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  1. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I've had mostly good experiences getting things to stream to my Steam box, provided you have a wired network it should be ok - wifi just isn't fast enough. Through ethernet though, it works well enough to even play tough platformers on without feeling like your fingers are lagging.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    @twmac We proud few! I also enjoyed season 2, although it had quite a different feel to it than the first... It took me a couple of episodes to warm to the casting of Vince Vaughn, but in the end I bought into it. I tend to suspect that the 'iron grip' that Gormongous objects to Mr Pizzolatto having was also what made the original season so unique and worthwhile. Also, I am so very glad that Deadwood is getting a movie sequel... The premature death of that series remains my worst executive-meddling-in-a-TV-series disappointment to date, I think. Presumably the actors will have aged sufficiently that they will have to set it a decent amount of time after the series, which is a shame - the continuity of watching the (violent, amoral) 'coming of civilization' to the town as buildings grew and became more permanent, and each round of new folks vying for power became more brutal and better organised was a thing of beauty.
  3. I had my first win yesterday! 4 islands, on normal. It was a bit of a surprise - I was replaying with the starting squad to pick up a couple of achievements I had missed, and after I had got those, things were going quite well and just kept going well. I think the Void Walkers are a lot easier to use now that I have used a couple of other squads and started to grok the game a bit better. (The pilot that lets you act twice if you don't move certainly helped too.) Unlocked Blitzkreig and Flame Behemoths after, though I haven't tried them yet. I wonder how well this would work as a multiplayer game... If it was co-op with 2 teams vs Vek, then turn order might get fiddly - either you would have to wait for the Vek & your ally's squads to move before you could, or you'd have to interleave the movements somehow I suppose. 1v1 could work quite well though, one player using the Vek and the other mechs.
  4. I'm hitting somewhere around forty-five minutes per island (have only played on 'normal' difficulty). That said, even at that pace I am still quite often seeing the problem with a move only *just after* I have made it, so possibly I should be spending longer, or maybe no matter how long I stare at it for that will still happen :/
  5. Played a few hours last night, and I suspect I will be doing the same this evening - it is really good! My best effort so far is a few missions into the 2nd island, but I am definitely improving. Have noticed I have started focusing much more on blocking spawns and taking the fight to them than I was to begin with. So far I have only used the starting team and the Rusting Hulks, but am already impressed by how differently those two play. Am really looking forward to seeing what strange new units await in the other squads, and to having unlocked enough of them that the 'random team' option will have a good range of different units to choose from. (The random start is always my preferred option in roguelikes, at least once I have some basic competence) I found the Rusting Hulks a lot easier than the starting squad, and I see Nappi got furthest with them too: the damaging smoke mechanic has good DOT.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    @Erkki - as it happens, I saw In the Realm of the Senses recently too! I had often wondered what a film with a real plot and actors, which also contained explicit sex would be like. Now I know! (I knew the title by reputation, but I must admit I was still surprised by that first sex scene)
  7. Hmmmmm.... So either it is: a ) The same guy, who has also been sent into alternative TP b ) Some kind of equivalent-guy: perhaps the version of him that exists in this universe/timeline/whatever I don't know if we can assume much if it is the latter - we haven't been given a lot to go on about how things work in "things might be different there" Twin Peaks. If it is the former, then I suppose the most relevant questions are how he died, and what he was doing there to start with. Presumably it relates to whatever is going on with Carrie to make her eager to go for a ride with random FBI guy. A tangent - if Cooper knows that everything in this alternative world (aside from Carrie, him and Diane, presumably) is just a construction, maybe this partly accounts for his more ruthless attitude and different affect there? If he knows that it's all illusory he might be more willing to do harm, and perhaps even be a bit disgusted/scared by the artiface. (ie. maybe what we're seeing is just Cooper, but deprived of his usual joyful connection to the world, because he isn't strictly in the world anymore). I think I still lean towards him being more changed than that would indicate, but it's an interesting notion.
  8. @Dingobloo I'll have to check this out... Badcoop might still have been pursuing Judy without having known she was referred to that way until late in the piece...
  9. Woah, good catch! It's funny how the search for clues in a show like this where small details might be relevant, and where the creators are unlikely to ever spell everything out makes the stakes of any continuity problems higher. This FBI pin theory seems to me to be a good example of that: another might be the guy shouting for Billy at the diner, followed by a suddenly different crowd of extras in the diner. In most other shows you would just assume a continuity glitch, but here it may actually be significant. This is further complicated by Lynch's methods meaning that it might start as a mistake and then get adopted if he likes it.
