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  1. I've been noodling around with ideas for settings and stories for an adventure game that I'd have no time or resources to make, so I figured that I might log the little concept arts that I've collected for it here, maybe to possibly serve as inspiration for other people. They're usually just doodles and stuff that I've found myself doing. I went back on some recently and found that they're composed pretty similarly to adventure game screens and scenes, so thought it'd be a fun exercise to make paintings with the limitation that a classic adventure game character can walk through them. Thumbnails and ideas, updated regularly: I liked the forest fishing village, so I started painting it: Perhaps not worth a thread, but I wanted to use up some room in this swanky new subforum we've got here.
  2. [Art] Flay Learns to Paint and Draw

    The cliff one reads more as like a resort or spa, or some kind of harbor mansion. Are you working off of reference or just mental library? Either way it's really cool to see different variations while keeping a sort of physical consistency and accountability.
  3. [Art] Flay Learns to Paint and Draw

    Those are super good! Literally only thing technical I can say is in the last one the perspective on the top lantern is slightly wrong if you look at the underside, but it's 100% just the angle of the back line. I especially like the one that's hanging off the cliff.
  4. The McElroy Family of Products

    Update: I've listened to 100 episodes of mbmbam and all of adventure zone so far. My life is falling apart/finally found its purpose.
  5. Designing around 3d limitations would be interesting. I can't remember if this is a real project, a putative project, or something hypothetical that was mentioned on this very podcast, but I seem to remember a game where sticking your head into normal level geometry would show a crazy hellscape.
  6. I will never, ever not laugh at this.
  7. The threat of Big Dog

    Shifty eyed fuck...
  8. Uhhhhhhh this super works and I would've bought the game if this is what they did
  9. "Cars sucks." - A Pixar Thread

    I watched the movie again and I think this makes a lot of sense, though I think the "Excellence vs. Mediocrity" idea is still addressed as a state of mind rather than pushed as an ideal value system. I think a significant part was about how Mr. Incredible tries to resolve his midlife crisis through reaffirming his exceptionalism and reliving the past. But the only way he could indulge in unrestrained use of his powers (in a way that doesn't endanger his family or anyone else) was in this isolated island as part of a weird honeypot trap Syndrome set up for him. He and Dash attach a value system to being super and fear being mediocre, at the cost of Bob's job, badly injuring his boss, etc. Also I guess Syndrome's whole "if everyone is super then nobody is" thing isn't about making him a villain for glorifying mediocrity; his deal is really wanting to be super then feeling extreme spite when he can't be. He like embodies an obsession with being exceptional. I like that there were characters that handled having powers differently, how Violet's powers don't have the same kind of coolness that super strength or speed have, so she just generally feels like a freak instead. Her arc is totally different from Dash's or Mr. Incredible's, though definitely kind of bland and simple. Also the visuals looked so bad on rewatch :[. I'm 3D spoiled.
  10. The McElroy Family of Products

    Holy hell I don't know who these McElroy people are but I spent nearly my whole weekend just watching Monster Factory.
  11. "Cars sucks." - A Pixar Thread

    What was particularly Ayn Randy about the Incredibles? Not really challenging you or anything I just don't remember anything about the movie. I do remember some hints of poking at the whole "everyone is special so nobody is" idea (actually I guess that's the whole villain's agenda), but it never really resolved it?
  12. Miitomo

  13. GDC '16 / SF thumbs hang out

    I slept through this yesterday! A week of GDC took its toll, super regret missing it. Maybe next year I guess!
  14. My favorite Jonathan Bro game has to be the Fitness.
  15. anime

    Yeah I thought the same as Gorm since it appeared to raise the stakes of the plot artificially in the same way regular shonen shows do. But in the end I felt that the language used highlights a different goal. If one "serious punch" was all it took to defeat this near omnipotent destroyer of worlds, then it makes Saitama's actual, present strength (not his potential strength) incredibly vast and unknowable, which makes his ennui seem even stronger. Saitama's goal isn't exactly to become stronger but to feel the thrills of life he had before he become super strong. I just wish this series was more about him eventually giving up on the hero fantasy, and undermine the idea of "a good death", rather than purely showing the horrible loneliness that this lack of purpose inflicts.
  16. The threat of Big Dog

    The idea that doors were the insurmountable obstacle for atlas was comforting. Then they went and did this.
  17. This is the video I go to if I ever feel like life is too good.
  18. What's for Breakfast?

    Is there a point to eggs over easy vs sunny side up? Is it just so you can fully cook the egg white without browning the bottom?
  19. The threat of Big Dog

    I think I totally misunderstood the comparison there between a hundred million dollar manned fighter and a swarm of locust drones. I'm like imagining a big box of bombs being carried by a hundred quadcoptors like the balloons in Up.
  20. Creativity

    Whoa Vainamoinen it took a while for me to see that the tones are actually super precise hatching! I can't get my strokes that close together or fine when I try stuff like that. It looks practically like a tone cutout. I've been drawing on and off since failing 2015's Inktober, since I'm trying to get myself to be quicker without losing my patience (two problems I noticed I had while trying to hit the deadline each day). It doesn't help that ink is the ultimate "fuck up once and you die" medium to me. I'm relatively new to drawing people, so not pictured in each one of these is the spider's web of construction lines I needed to slowly eke out something that looks vaguely human. There are elements of anatomy that I'm not fully practiced with, like the hands and wrist area, or the bone/muscle structure around the elbow and forearm. I also spent too many dollars on a used cintiq companion from ebay after selling my old intuos4, hoping that it would get me to draw more (it didn't, but that's just a function of me being bad). I'm starting to think digital drawing only makes me more fastidious when it comes to anatomy but not much actually better at drawing it, since I can go back to erase and fiddle with committed lines rather than drawing them over. I love it for painting though! I've also been trying regularly to do anatomy studies from There's lots and lots of references (though they're mostly of buff guys and girls) of people in lots of different poses, and it even enforces a time limit for each one. I super recommend it! I'm really stingy and slow when I draw, so hopefully this'll help me be more confident and accurate: I'm glad this thread exists and I hope to post here semi-regularly to get me just motivated enough to practice, but not feel pressured enough to stop. Happy drawing!
  21. Making Mr. Remo Uncomfortable

    This reminded me suddenly that I have Nick Breckon on my contacts lists on Skype for god knows what reason. Sometimes I see him log on and think about sending him an extremely painful greeting, or maybe somehow sending him another sabotaged stuffed animal.
  22. Gorm, you should charge for these CK2 coaching sessions. You never know when it's gonna be esports.
  23. Social Justice

    Yes this! And just like I would be pretty put off if someone repeated a really bad, exaggerated version of my accent to me all the time.
  24. Social Justice

    That may be true for more than just white people, I think. Issues tend to come up when people mush the mundane collection of things that make up a shared experience into a fixed identity. Gonna stop derailing the thread, heh.