are some sick dino-bones though. It would have been nice to have a restart button mapped to the gamepad so I could smash restart to keep slaying the dragon without taking my hands off the controller (was using xbone gamepad). Great animation!
  16. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    Great, thanks! I gave this a go, and ran into some problems with overlapping text. Once I rescued the cat, the dialogue field always had "KEEP CLICKING ON THE CAT" written at the top, which covered the top line of all subsequent dialog. But I did manage to put out the fires and read most of the text. The art style was cool, and mechs are always a good time. The doctor's office details (like the otter calendar!) were cute and good
  17. [Released] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    Awesome! Thanks for playing! I had originally intended a couple extra scope items to make the splitter make more sense: A merger: So you could split/merge lines at different points, and feed a single palletizer/packager with a merger of 2-3 lines of incoming finished bars and Other chocolate types: So you could split the mixed chocolate line into 2 additional mixers to add rice and nuts on two new lines with a common feed from an origin mixer Alas, I ran out of time. But I am really glad you made it to the end, confusion aside. It is satisfying to see that the tutorials and stuff hopefully made sense, and you "beat the game" Yay!
  18. This is very good! I got 9 wins, 33 points. I found some weird bugs happening with the typing sometimes. It seems the upper difficulty typing game was 1 letter behind what I had typed already. For example when trying to type the words "To The" I had already typed "To" and tried typing "The" but it still was expecting me to type a 'T'. The glass shooting part was probably the most difficult one, as I found the continuous movement of the crosshair via arrow keys a bit squirrely. Otherwise this is a top tier jam game if I ever saw one. The NES aesthetic and sound bytes were great, and the mini games were really fun. When I lost, I immediately started a new game so I could beat my score. Well done!
  19. [RELEASED!] War of the Broses

    This game is very funny and silly. I really like how the bro shakes when something cannot be lifted. The face texture change to "grunting bro face" is a nice touch.
  20. [Released] Palpable Dreams

    Aha, okay that makes more sense. I think if you add Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked; to an object's awake() or start() functions, it will prevent the cursor from leaving the game window
  21. [Released] Palpable Dreams

    This is super mellow and cool. I got through the first couple stages, but on the "Catch the Attractor" stage, my mouse cursor kept getting hidden, so I couldn't see what I was pointing at. Then the cursor focus got lost from the game window and I couldn't get it back. I tried replaying in windowed mode, but that stage had the same cursor focus issue, so I had to give up Very cool. Minimal shapes/colors worked well and great audio!
  22. [Released] To Me, To Me, To Me

    This is really cool. It took me a few tries to figure out what to do, but after re-reading the itchio instructions I got it. I really like the glitchy machine voice and audio work. It controls pretty well, and has some nice challenge without being too punishing. Very good!
  23. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    Hey just a heads up, downloading an unzipped exe is difficult/impossible for some folks due to anti-virus nonsese. Any chance you can post a zipped file as well?
  24. [Released] To Me, To Me, To Me

    Are you kidding me this looks so amazing! I cannot wait to play!
  25. [Dev Log] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    Congrats! Looking forward to giving it a whirl