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  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I wasn't really going to pick this one up (I also didn't have a PS4 yet) but I watched DigitalFoundry's tech analysis and holy moly that game is pretty. Then a local game store hit me with a big PS4 discount and long story short it's waiting for me when I get home. I'm excited to check it out (also because a bunch of people I know worked on it). Might stream some over the weekend.
  2. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    Oh yeah I removed the period from the post but it was still in the link - fixed it now. Yep I switched to Xsplit for the Ghost of a Tale stream, which fixed the issues with the webcam but introduced issues in the gameplay. I've set it to encode on the CPU now so I hope next time everything is smooth. [update] turns out the framedrops came from Xsplit running on the same GPU as the game. I switched it to use the Intel onboard one, keeping the Nvidia dedicated to running the game, and now it's buttery smooth.
  3. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I'll throw my hat in the ring too https://twitch.tv/hedgefield Just started streaming some Steam backlog action, and probably also gamedev in the future. Broadcasts will mostly be restricted to the weekend I think, but who knows.
  4. Idle Thumbs 294: Pan Pan Pan

    Speaking of The Mummy's botched trailer being ripe for a tinkly piano cover in the vein of Nic Cicierga, SURELY you have seen this:
  5. UPDATE: Version 1.4 is out! Changelog on the page. This is hopefully the last update I'll have to do, but it fixes a ton of things and finally adds (auto)saving. https://hedgefield.itch.io/hollandhill Original post: Hey all! Bit late to the game-announcing game as I wasn't 100% sure I could commit to it, but heck here goes. A twenty-year-old weird house... A most memorable maid... A shadow of something... The eyes of Luigi. THOHH is a first-person exploration game in which you play as pizza delivery guy Luigi. Through a series of vignettes, you experience the story of the house on Holland Hill, where Luigi made frequent deliveries. It's got a bit of a King In Yellow vibe going on right now, though I'm still working on the details. What I do have is a greyboxed house and a sweet sweet vespa. I hope to hash out some interactive scenes this weekend and really get things going.
  6. [RELEASE] Uwaki Hittoman

    I thought I hit this 'bug' too just now, but turns out I just had to click on the locker room door That was a fun ride! The voice acting really brings it to life, god call on including that. I like how senile and giddy 47 has become, seems pretty fitting somehow, like he wouldn't give a hoot anymore once he got to that age. I laughed out loud when he was talking about the Technicolor Yawn and stuff great facial expressions too. The only snag I hit was that the subtitles disappeared when I was interacting with the bodyguard in the bar, otherwise fun little adventure, it really captured the sort of shenanigans you would pull in a Hitman game.
  7. [RELEASE] Uwaki Hittoman

    Okay yep got it going thanks, will check it out tomorrow
  8. [RELEASE] Uwaki Hittoman

    Not sure if it's my computer, but the screen stays black when I start it? Both on webgl and windows download.
  9. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    Dang atte, you put into words the same feeling I had when looking at this game. That sort of weird fever-dream-like vision of the skeleton in the wheat field. It's very good.
  10. [RE-RE-RELEASED] Slyboots Express Finished Version

    Great first game! The art and the vibe are lovely - I'm a sucker for stories set on long trainrides. The eavesdropping mechanic is really fun, I don't think I've seen something like that before. Looking forward to seeing what you make next
  11. [v2 - The Dab Update] The Eyes of Cheatin Hitman

    From the get-go this already feels like it could have been a Crows Crows Crows production! Very good start, love the voice acting and subtle music. The mockup spaces feel impressive, and I'm looking forward to seeing the real ones in episode 2, filled with clowns to murder. Good luck!
  12. How's it going with this one? The premise sounds really cool, and it's impressive that you've managed to get a unique combat system in. Good luck!
  13. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    This thing just oozes style. Wouldn't look out of place in the App Store at all. It felt more like a linear story you have to walk through than a forest to wander around in, I think it would benefit the structure if you had a certain area to explore with things to do in it, and once you hit some sort of milestone you continue on to the next week. But the content itself was cool, scavenging for snacks was fun, and the dialogues had nice unexpected twists and humor to them. Impressive work!
  14. [RELEASE] Baboo!

