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  1. My go to sandwich is avocado and almond spread on lightly toasted bread.
  2. I would love to now what Kojima does on his games day-to-day.
  3. Yeah I've been playing this a bit recenty and really dig it. Enjoy that there is some carry over from run to run. Feels like you are at least adding to somthing. Some things feel maybe a little op if you are willing to play cautiously ie: meat grinder and turret combo is pretty great, especially if you also have a bleeding distance weapon.
  4. The band parts at the end remind me of Buffy
  5. I'm fairly new to their podcast and tv show ( watched a bunch of monster factory and other polygon related things previously ) and I dont get any sort of arrogant vibe off them at all.
  6. Its Free Comic Book Day this saturday if you're after a good excuse to head to your local shop. All Star comics in Melbourne always put on a great event
  7. Kill Six Billion Demons is pretty great
  8. Oh wow I had no idea that pull list were so influential. also just caught up on Deadly Class, so dam good!!! Next thing I want to check out is A Land Called Tarot. Looks fantastic.
  9. Currently working my way through Abstract: The Art of Design so far and am realy enoying it.
  10. 99% seems fine to me, always at the end so i just stop I mainly listen to podcasts at work so wherever any one puts the ads its easy enough to skip. They're free so i get it, doesn't really bother me.
  11. I dont mind Dan, Beastcast is still probably the gaming podcast I most look forward to listening to. I have tried waypoint as i like everyone involved in it, but ( and i know this is a totally anal thing ) but I feel like the last one I listened to everyone had taken up Austin's " huh " ( his replacement for interesting ) and all that my worm brain was hearing was huh, huh, huh,... every few minutes from all the hosts. I'll dip back in to the latest one and see where its at.
  12. If you guys arent really feeling it then I guess nothing we mention would add too much, however I will chime in for the sake of it Personally I love the game discussion, and esp any dev related a stuff that pops up. When the podcast is completely unfocused it tends to become more like background noise ( people chatting in an office a desk over and I retain none of it, and all those episodes blend into one ). Thumbs used to be a podcast I was excited to listen to each week, and would download and listen as soon as I got to work. Week in week out there seemed to be a lot of variance and i'd often pause and google what was being discussed, then re listen sometimes on the way home. Lately not so much....Its like here's a podcast where some people talk, and as entertaining as it can be, when I am thinking of what to listen to it has fallen down the list as I am not sure what I am going to get. I think guests is a great suggestion. Both the type that are ready and willing to talk about everything, as well as those who are good at pulling info out of you lot. ( pity seatle is so far away or you could try and rope Tom Francis in for a couple while he's stateside....crate isn't the same without him ) Either way I will keep listening still a great pod! And Nicks souls streams are great. ( apologies for bad grammar its a hot Saturday night in Melbs, and whisky is helping to keep it cool )
  13. I have, seems pretty broken esp if you try and solo que. I main Junk, but in competitive matches tend to jump on whatever's needed. Winston as Tank, and play all sups apart from mercy, solly if we need to deal with Pharah etc. Also play Torbs on certain payload maps in defense. It feels like the community has gotten quite toxic quite fast. Especially in comp where it often starts right at the character select stage....Too many people watching pros play, or streamers, then shouting if anyone is playing anything that they dont feel is in the meta, without an actual understanding of why certain match ups work, and that often tight coordination is needed for it to pay off. Not just PLAY TRIPLE TANK.
  14. Awesome. I had been checking here ( where they have day 2 and 3 up )
  15. I wish the part of the stream with the beastcast crew had been archived somewhere.....