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  1. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Is this maybe why it says there are 53 entries but only 50 games are in the list? Also..............fartsatchel.
  2. Oh god. That guy. Is my favorite guy! And the game looks brill. I look forward to playing it whenever you get it done!
  3. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    Screens attached... (imgur's being weird for some reason)
  4. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Did you add 8 hours to the deadline time? I'm used to it ending at 6pm Central and I swear if said that yesterday. I woulda made that deadline by one second to, haha.
  5. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    Classic Dogs & Demons is out! Link to Itch.io! From Itch.io: The game is pretty cool! Amazing thanks to Greg Tapper, who totally killed it making the game mechanics work, and stayed up all night on weekday nights busting his ass. We didn't have the most time to create stages unfortunately, but I'm happy with what we got completed! The peeing is in the game but we were not able to make it actually helpful from a gameplay perspective. But it is hilarious! Pee away! Make all the world's rivers yellow! (haha, I'm a little delirious...) This wizardjam has been great and I think produced my most legit (ie: classic) game yet! I am very much looking forward to people playing it. Tell me what you think! edit: hmm, can't post images for some reason now. what's the deal?
  6. [RELEASE] Super Pools n' Ghosts

    I like this. Reminds me of Persona. Your approach to make it ultra-simple then add in features as they occur to you is a smart one I think.
  7. Our Weird Monstrosity

    Ah, man! What you had looks promising. What if you took out the combat and just made it a JRPG-looking visual novel? I hope you continue anyway!
  8. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    I might have a problem. This is the first wizjam where I'm only doing the art. And I think I've been favoring doing the high res/intro/cutscene art over the art...you know, essential to the gameplay. Ah well, I'm sure it'll all work out.....right?
  9. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    Thank you, sir! This art will absolutely be in the game. Expect to be taunted by full res demonic beings!
  10. [Dev Log] Person Shaped Thing

    Wow! Ultra impressive! I am hyped to play a point & click wizjam game! I can't think of a previous one, and it seems it would be a go-to genre given the Thumbs history, etc.
  11. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    Do you see the resemblance?
  12. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    It will take a second jam just to figure out how to incorporate THACO. Thanks. More mutts to come for sure! Kinda still in boring mode. I'm hoping to have some gameplay gifs up over the weekend! Here's the Bone Towers you must fetch. We might do the fog of war as red instead of black to make it more hellish. Otherwise my map looks much like an almost cheery JRPG worldmap (what I was going for). And I think a bit of Stephen's Sausage Roll got in there too. Demons to be unearthed soon.
  13. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    Messing around with the tilemap. Dogs will able to drink water and pee to connect rivers.
  14. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    Thanks everyone! It's good to be back jammin! The game is coming along nicely. It's placeholder art right now in the game proper, and my partner's kicking ass getting the mechanics in. But we should have screens soon! Meanwhile, I hope these dogs cheer you up: Multicolored dogs. Greenscreened dogs. Yes! That is the exact inspiration for the demon towers I'm cooking up for this game! I want them to be pretty effed up. Good catch!
  15. [Dev Log] The Eyes of Virtual Boy

    Eyes of 45 Brains Eyes or Our Weird Monstrosity
  16. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    I'm in! And I've got help this time! Watch out! Edit: Hey I think you got the dates wrong up there! Isn't it until Sunday the 18th not the 22nd?
  17. April Jam?

    Aha, I somehow knew the answer would be here if I showed! I have many Wizardly If True ideas developing! Can't wait!
  18. Download on ITCH here! Original Post: Hey, no art yet but wanted to commit myself to doing this by posting! This is gonna be a tribute to an old arcade game called Wacko. I had quite a cool experience when I discovered this game and completely ignored the rules and figured it out on my own. It became sort of an "arcade puzzle game." So I want to replicate that. (if you are familiar with Wacko it might be pre-spoiled -but still fun!- for you). Want to include: -Twin stick shooting ala Nuclear Throne (but gonna swap movement to mouse to make it weird) -Faux 3d layers to fake dimension in gamemaker. Also: parallax bg. -Bizarre Jack Vance inspired creatures. -A goblin that hurls coins at them. -Simple Zelda-lite room structure, with some kinda insane room swipe transitions. Fun stuff! I hope #wizardjam can help us/me with this panic/depression we/I are/am going through right now! Sounds like just the remedy to me!
  19. Well, got a new version out that fixes the "you can get hurt while enemy is dying" bug. Plus, the final room is easier. But I noticed that you can really screw up the game if you pause while the room is transitioning. So, uh, don't do that! haha, I didn't have time to fix it. Thanks to all the new people giving it a shot. I hope the Thumbs don't find it too frustrating. Unfortunately, I'll miss the stream Sat because I'll be at PAX South (which should be fun)!
  20. Cool! Thanks for playing it! Yeah, being able to get hurt while the enemies are dying is pretty bad. I'll release a version that fixes that and tones down the last two rooms. Now I'm sorta afraid people will be angered by the ending if they manage to reach it! When are the thumbs playing them? Do we know that yet?
  21. Come on and stream and welcome to the jam

    Oh, I was wondering why my game kept getting overlooked! hmm...I could send you a windowed version. Can you message my your email? (game is like 6 megs) Edit: nevermind...just download it here! Dance of The Treasure Goblin (windowed) Stream away! and thanks! I do think the mouse control may be a bit (more) annoying in windowed mode.
  22. Come on and stream and welcome to the jam

    I followed you but keep missing the streams!
  23. Haha! I appreciate the comment! I just spent a bit trying to squash some of these bugs and think I made some progress! New version is maybe fixed?! I'm proud of the game and really am thankful for the thumbs community for all the encouragement. This wizardjam especially helped me get through a rough patch! Time to play a few other jammers' games now (finally)!
  24. So glad you liked it! Hmm...I'm not real sure about that error. I haven't had a complete crash in a long stretch. Probably something to do with the body mixing logic. It got pretty complicated (for me). There are 8 rooms. Last one is real tough. I suggest you do the escape cheat (detailed above) to get through the last levels to see the ending! I'm not sure I can even beat it without doing it! The new 1.3 version I put up a few hours ago has some slapdash music I made in 11 seconds!
  25. Well, I've updated to version 1.2 and dubbed it no longer a "WIP." This by no means means it won't screw up...But it is "Feature Complete" in the parlance of real gamedevs! Thanks, I hope you enjoy, and here's a word of advice: (Yeah. Freud would have a field day with the above.) Still coming: Music (to dance to)!