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  1. If @Mentalgongfu's speculations are correct, I wonder if Bob is the doppleganger of another not-evil spirit, or if he is the original and is just corrupted. If he is the original, then presumably he has a doppleganger somewhere also.
  2. Hmmm... maybe Goodcoop was supposed to have been annihilated by the Lodge but the spirits within decided to let him remain after Bob & Doppelcoop escape? Bob not returning on time seems to definitely be a violation of some kind of order/rules but I don't remember S2 clearly enough to guess whether he and the doppelganger escaping in the first place was seen as a similar violation. The motivation of the other Lodge-denizens is unclear, but they at least seem to be less nasty than Bob, as a rule. It might explain the Doppel-arm's cry of 'NONEXISTENT' as it causes Coop to drop through the floor into the glass box/purple sea-world, too, if he is supposed to have been annihilated by now, but wasn't. In any case, I am very interested to see what 'The Zone' reveals. It would be cool if it is a whole different aspect of the Lodges, or if we get to see the White Lodge... (From the Major & Hastings' accounts of the place it sounds like a positive experience for the most part, but presumably it is not beyond the reach of the less savoury spirits if Briggs got beheaded while there)
  3. On first viewing, I actually thought there was a small special effect played during Candy's long-winded talk with Anthony on the casino floor, but it is actually just someone behind her lighting a cigarette just a she brings her hands together... (For a moment I thought it was a small version of the 'guiding vision' that Mr Jackpots is following to different machines) I wonder what the Mitchums meant by "she's got nowhere else to go" too. Why would they care? (I may be being harsh on the Mitchums here - they seem pretty brutal when conducting business, but maybe outside of that they're not such bad guys?) Is her erratic behaviour part of why she wouldn't find work elsewhere?
  4. I think that's supported by what we've seen so far... We have the reversed fingerprint on Doppelcoop, the change in physique & hairstyle as Coop replaces Dougie, Doppelcoop's black irises etc.
  5. Is Doppelcoop supposed to be in Cooper's original body? Was there an unconscious body left behind when Cooper went into the Lodge which was then 'possessed' by Doppelcoop? I didn't think so, but my memories of the end of S2 are pretty hazy at this point. I thought the doppelganger had escaped, (with its own body) and that Cooper (in *his* own body) has only recently returned to find himself in Dougie's life. (The Dougie we briefly see in the Lodge is more overweight than Cooper and has slightly different coloured hair, so it would seem he retained his body too) @anderbubble - so that's the Twin Peaks version of 'A wizard did it?'
  6. An aside about Coop's abs... I guess being in the Lodge ages you, but does not impact your physique? I mean, we don't know exactly what Cooper was up to in there for those years, but it seems unlikely there is a Lodge Gym, and 25 years of just hanging around is not going to leave one with great musculature. I suppose Cooper has pretty good posture: maybe he was just sitting *really really straight* in his chair for that 25 year stretch and that has worked his core... Or maybe we'll get a flashback of him doing pushups with the Arm sitting on his back, or kettlebell exercises with one of those statues. Interesting point about the missing gunshot wound, too - it might just not have been visible from the angle we got, but one would expect a doctor to remark upon a scar that hadn't previously been there.
  7. Ooh, I didn't spot that - I had just gone back to double check if it was 'Miriam' in both cases, but didn't think to check the credits...
  8. I don't remember any specific cues that he did, but then he did flip through pretty fast, and I don't think Richard told him the name of the sender, so maybe...
