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Favorite Games

Found 1 result

  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Hey, this came out! To some rather effusive praise. I've only played about 1.5 hours, so I expect (or hope, at least) that this will mostly stop when the game opens up, but HOLY SHIT does this game just want to grab you by the wrist and start cramming exposition into your ears. Did you know that you're an outcast? I'll let you know by talking out loud in a way that people never do that you're an outcast, just in case you missed it. Because that's what you are. An outcast. Who's been cast out. And shunned because you're an outcast. I sure hope you perform Dracula's Wedding, that my favorite. Then the tutorial can't decide whether it wants to hold your hand or pretend like it doesn't care. After deliberately failing a stealth section to see what happened, it reloads to a checkpoint (despite playing through what appears to be a dynamic reaction meant to keep you in the fiction), because GOD DAMN IT YOU'RE GOING TO LEARN TO STEALTH THREE TIMES IN A ROW, NOT JUST TWO. During a later sneaking area, I completely ignored the "tracking" tutorial because the enemies are completely predictable without it, and it just lets me go on with the tutorial prompt on the screen and other characters acting as if I'm following it. Like I said, this all seems like the typical overly-hand-held big-budget game opening, so I'm really looking forward to not having to deal with it any more, but it's incredibly annoying to play through. One thing that I can tell is going to bother me for the whole game is character faces. The game generally looks great. Detailed environments, detailed animations when moving around, really nice effects, etc. Some people have been lauding it as THE REASON to upgrade to a 4K TV. But then you start a conversation with someone and you get a screen full of close-ups, and man, does it not look good. Faces barely move, and when they do it's like a rubber Halloween mask has been pulled over a shoddy animatronic frame. Jedi Academy had more expressive mouth movements, and those were just animation spasms in response to the voice clips being played.