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  1. i don't think anyone commented on this specifically but that was Charlyne Yi and she was credited as Ruby. She also plays Ruby on Steven Universe! on that note, I'm definitely feeling like these end of episode Roadhouse scenes don't have much to do with the plot. I think that in hindsight there'll be small chunks that will make more sense. Mostly, I think that there's a lot of things that happen on that show that aren't intended to move the plot and trying to make them work that way isn't a good way to watch. So far all of the plot development has been pretty linear and hasn't really required much mental gymnastics.
  2. to add to that, when Hawk was interpreting his map, he said the fire symbols represented electricity, the modern form of fire.
  3. is that a picture of the thing that came from the glass box? wonder what happened to andy while he was in the white lodge and was shown those images. Yeah, he knew exactly what to do with Naido but he was also shown a lot of other stuff, including the picture of bad coop and good coop converging. Was everything laid bare to him?? Does he understand it all?
  4. the real dougie comes back in the form of a golden orb
  5. hopefully the green glove doesn't come off. they're gonna need it.
  6. I think it's a given that there's no way Dougie/Coop will die in this series, especially since he's been able to circumnavigate multiple attempts on his life. Do you think this is all just because of luck or is there someone looking for him? We've seen Mike directly influence his actions during the Ike the Spike attack, I wonder if Mike has been involved all along, perhaps the one planting those red room signals for Dougie to follow.
  7. ooh man, that would be so creepy if it was the case. looking at the details though, the palmer's staircase doesn't have that same sideboard / trim on the wall. I think that shot of the woodsmen would most likely be in the convenience store?