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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Hey all! It's time for the Showcase Weekend. This is a new thing we're trying for WJ5, to encourage people to give each other more feedback after the jam. If you're streaming the games on Twitch this weekend, feel free to promote your channel and streaming schedule in this thread.
  2. [Dev Log] BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$

    I'm building my first game this Wizard Jam! I've chosen BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$ as my episode title. I'm doing a simple take on a Game Dev Story style economic sim. It will be pretty silly.
  3. That's right! The classic paper & pencil RPG is coming back as a video game! So this isn't technically an episode title, but Jake talks about Classic Dogs & Demons on Important If True: Here! You play as 500 dogs and must destroy towering city-sized demons. It's going to be a grid-based puzzle game sorta like Adventures of Lolo or Stephen's Sausage Roll. The current priorities are getting the dogs to: Bark randomly Pee Fetch Cast dark rituals to banish demons I've got help with the game this time (I'm mainly tackling the art side of things). Hopefully my cohort will come on here and comment too! I'm super into Wizard Jam (yet again) and thanks to the Thumbs and all here making cool games! Stay Spicy! Release: Here's The!! More info below...