  9. Some random musings: I wonder if Steven was referring to a specific incident when bellowing at Becky that he "knew exactly what she had done", or if it is just part of his horrible internal justification for treating her like that, or just paranoia or an attempted bluff... I wonder how Ben Horne & Beverley's relationship is going to pan out - he is still wearing his wedding ring, but his phone call with Sylvia does not seem like that of a loving, or particularly friendly, couple, and only in its aftermath does he ask Beverley to dinner. I wonder if Ben is supposed to be trying to keep a failing relationship with Sylvia alive... This wouldn't seem all that likely by the psychology of original-series Ben Horne (unless she had leverage over him of some kind), but perhaps in his new 'attempting to be a good man' incarnation this is the case. Film Crit Hulk has done a recap for Vulture this week, it is pretty good: If you don't know Film Crit Hulk, he mostly writes for and is often worth reading IMO. Re: Dougie's ability to consent... Well, he does seem to have some agency, in that he reaches for things that interest him and seems to fix his gaze on stuff that is meaningful to him, and occasionally to volunteer information, as when incriminating his co-worker. It has been pointed out that he was able to defend himself from Ike effectively, and so presumably would be able to fend Janey off if he wanted to. This argument does rather depend on how much of his self-defense was Goodcoop taking over in a situation of danger (which presumably might not happen with Janey). He certainly seems happy enough to go along with it once we see his reaction shot, but that does not alter the fact that he may not have known what he was getting into, and thus perhaps could not have consented. Given we don't see the transition from him eating cake to them having sex, it is hard to know how involved he was, but presumably he just shuffled along where she led him as usual.
  10. Hmmm fair point... Not too encrypted for the feds! Re: Doppelcoop having amassed enough of a fortune to be the 'anonymous billionaire' - maybe he ran around for years robbing banks, as has been suggested, but surely with his magical technology mojo he could probably arrange something easier.
  11. I don't think we've been given any real insight into Doppelcoop's motivations, but I think the line where he seems to be checking if Bob is still with him would indicate that whatever Bob's role is currently, he probably isn't in control. Also, depending on what the hell was going on with the woodsmen and Bob's face on the blob they remove, it may be that Bob is not even with Doppelcoop any more.
  12. Seems a bit of a waste to even bother with code-talk like "Around the table the conversation is lively" if Diane is just going to respond with clear-text status information. I continue to hope that Jerry's drugged ranting has more to it than just being a gag - this week we have him shouting "You can't fool me, I've been here before" apparently to his phone which has no service (and we see that like Agent Preston, he seems to use Twin Peaks UI on his phone). With any luck there is actually something weird going on in the woods within which he is wandering. Perhaps, as others have speculated, he will be nearby when Hastings leads the agents to the site of The Zone. More use of music this episode: there was 'Charmaine' playing in the background of Richard's home invasion, and we got some Badalamenti for the Mitchum brothers pondering what to do about 'Mr Jones', as well as the usual Roadhouse music, and more stuff listed on the music credits that I didn't make a mental note of during the episode. Do we think Lucy saw Chad pocket the incriminating letter? I think she is suspicious of him, but her angle was bad, and I reckon if she'd actually seen him grab it she just would have asked about it point blank. Maybe not my favourite episode so far, but I didn't hate it. Lot of details I liked: Cole & Preston's giggle watching Albert; Dougie's arms flopping around; "My bitter enemies and business rivals the Mitchum Brothers"; Jacoby's rant...
  13. Hah! Nice job... Which tools were you using for such things @marblize?
  14. There are groups of folks who believe they are able to perceive messages of various sorts in radio static. I suspect that this comes down to Ganzfield Effect or wishful thinking / apophenia (or less pleasantly, maybe mental illness), but there is an analog weirdness to radio & TV static which you don't find in digital tech. (Although digital errors can have their own horror: my favourite is when you get that effect where the compression is glitching out and getting the shape right, but still displaying the previous content, so you get people-shaped smears of background talking to each other.)
  15. I had also interpreted this as Hawk waiting for a 'please' (or maybe knowing he wasn't going to get one and trying to make a point about it), but it could also just be that Hawk is sick enough of Chad's shit to happily watch him struggle. I think him trying to use the coffee & doughnuts in the conference room as an excuse for why he should be able to eat his lunch there deliberately highlights his place as an outsider - I can't remember if we see the coffee & doughnuts tradition in the conference room being started in S1, but it is a definite part of the cameraderie of the original Twin Peaks Sheriff's Dept.