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  1. I played the 1st demo you put out and I really liked it, and was particularly struck by the aestethic you have. It was weirdly familiar to me, and suggested inspiration by scifi covers and 70s/80s comics like Loane Sloane series by Phillipe Druillet, but hearing you mention Kill Six Billion Demons I can see some of that in here too. I am excited to see how the game turns out!
  2. It's interesting, hearing your stories I realise that many quests have vastly different outcomes and gameplay mechanics depending on choices. For example I didn't debate Cicero myself, Cato represented me, and as for the trophy quest I solved it all through conversation (a riddle contest, humorously).
  3. Designer Notes 62: Josh Sawyer - Part 1

    About to listen to this, but out of curiosity, what's up with the over 3 and 1/2 year delay in publishing it?
  4. Three Moves Ahead 501: Othercide

    I usually download these and transfer them to my phone to spare my mobile data cap, and am a bit worried at the word FINAL in the filename. I hope it's the final version of this file and not the FINAL Three Moves Ahead podcast.
  5. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    I said "athletes and sports executives" You actively had to edit my statement when copy-pasting to make a strawman argument. I don't care about pro-sports and how you chose to spend your $$ supporting them makes 0 difference to me, heck I don't even live in the US, so I won't continue arguing that point. *emphasis mine* Unless you're a pro-athlete or close relative/friend of one, I'm unsure where such vitriol comes from. @Gormongous Sorry, didn't realise this was a closed community, I'll just stick to listening to the podcast without engaging with the community, like I've done for years. I sure learned that lesson. There's some stuff I could say about how you're basically defending those billionares, since they're the ones who own the pro-teams anyway, but you do you.
  6. Was disapointed in how unpolished this game felt. Even for the reduced 10$. No gamebreaking bugs, but just so many small ones. Didn't like how everyone was a Star Trek alien (a human with weird forehead ridges). How did everyone integrate so damn fast? 5 years? And I didn't like how it felt like damage was even more important than in XCOM2: after the initial breach I barely had the spare actions to move characters into better positions, because I was always fighting 2 to 3 times my numbers in enemies, so any action not spent on disabling or killing enemies felt very sub-optimal. The fact that now we're "The Man" and the enemies still get to throw infinite reinforcements at us was agravating. The last mission was especially ridiculous when the game threw 3 back to back fight at me, where I had to fight 12+ enemies each. (I played on 3rd difficulty). The action economy in the game seems bonkers. The fact that they HAD to make using items free is just proof of it. Edit: forgot to say, but I did finish the game, enjoyed it well enough, but I have no desire to ever replay it. Which for a 20$(10$ if you got it at launch) is fine.
  7. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    The context of the original remark from Troy was about the top teams of the NHL. Not average athletes, where average counts everyone in the lower leagues too, but athletes in the top leagues where salaries average in the millions. I feel silly having to say this, since it applies to everything anyone ever says, but: this is my opinion. And it's that they are overpaid. The money lavished on professional sport seem way out of proportion compared to the (little) value they bring to society. It's mostly all marketing. And if athletes in the lower leagues are badly paid, well maybe they should get REAL jobs. The world would benefit more from a single extra doctor/teacher/etc. than from 5 LeBron Jameses/Tom Brady/etc. The problem being that there's no glory in that. This also applies (to a lesser extent) to actors.
  8. Three Moves Ahead Episode 495: Sports

    I hear Troy saying that the NHL might lose half its income this year and all I can manage is a big "Meh." Athletes and sports executives are overpaid anyway.