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  1. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    Thanks @SuperBiasedMan!
  2. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    Hi everyone, I just finished my project. Actually what was possible for the jam. It was published in my page on the I don't know how to vincule it to the jam properly. Please tell me if there's something more to do. the game link is the following:
  3. Thanks Teljoor! Yeah, I plan to continue developing and each new level will have new special itens and I also want to make some bosses. What I can do for the Jam is published on the at the following address: I liked the experience, the deadline, the comunity suporte. I've learned a lot e a very few time. I hope you guys enjoy the current result. And please give-me any feedback. I know there are somethings need to be improved but I'd like to hear your feedback too.
  4. Concentric

    I liked the game very much. But this new version is just awesome. So simple and still looks very professional. It's one of those we see selling thousands of copies. Congrats!
  5. PING

    This looks very good. The depth in the ocean is hypnotic o.o. The mechanics seems promise. Great work!
  6. Thank you guys. Yes Travis, I intend to make special items for life and balls too. Maybe some block that needs to be avoided, I don't know yet. Any suggestion are welcome =D
  7. Hi everyone! This is my first Jam and also my first atempt to make a game. I'm just studing yet, but I thought it's can be better with the comunity support. Any tip or suggestion is very welcome. I modified the title a little, but it's totally based on one of the podcasts. I decide to start with some basic mechanics, and put a little creativety on the context to make it more fun. It's about a spaceship that was trapped in a alien planet and, to get out, need to destroy thousands of blocks. I'd like the result had more diferent stages and items, but time is short, and i think all i can do before the deadline is a score system and maybe lifes. But it's ok. I hope its enjoynable. =D