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Found 1 result

  1. The Unity Thread

    We have a couple Unity threads but it seemed like a general purpose thread for sharing cool projects, asset store stuff, talking about new features, etc would be useful to keep things contained. If you're looking for tutorials or have questions, check out these threads: Unity Tutorials Unity Questions Anyway, I just got back from Unite Boston, which was the main Unity conference this year. Lots of cool stuff coming soon, one of the coolest new features they showed was the new 2D tile maps (which seem awesome). They showed a bit during the keynote: There was another longer presentation that went more in depth that elicited audible gasps and cheers from the audience, but it's not on youtube yet, though there is an alpha available for pro users here. All the talks are going up eventually, so when they do I'll post a few recommendations of other stuff I liked. A couple other handy features announced were that Ads and Analytics are getting fully integrated into the client, and they're adding support for mobile IAP so people won't need to write their own native Objective-C/Java code just to handle microtransactions. Super boring features I wouldn't have cared about a year ago, but having dealt with all that stuff over the past year, sounds like an awesome time saver. Another feature announced was the 'Made with Unity' program, which they pitched as a way to increase discoverability, but actually just seems like some kinda slapdash user blogs. Here's mine. Anyway, Unity. It's cool. What asset store stuff is invaluable to you? What sweet Unity thing have you seen recently? What do you want more, multi-scene editing, or nested prefabs? Also check out #unitytips Tuesday on Twitter.