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  1. I love that this guy came up with this theory and wrote it out while he was plastered.
  2. I know Chris and Jake mentioned that blood coming out of peoples mouths/faces is a thing this season. Its something I noticed too, and definitely a motif this season. Its something that Poppy/Titanic Sinclair/Mars Argo have also done throughout their body of work (if anyone follows them). I have been watching the music video for the Veils - Axolotl track which was featured on part 15. It also features black goop coming out of people's mouths at the end (like the woodsman in the convenience store!) and a round puddle of black oil looking stuff in the road with a feather plant coming out of it. Anyway, not sure it means anything, just something I observed!
  3. As a non-parent, I couldn't help but scream "STOP DOING THAT" from behind my bedcovers
  4. I cried so much at the scene with the Log Lady. She's always reminded me of my Grandmother a bit, who also passed a couple of years back from cancer. This series has been incredibly cathartic for me. Beautiful dedication to Catherine. I fucking love British one punch man. There's a lot of face punching this episode. Oh and, the convenience store is a non-static vehicle it seems! Maybe it can only travel in woods, or through electricity lines. When it began to vanish it just made me think of a tardis or UFOs I had seen in movies. Especially when the room Kettle Jeffries resides in seems to be the same room Coop first meets Naido - which is a big floating craft in space.
  5. They are in Ireland this week so the episode is gonna be delayed for couple days.
  6. Whatever that thing inside Sarah is certainly has some level of moral control, in that it will probably act visciously if someone really wants to go there. Wow, I really hope it wasn't the grocery boy! Maybe it was something else that had pissed her off on her way home! She certainly had the same kind of look. Honestly, I'm enjoying everything about Sarah.
  7. I don't think the man in the jail cell was Billy - I think there's just a motif of blood coming out of people's noses/mouths/necks/heads this season. He had clearly been in some kind of bar fight. Man, what a freaking episode. The Sarah scene is gonna give me nightmares.
  8. Ohhh, I totally understand OP now :-)
  9. Huh? Are you addressing Chris/Jake or all of us?
  10. Can I just say - as an emetophobe, this season has been a test and a nightmare, lol. Its quite amazing what happens to all these children in the towns of Twin Peaks. They are ran over and killed, exposed to bloody crawling bodies while they innocently play, become zombified vomiting messes, shoot bullets into populated diners. Seemingly causing mass panic, anxiety and dumbfounded-ness for the adults around them. I'm just thankful for any scene that includes the Mitchum brothers and the Sheriff's department at this point.
  11. Also I was convinced Audrey would be back this week. Again with the red shoes.
  12. I'm glad Hawk didn't rush to open the door for Chad. Fuck that guy.
  13. Ah yes! Well, apparently the convenience store is ambiguous in location. Also, this convenience store/petrol station didn't appear to have a second floor. I feel like this is purposefully ambiguous. Some have said that this town could be one of those mock, pop-up towns for nuclear testing facilities, like this: https://roadtrippers.com/stories/the-government-nuked-the-crap-out-of-the-fake-1950s-town Could the bomb have something to do with the burnt look of the woodsmen? Something tells me I'm gonna have to rewatch the episode.
  14. Is it me, or did the diner where the waitress was listening to the radio show look like the RR diner (aka Railroad diner at the time)? At first I assumed that meant the young couple were residents of Twin Peaks, so I didn't think of Gordon Cole. But that frog/fairy/cicada landed in new Mexico desert, right? So I could be wrong.