  10. @plasticflesh Ah yes, I had forgotten about Mr C's car flip being in a similar spot. (Perhaps given more weight by RichCoop driving the same model of old car as Badcoop for his first evening crossed over.) ...and I had completely missed that Carrie's was the same house! It would seem a bit foolhardy of Jerry to go climbing on that rock after he saw Richard getting toasted up there, although he did attribute the death to his binoculars, so possibly he wouldn't have connected it with the location. In this case, I suppose Richard's grisly end (presumably meant for Badcoop) was some kind of once-off trap, rather than a permanent change to a vortex at that spot.
  11. @plasticflesh Hmm, an interesting possibility... So if your friend is correct, Laura just called herself Carrie after escaping from Twin Peaks and its history of abuse? In this case, how is her lack of knowledge of the family home accounted for? I suppose she could just have repressed the memory of the place, but I would have expected her to be less co-operative with Coop's suggestion they travel back there if that were so, even if it does get her away from whatever happened with that body in her house. Does this explanation tie into the weirdness around Coop and Diane 'crossing over' somehow? I guess it could be the different reality Coop created by rescuing Laura beginning there, but Laura's body disappearing in the flashback would seem to indicate that Twin Peaks itself was affected too. On another note, apropos of nothing in particular, I really liked the randomness of some of the vortex locations. The ones at Jackrabbit's palace or above the convenience store at least seem portentous, but the vortex that Gordon investigates, and the location of the 'crossover' point are both in such unremarkable places that it seems plausible they could have been there for years without anyone noticing.
  12. @plasticflesh - some great thoughts in the Medium article you posted. I think some of it is purely speculative without much to back it up (which is inevitable in these kinds of theories), but definitely food for thought. I think I am least convinced by the idea of Laura acting as a 'bomb' by overloading Judy or other lodge spirits with garmonbozia. I don't think we've really seen or heard anything to the effect that garmonbozia is dangerous to the lodge spirits who are intent on gathering it. (Although Laura's origin as 'good' orb does seem to indicate that she is dangerous or at least opposed to the 'evil' orb types like Bob) I thought the idea of Coop & Diane's sex scene as conducting a ritual was quite resonant though - it could explain the pre-ordained feeling to Coop/Richard's instructions. (And possibly give some further motivation to rape-happy Badcoop other than just being an evil sort, particularly in the case of Diane, if he was also attempting to enact a ritual). I believe it possibly ties into some stuff from the Dossier about sex-magic too, but I have not read it. Then again, if we assume that Diane has split from Coop at the point where she sees herself outside the hotel, then the scene might just be Linda coming to terms with the fact that Richard is acting super-weirdly. I liked the concept of the alternate reality (or what the Medium article called 'The Cage') as being our real world, and having the actual owner of the location at which the Palmer House is filmed answer the door seems to reinforce this, but I'm not so sure about it having been constructed as a cage for Judy... The idea of the alternate reality being our own world in combination with the notion that Judy is the transliterated 交代 Jiāo Dài, or 'explanation' points to an interesting take where explanation of the show's mysteries is itself the worst possible evil, in which case I suppose Goodcoop as investigator seeking answers stands in for the audience, and oversteps into dangerous territory when he actually makes it into the real world... Not sure exactly what that would parallel... Maybe trying to use ideas about the motivation/psychology of the author to analyse events of the show?
  13. Hmmm, I like this theory except for the Mr C stuff... I think Coop is acting differently from the moment he emerges from the lodge: it is most obvious after he and Diane 'pass through', but even his interaction with her immediately upon emerging is quite un-Coop-like. The kiss before they cross for example already seems strange and uncomfortable... That said, it is definitely the sex scene with Diane that most drives it home - Coop's blank face and near-immobile participation are a hell of a counterpoint to Dougie and Janey-e's scene with Dougie's equally passive, but considerably more joyful interaction. Actually, in a way, the scene with Diane is what I was afraid the scene with Janey was going to be (sans the silly floppy arms) until the camera showed Dougie's face.
  14. Source: Interesting! Particularly in light of the theories that 'Judy' is a transliteration of that Chinese phrase that relates to 'knowing' or explanation.
  15. @Digger "You know it wants the food or the toy, and you are enjoying its reaction, and then continuing to promise and withhold is disrespectful." I think we can reasonably assume that Lynch & Frost know we want certain things, but 'you are enjoying its reaction' is supposition, and when was any promise made? "You'll never know, and I've not given you enough information to understand." But why do you assume you have a right to? If they want to make something where there isn't enough information to be sure about anything, when did they agree to do otherwise? I get why the things you mention are frustrating, or not how you wish this was made, but I still can't get to disrespect, because I don't think we were owed or promised anything different. Lynch and Frost are not beholden to our expectations. (Well, not in an artistic sense anyway. Perhaps financially, but I don't think either of them are likely to starve if TP bombs)