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Found 2 results

  1. UPDATE: Version 1.4 is out! Changelog on the page. This is hopefully the last update I'll have to do, but it fixes a ton of things and finally adds (auto)saving. Original post: Hey all! Bit late to the game-announcing game as I wasn't 100% sure I could commit to it, but heck here goes. A twenty-year-old weird house... A most memorable maid... A shadow of something... The eyes of Luigi. THOHH is a first-person exploration game in which you play as pizza delivery guy Luigi. Through a series of vignettes, you experience the story of the house on Holland Hill, where Luigi made frequent deliveries. It's got a bit of a King In Yellow vibe going on right now, though I'm still working on the details. What I do have is a greyboxed house and a sweet sweet vespa. I hope to hash out some interactive scenes this weekend and really get things going.
  2. Download on ITCH here! Original Post: Hey, no art yet but wanted to commit myself to doing this by posting! This is gonna be a tribute to an old arcade game called Wacko. I had quite a cool experience when I discovered this game and completely ignored the rules and figured it out on my own. It became sort of an "arcade puzzle game." So I want to replicate that. (if you are familiar with Wacko it might be pre-spoiled -but still fun!- for you). Want to include: -Twin stick shooting ala Nuclear Throne (but gonna swap movement to mouse to make it weird) -Faux 3d layers to fake dimension in gamemaker. Also: parallax bg. -Bizarre Jack Vance inspired creatures. -A goblin that hurls coins at them. -Simple Zelda-lite room structure, with some kinda insane room swipe transitions. Fun stuff! I hope #wizardjam can help us/me with this panic/depression we/I are/am going through right now! Sounds like just the remedy to me!