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  1. Photos of things

    Nice, that looks great. What's the length on it?
  2. Good stuff, I'll check it out now. Thanks!
  3. Been skipping the mini-trailers as to see as much original stuff when I play it as possible. Any advise watching them instead?
  4. Photos of things

    Some recent stuff I've taken. Going for a more snapshot / candid approach -- kind of like Todd Hido (
  5. [DevLog] Aloft - Airship Pioneers

    This looks like an awesome project. In terms of art direction, I really like the both the painterly and vintage styles. Perhaps a mesh between them would look good? They both immediately remind me of a lot of the backgrounds Studio Ghibli has done.
  6. The Math Thread

    Working in a project in Unity recently with a lot of normal distributions / percentages with selected weightings. These have both been pretty good so far (second version is free, however):!/content/38858!/content/15873
  7. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2500 Tracks

    Been using this in some Unity demos I've been making. Fantastic stuff!
  8. Amateur Game Making Night

    The dissonance of "Taco Bell Indie Game Garage" is just too much. Way too much.
  9. The Unity Thread

    Just updated to 5 .
  10. The Unity Thread

    Completely off-topic and mooching, but does anyone know if there's a free trial for Unity Pro? Basically, I just want to try out to Image Effects stuff like Sun Rays, Fog, etc. but don't want to pay the full amount for Pro or go to the asset store just to have a test drive with them.
  11. PAX Prime 2014

    Did I miss a 2015 thread? Is anyone planning on being there? I still don't even have the official schedule online -- do they usually wait this late to release it?
  12. Photos of things

    Great photos, everyone. Here's a few recent ones that I'm moderately proud of. Been experimenting with a few different styles in the past few months.
  13. Favorite Level in a video game

    It is honestly absurd that level was made when it was. Replayed through that a few years back and was shocked.
  14. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    Unfortunately missed this thread. Born and raised in Davis, but live in SF now. No idea there were a bunch of Thumbs in Davis/Sacto. You guys all go to UCD or what?
  15. DOTA 2

    So Na'Vi just has to get to the finals of the qualifier and then they're locked in for the wildcard game at the main event, right?
  16. Philosophy & Economics

    Somewhat unrelated, but this reminds me a lot of what's happening in SF now. The dollar has strengthened massively against every other currency leading wealthy foreign investors to park their capital in U.S. real estate. Considering how absurd housing prices are now in the city, don't think this is going to end well for any party.
  17. San Francisco Residents!

    So do any San Francisco Thumbs readers have meetups in the city? I'm in Potrero Hill myself but still don't know of that many bars/places in Potrero/Mission/etc.
  18. Tacoma from Fullbright

    So Steve beat the rest of the Idle Thumbs crew to the moon? Also, this looks amazing.
  19. San Francisco Residents!

    Skip Sacramento -- born and raised there and it's not worth a visit if you have limited time. Definitely do go to Napa/Yountville/St. Helena if you have time, though, and enjoy that kind of scenery.
  20. DOTA 2

    It's so depressing to watch Dota this good after how the TI4 finals were. Also, on a sidenote, Fear's Lina is so fun to watch. I was worried that EG would have a tough transition from Mason back to Fear, but glad to see they haven't missed a beat.
  21. Yeah -- I think there are two important things to realize about Mojang's acquisition: 1) Mojang is an extremely high-margin company while most game studios have consistent operating costs and inconsistent revenue (i.e., inconsistent product releases and very high burn rates). Microsoft has to invest nothing in Mojang to see a return while Disney more or less bought a low-margin, cap-ex heavy company with Lucasfilm. 2) Valuations in the M&A markets have risen steeply in the last year and a half. If many of these deals were to happen today, the multiples would be much, much higher.
  22. San Francisco Residents!

    Hey guys, thanks for all the help again! One last question! I'll be moving to the city on the 12th. Do MUNI monthly passes only work for that month that you get them for (i.e. July, rather than one month from when I get it)?
  23. San Francisco Residents!

    Thanks for all the help! If that's the case, I'll definitely start looking for places in both neighborhoods. There's a decent amount of craigslist postings for this summer already but I assume they get snatched up fairly quickly.
  24. San Francisco Residents!

    Oh shit, hey Chris, thanks for the response, man! Sounds like SOMA is the better bet but a little harsher in terms of pricing? My hours will probably be fairly long which makes me hesitant towards the Richmond if public transportation is unavailable or a pain at times. The Richmond honestly sounds more interesting but proximity is super key for me. I'll definitely check out The Sunset too, I know the area decently well. But again I'm hesitant to a really long commute every morning.
  25. San Francisco Residents!

    Haha, seriously, I think I may have to. Yeah, I'm starting to realize that may be unrealistic. What neighborhoods are at least more MUNI-accessible than others? Richmond and SOMA would probably be better bets with more listings?