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  1. DOTA 2

    Also I submitted a courier to the workshop last week. The workshop seem to be in a pretty weird spot of late, but had the idea so thought I'd bang it out anyway.
  2. DOTA 2

    So I guess I am hoping for a Newbee V Liquid final now. With Newbee winning
  3. DOTA 2

    Loving this Mind_Control NP rat
  4. DOTA 2

    hahaha that was chaos
  5. DOTA 2

    Sucks to see OG go out. There goes my hopes of a Melbourne V Sydney finals
  6. DOTA 2

    Yeah that was a great game! And great result
  7. DOTA 2

    Well even if C9 dont make it. ( nooooooooooo) I have back up teams in Newbee and OG, for the aussie boys
  8. DOTA 2

    So happy C9 managed to scrape their way back and make it out of the group stage. Main event bracket is now set.
  9. Dead Cells
  10. Dead Cells

    Ak gotta jump back in. Saw them just tweet this also I drew that mushie enemy
  11. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    My go to sandwich is avocado and almond spread on lightly toasted bread.
  12. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    I would love to now what Kojima does on his games day-to-day.
  13. Dead Cells

    Yeah I've been playing this a bit recenty and really dig it. Enjoy that there is some carry over from run to run. Feels like you are at least adding to somthing. Some things feel maybe a little op if you are willing to play cautiously ie: meat grinder and turret combo is pretty great, especially if you also have a bleeding distance weapon.