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  1. Already listened to this episode thrice. This and the Black hack down episodes are among my favorites. I find Rob and Troy's take on historical movies to be quite interesting and thought provoking.
  2. Really? That is very interesting. This reminded me of the Blood release that Russia got where they changed Caleb into Lenin, did some Russian VA and plastered the hammer and sickle everywhere (even on the weapons). I suppose that censorship is most interesting when the product is changed by the addition of new content. Oh, by the way ilitarist, I was taken aback when you said that your mother tongue is Russian. I know some Russians in real life and on the web and it isn't very hard to notice that they aren't native English speakers and writers, mainly for the lack or improper use of articles, which is also something that I notice when playing Russian (and some other Eastern European games) games that were localized into English. Hell, even Орел и Решка's english subtitles have this problem. So, what I'm trying to say is that you write quite well in English. Well done.
  3. Agreed. I like facing off against competent AI players in general, but I dislike having to face AI's that are too good in singleplayer RTS missions. As an example, Age of Empires II on any difficulty higher than easy has it's AI micro their ranged units which can be a pain to face off against in the campaigns because they usually have the numerical advantage and can afford to micro each and every single ranged unit. In practice this means that you will either rush or turtle with castles and then slowly pushing. It just becomes a huge war of attrition. I think Battle Brothers nailed how to make a good dumb AI. Each different faction and enemy type has a set of behaviors that they will always follow. They are all predictable -- from the lowly Zombie to the mighty Knight Errant-- and by learning how to counter their tactics you can face off against bigger numbers and still have a tense but fair battle.
  4. First time I heard about this game. Sounds interesting and worth giving a try. The way that the panel described the gameplay loop and how the consequence of your actions are presented reminded me a lot of King of Dragon Pass. I feel like the panel has been talking more about politics in the games than they use to, but that might just be me having a better ear to notice it coupled with how everyone (not only in the USA yay!) keeps bringing politics into all sorts of discussions. After all, Troy has been talking about how games portray their subject matter and hidden agenda since the show's inception and maybe even before that.
  5. Three Moves Ahead Episode 480: 1999

    Haven't heard it yet but it seems that the very first 3MA Strikes back
  6. Three Moves Ahead 476: Pericles

    Yes, and it unfortunately still hasn't been fixed.
  7. Three Moves Ahead 478: Oxygen Not Included

    I thought that that was a problem on my end. Apparently I was wrong. So, yeah, both this episode and the last one had some audio problems, which makes me wonder if someone isn't setting this up in order for Hermes, the audio magician, to make a triumphal comeback!
  8. Three Moves Ahead 476: Pericles

    I can seem to access this page from the 3MA episode link. It says that I don't have permission to access the page, although following the link in the Idle Thumbs works fine (I'm here after all). Is anyone else having the problem or is it just me? Anyway, I've been curious to see what Bruce had to say about Pericles ever since he did a show on Churchill. Unfortunately I don't have friends that would be willing to buy boardgames and they are incredibly expensive here. That said, I do like these board games discussion very much. They are always informative about the historical period that the game is trying to represent and I also find it fascinating to hear about how boardgames work even though I'll probably never play it.
  9. Sad that it's been a while since we last heard of Tom Chick and Julian Murdoch. It was good to see both Hermes and Bruce back. A very pleasant episode to listen to. Bruce's insight into boardgames always makes for an interesting discussion. Could we have a link for the PDF version of Hermes' bar graph or will we have to wait for him to publish that paper?
  10. Three Moves Ahead Episode 471: Anno 1800

    Question, what happened to Hermes? I believe this is the third episode in a row that he wasn't evolved in as a producer. There was a distinct lack of Troy's Goodfellow middle name joke. As someone who has played a lot of Anno 1404 & 2070 I found this discussion to be rather average. Some important aspects of the game that differentiate it from other entries in the series were glossed over (like workforce, industrialism and tourism). The Anno, at least since 1404, was always cartoonish and tongue in check. Every friendly character is always smiling and happy and every hostile character looks menacing and as if they were your superior. It also makes ample use of character tropes like the ilitarist mentioned. With that said, Anno's settings tend to inform what sort of social stuff that will be present and what the general narrative will be. Anno 1404 was very much about getting in contact with the Orient and scaffolding the construction of a western society and a middle eastern society side by side. Anno 2070, on the other hand, was very much a case of either having a Tycoon paradise or a Green heaven and both sides would eventually be able to house techies who were basically the promise of fixing nature by relying on technology. Pollution and energy consumption were important aspects of that game with each of the two main factions having to balanced its specific factions need for space, energy and how far they could push pollution and how well they could clean it. About the quests where you have to find people in the streets. That's been a stable of the series since Anno 14404, maybe even before that. I that was Rob said is more or less right. These quests were you have to go around looking for people serve as a way of spending time while recourse stockpile and having a closer look at your ant farm. And citizens did riot and burn down your buildings. The problem with citizens revolting is that you very, very rarely run in a situation where they will be angry to the point of harming your settlement. Anno games tend to run into the problem where you either have too much of any given resource or too few and in order for you to properly balance your resources you need to go into the wiki and look at how many citizens a single production chain can supply, how many of X resource buildings do you need for a given production chain to run at 100% efficiency or just use the fan made supply calculator. This aspect of the series isn't very noticeable in the first few citizen levels but when you get into the late game and building space starts running low efficiency is the name of the game. Lucky for Anno 1404 there's a excellent fan made patch which allows you to see all of this stuff in-game. All in all didn't really gave me a sense of how much and what has changed in Anno 1800 from the last installments, which may be a factor of the little prior contact that the panel had (except Troy) with the series. But, hey, I'm nonetheless happy that 3MA got to cover this series.
  11. Three Moves Ahead Episode 469: Imperator

    Never heard of that podcast before. Thx for the information. If anyone is interested on the episode, here is the link to it:
  12. Episode 470: Total War: Three Kingdoms

    A two hour episode? Looks promising! I'm very much happy to hear that 3 kingdoms is apparently a very good Total war game right out of the box after all of the problems they had with historical games in the last few years.
  13. Three Moves Ahead Episode 469: Imperator

    The episode link directs the listener to the Idlethumbs forum instead of this thread. I find it unfortunate how Troy won't be able to discuss the game. Would love to see his take on it. And poor Fraser wasn't able to be on it. Sad.
  14. Episode 467: Hard Times or Easy Living

    There we go. another Video game problem solved.