    I've never really enjoyed text adventures as a visual person, but this is the first one I liked! The navigation is really cool, and I like that you can also look up and down. It gives me the feeling of looking around in a 3D game, but still allows the mind to wander into fantasy. Good stuff. Nice diversity of environments and mint sound design. I'd love to see more people use this engine - a blind man's adventure seems like a perfect fit yeah.
  15. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    Oh, I forgot to say I updated the game a few times in the past week. The latest version adds autosaving and loading, performance tweaks and a host of UI improvements. It also fixes some obscure bugs, mostly related to pathfinding behavior. I also finally figured out how to limit the distance at which the interactions appear, but when I changed it I wasn't sure I liked it, so I left it as-is I think.
  16. [RELEASE] The Hypersonic Effect

    This was really fun! I enjoyed the timing-based nature of the gameplay - no flying around freely as you usually see in games like these, but the meticulous precision in boosting was a fun challenge, and easy to understand but hard to master. And amazing graphics as always. Great entry!
  17. [RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

    What more can I add - it's a very impressive moodpiece so far. I really enjoyed the directed on-rails-y camera and the dramatic shadows and angles. Would be real interested to play a full version of this (no pressure!), the premise is just mint.
  18. [Released] A Good One

    Man, that intro. Good. If this was to be a full game I'd get way into it. I love the chill skiing, feels really good, and the concept is pretty great. Looking forward to seeing some Christmas magic. It reminds me a little of https://primaerfunktion.itch.io/whiteout, also a good wintery game. Different tone, but same sort of boundless snowy exploration.
  19. Wizard Jam 4 Feedback

    I'll echo what Zzot is saying, it was a lot of fun! Even if I didn't have too much time to check in and hang out, I enjoyed the slack channel a lot. Personally, I was glad the restrictions were so loose. It allowed me to shoehorn in an idea I had prior to the jam, and I could coast off the time pressure to actually finish it, whereas I would have tinkered with it for way longer if there had been no construct with a deadline around it. But I understand boundaries are good for productivity (and scope) too, so maybe one or two restrictions would be beneficial. But I feel like the title restriction being lifted this time was good, the rate at which we make games doesn't compare to the rate at which new thumbs episodes come out. It's getting hard to discern which Pizza-based game someone is talking about The diversifiers worked nicely to tie my idea into the Thumbs universe a bit. The selection process for it was a bit vague, though. Maybe next time we could make a Trello board with all the ideas on it, and then vote up the selection we want (Trello has a voting system)? That board could maybe even be persistent, with all the ideas from all the jams on it, and we reset the votes each time (not sure if that's possible actually, so worth an investigation). I'm generally too scattershot in terms of free time to offer my help to others, so I have no thoughts about the team building, but it's nice that there's a way to do that. Maybe a subforum would be useful there? Gives a little more clarity to each separate request for help.
  20. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    Oh yeah good point Patrick, I should do some performance optimization for v1.1. All the lights are dynamic (mostly because baking lightmaps is such a hassle) so I can imagine that takes its toll. But now that everything is done I could go back in and figure that out. Thanks guys, I was nervous about getting that story to resonate in such a short time, but I'm glad to hear the moments I was hoping would land did come across. And whoops I'll fix that cellar door! I'm glad I didn't put the thing that's supposed to be in there in the prefab for all the levels...
  21. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    Ha, yes it is. I wanted Luigi to get yelled at when he gets caught there, but that would probably have to mean some kind of game over state (fired, or at least banned from deliveries, effectively), so I decided to table that one
  22. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    Thanks so much! And whoops yep I'll build a contingency for that then. You can secretly sneak into the house through the sliding door in Delivery 9 too, but I didn't have time to add much of a response there yet either.
  23. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    Thanks! Haha yeah I should throw up a collider for that one maybe. I think I unlocked the sliding door in that level for when that happens though. A literal backdoor.
  24. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    After a late night I've managed to get it done in time! Not everything may be hooked up quite correctly yet, but I'll fix that later. For now, you can check out the beta version at https://hedgefield.itch.io/hollandhill
  25. [RE-RE-RELEASED] Slyboots Express Finished Version

    Great animations already! I can't speak exactly to your question, but as long as the animations you made are in the animator assigned to the controller, things should be okay. Try making a build to see if the error interferes with it there, otherwise I'd say ignore it until after the deadline. Good luck!