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  1. A BotW video

    This just came out. I think it's a Let's Play, but it's not like any LP I've ever seen before.
  2. That made me laugh. Though that would be a fairly apt description of at least a dozen fangames I've played. Anyway, Zeph released the game yesterday, so it's out now:)
  3. All right, this game is... Easier to just show then try to explain. So here's a 1 minute 46 second long video: There, and everything else you could possibly want to know is here:
  4. POKeMON Fusion Generation

    Yes, it's a fangame about POKemON Fusions. Let's Play: Trailer:
  5. Thank you. Yeah, it can get like that in some of the large maps. I'm really enjoying the mods I found, if you ever decide to go back and play the game again I can definitely recommend the mod 'Ride the Lightning'. I don't think I've enjoyed a Heroes 3 game this much in years, and I'm not even playing something handcrafted, it's just a random map.
  6. Well ubisoft recently announced an HD remake of Heroes 3: So I figured now was a good time to revisit this classic and make a few a videos. Here's a review: A trailer: (it might not look like much, but I sank over 80 hours into making this thing) And a trailer for WoG, one of many excellent mods the fans have made for heroes 3: Let me know if you like it.