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    Earth tones, birth stones, erogenous zones
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  1. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I only just back in March started playing Elite, if anyone is still playing. They are launching the leave-your-ship-on-foot expansion today and I am: hype
  2. Idle Thumbs Mastodon

    I'm delighted that there's an idle thumbs mastodon instance but I'm already so deeply embedded into that I don't want to switch instances. still, though, radical, I'll follow everyone.
  3. Update: Looks like there is now an idle thumbs mastodon instance.
  4. Ah man these visuals are radical.
  5. [Dev Log] To Me, To Me, To Me

    Yeah, or chasing objectives that spawn in the play field and having to hit them in time, or in a certain order.
  6. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Is there gonna be a new trailer? Because gosh I sure love those trailers.
  7. BigJKO's Thread of 3D Shit

    This stuff is rad!
  8. I know you guys were goofing when you were talking about creating a special-interest Important If True social network but if there was an idle thumbs hosted Mastodon instance I would be there like, now.
  9. My wife also picked this up for us over the holiday and I've been getting stuck in. I know that there's supposed to be a dozen possible solutions to problems but my idiot lizard brain still goes in Video game Shoot Stuff Mode whenever I see a badguy and inevitably I wind up pulling aggro for every typhon on the level at once and promptly eating shit. But I'm doing the no typhon abilities run and so far most of my skill points are stacked in weapons+stealth, which only works when you can pick them off one at a time. (also I somehow got all the way to deep storage without getting a gloo cartridge fab plan? I am starting to suspect I missed it early in the game and am now suffering for it.) edit:
  10. Oh man same. I just moved to Seattle and I'm discovering that having at least an Awareness of what is going on with the seahawks is about as important as knowing what the weather is going to be like.
  11. Confused about Social Media...

    My two primary social networks lately are twitter and mastodon. Twitter's only still on my list due to network effect but a lot of my core online social circles have switched over to mastodon, which socially feels like something between livejournal and usenet, but formatted like twitter.
  12. Star Wars Episode 8

    I saw the star wars! I liked the colors and the shot compositions and the general vibe of like, all the characters and how into being their characters they were. Rose was the absolute best. Purple-haired Ellie Sattler was the absolute second best. It was a super pretty movie, could not get enough of the 'wow what a great picture I'm looking at' feeling I got from it. The story criticisms made in this thread make sense, I guess if I went back and saw the movie again and tried to find some sensible explanation for the decisions the characters were making I might be confused by that but none of kept me from 'believing' the characters and their motivations. The emotional core of the movie was strong enough, for me at least, to stay invested despite narrative weirness.

    So I just got this for ps4, playing through the singleplayer campaign, and tried a multiplayer round (attrition mode, I think) and actually had a lot of fun in multiplayer. I didn't feel like I was dead weight, killed some titans and some other players, and jumped from level 1 to level 4 at the end of the round. I think their matchmaking paired me with a bunch of other scrubs like me but I had no objection. If any other thumbs are still playing, hit me up!
  14. [RELEASED]Pizza Tonight!

    This looks very good, I am pro-pizza.
  15. GOTY of the Year

    For me, it's Breath of the Wild by volume and Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor for game that made the biggest impression on me for world that I just want to soak in. I'm not sure if it 100% counts because I think it came out last year, though?