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  1. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    I always find this sport related episodes oddly amusing. As someone who is only interested in Wrestling and no other sport, I can't imagine myself watching two wrestlers duking it out online via WWE 2K19 or whatever other wrestling game. It would be incredibly silly and no different then watching two youtubers playing the game. Can't imagine t being too different in regards to other sports, even those --like F1-- that have good sim games. Recently I've been thinking a lot about the decline of physical attendance and the increasing viewership that can't make it to a live event or has no interest of doing so when they can just watch online (paying or for free). This seems to be the case with the majority of the sports, both large and small. This could also be good for the E-sports scene if the "real sports" try to diversify into the E-sports scene or take a more serious approach on how they license their brands to Video game companies.
  2. The episode link's don't redirect the listener to this thread, but instead just to the forum. It is always a joy to have Fraser as the host. In fact, I like seeing the regulars taking the position of host once in a while as their different personalities end up creating very different shows. And, of course, they all are specialists in different tittles so it makes sense to sometimes let someone else more knowledgeable than Rob lead the discussion -- like when Doctor Bruce Geryk interviews a boardgame designer. Going on a tangent, that last point reminds me how long has it been since we had non-indie devs on the show like Soren Johnson or the good folks at Stardocks.
  3. Episode 491: Master of Magic

    Troy's nicknames are back, yay! Haven't listen to this episode already, but I'm certainly looking forward to it. I must have played Master of Magic way back in 2010-2011 and I'm not even sure how I came across the game. It was one of those slow holidays were you don't have much to do and you just install a random game that you've came across without nothing much about. I was pleasantly surprised by the graphics and how I was able to stumble my way through it without needing to open the manual (which I didn't had, so...). I do recall not understanding the battles but also not needing to as the battle AI was very basic and, to me, the best part f the game was growing your town(s) and marveling at the graphics. Edit: Talking about the lack of episodes, I saw that Rob reviewed DOOM: Eternal, which leads me to believe that in the next episode we'll have Rob, Julian and Tom Chick discussing this new, hot, strategy game and how come it is a strategy game. Hint! Hint! it makes heavy use of resource management and resource allocation.
  4. Hail Michael Hermes, The Sound Wizard! After a long--well deserved--holiday from the podcast, he is finally back! Can't wait to see what nicknames for Troy Goodfellow he has in store for us. On a technical note, I found the intro to this episode to be very odd. It's almost as if the first two or three minutes of the show are missing and it cuts directly into the show itself. Nothing major, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Now, about the games. The only one from the list that I knew about was Circle Empires (not to be confused with Cliff Empire) and I've pondered long and hard if I should buy that game or not. From what I've seen and from the discussion on this episode, the game reminds me a lot of the flash rts' that I used to play back in the early 2010's. They were, by necessity, smaller, less complex and invariably 2D pixel games that took between 5-15 minutes per session. I used to enjoy this sorts of games a lot, but nowadays I find myself to enjoying games that require wiki diving for the mechanics or long periods of study more than simple games, even tough my time available to play games is decreasing with each passing year. That said, Death Crown looks amazing and I'll most likely give it a shot based on this episode discussion of it.
  5. Fraser's comment about how building the Pyramid in Pharaoh seemed like a monumental task is what I truly love about city builders. Another Sierra's game that did this pretty well was ZEUS: master of Olympus as you could build temples devoted to each of the major greek gods. Some temples were easier to build then others but all of them required lots of infrastructure before you could start building them and the Zeus Stronghold was both a monumental task and an incredible sight. Emperor: rise of the middle kingdom improved on this aspect allowing having more varied great works of architecture and engineering. And that's why I think the Anno games from the 2000's are some of the best city builders of all time. They all have great end-game "wonders" that take a heck of a lot of infrastructure and resources to set up. They are the pinnacle to building a well run and efficient city.
  6. The Dominions series is also great when it comes to emergent narratives. It is a great game for After Action Reports and Role playing (and may very well be the best 4X RPG series ever made) and allows for some crazy strategies and battle plans. The series used to be discussed a lot on the earlier days of 3MA, but as time went and the core panel changed, Dominions fell to the wayside. Nowadays only Bruce, Troy and Hermes will bring it up once in a blue moon.
  7. Already listened to this episode thrice. This and the Black hack down episodes are among my favorites. I find Rob and Troy's take on historical movies to be quite interesting and thought provoking.
  8. Really? That is very interesting. This reminded me of the Blood release that Russia got where they changed Caleb into Lenin, did some Russian VA and plastered the hammer and sickle everywhere (even on the weapons). I suppose that censorship is most interesting when the product is changed by the addition of new content. Oh, by the way ilitarist, I was taken aback when you said that your mother tongue is Russian. I know some Russians in real life and on the web and it isn't very hard to notice that they aren't native English speakers and writers, mainly for the lack or improper use of articles, which is also something that I notice when playing Russian (and some other Eastern European games) games that were localized into English. Hell, even Орел и Решка's english subtitles have this problem. So, what I'm trying to say is that you write quite well in English. Well done.
  9. Agreed. I like facing off against competent AI players in general, but I dislike having to face AI's that are too good in singleplayer RTS missions. As an example, Age of Empires II on any difficulty higher than easy has it's AI micro their ranged units which can be a pain to face off against in the campaigns because they usually have the numerical advantage and can afford to micro each and every single ranged unit. In practice this means that you will either rush or turtle with castles and then slowly pushing. It just becomes a huge war of attrition. I think Battle Brothers nailed how to make a good dumb AI. Each different faction and enemy type has a set of behaviors that they will always follow. They are all predictable -- from the lowly Zombie to the mighty Knight Errant-- and by learning how to counter their tactics you can face off against bigger numbers and still have a tense but fair battle.
  10. First time I heard about this game. Sounds interesting and worth giving a try. The way that the panel described the gameplay loop and how the consequence of your actions are presented reminded me a lot of King of Dragon Pass. I feel like the panel has been talking more about politics in the games than they use to, but that might just be me having a better ear to notice it coupled with how everyone (not only in the USA yay!) keeps bringing politics into all sorts of discussions. After all, Troy has been talking about how games portray their subject matter and hidden agenda since the show's inception and maybe even before that.
  11. Three Moves Ahead Episode 480: 1999

    Haven't heard it yet but it seems that the very first 3MA Strikes back
  12. Three Moves Ahead 476: Pericles

    Yes, and it unfortunately still hasn't been fixed.
  13. Three Moves Ahead 478: Oxygen Not Included

    I thought that that was a problem on my end. Apparently I was wrong. So, yeah, both this episode and the last one had some audio problems, which makes me wonder if someone isn't setting this up in order for Hermes, the audio magician, to make a triumphal comeback!
  14. Three Moves Ahead 476: Pericles

    I can seem to access this page from the 3MA episode link. It says that I don't have permission to access the page, although following the link in the Idle Thumbs works fine (I'm here after all). Is anyone else having the problem or is it just me? Anyway, I've been curious to see what Bruce had to say about Pericles ever since he did a show on Churchill. Unfortunately I don't have friends that would be willing to buy boardgames and they are incredibly expensive here. That said, I do like these board games discussion very much. They are always informative about the historical period that the game is trying to represent and I also find it fascinating to hear about how boardgames work even though I'll probably never play it.