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  1. I've never pumped my fist so fucking hard at an episode of television while screaming "HE'S FUCKING BACK!"
  2. The way Sykes' super punches interrupted the sound system at the roadhouse was pretty rad.
  3. So, like, was the smoke-spewing finger inside Sarah Palmer's monster face thing a cock? Because it looks like a cock. A thick meaty penis.
  4. Was it not readily obvious to anyone else that the thing Jim Belushi tore off Not Jim Belushi's face was a band-aid? Why did this elicit such confusion and bewilderment from our intrepid hosts? Candy gives Not Jim Belushi a mad wound Not Jim Belushi covers mad wound with band-aid Jim Belushi has a dream that mad wound is healed Jim Belushi, realizing his dream is coming true, tears the band-aid off Not Jim Belushi's face to reveal that it was, in fact, healed. Right?
  5. Yeah I just realized that. I'm a big ol' wrongy pants.
  6. Sorry I'm coming in so late to this thread, and I need to go back and check, but was Sonny Jim the same kid looking out the window at the hitmen in episode 3? Or am I nuts?
  7. I put that 404 page there on purpose, knowing you guys would check, and.... I'm a bad man, I apologize.
  8. Rest assured, readers. If there was a bad game jam, this could be its home page. I have just enough experience in Construct and Game Maker to put something together, but just enough not-talent for it to suck. I wish I could hate you to death.
  9. www.badjam.biz Anyone hiring for experienced and professional web developers? But seriously, if there's anything cool that can be done with this domain for the community, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I'll pay a small fee every year to keep this monstrosity alive.