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  1. Filmmaking

    So I found out that clearing the music for my movie would cost well above what my current budget is... Less than I've spent on gear total, but I don't consider the cost of the gear under the movie budget, since I'm going to use it for more than one movie. But it's still something I could afford if I didn't make any more big expenses this year, and it's a chance to use some really good music that has probably never been used in a movie before. Not sure what to do.
  2. I don't remember if we had a thread for this, and don't know how to search for it because the words are so general... I'm trying to remember a movie which may or may not exist. In this short film course I'm taking, one of my fellow students came up with an idea/partial script for a short film where a jewish person is escaping a concentration camp through the forest, he is wounded and ends up meeting a child. At some point he realizes that he is already dead. It kind of stuck in my mind as I imagined the visuals, but now I'm thinking maybe it was because there already was a movie like this... Does anyone know? Probably it was a short if it exists...
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I finally watched Punch-Drunk Love. It’s quite good. I noticed the use of music especially, it seems kind of unique.
  4. Filmmaking

    BTW. I did end up picking that. It didn't seem to fly as it was, now I've developed it into this for tomorrow. Logline: A comedy story of a meek librarian’s annual solitary vacation at friend’s closed camping being interrupted by loud weekenders demanding service. She needs to assert herself to get back to enjoying her quiet time and get others to do what she wants. Tagline: All she wanted was quiet time with her books. Then they arrived. Synopsis: As her annual getaway from the city, a meek librarian arrives at her favourite camping. The owner has gone on vacation and closed the camping, but left her the key to the management room. She settles in to read her favourite book, when a flamboyant social media influencer arrives and demands service. The librarian fails to explain that the camping is closed and lets them have a room. As the influencer spreads the word, a bunch of loud weekenders arrive, each with their own wishes. She settles into the role of camping owner and meets the customers' demands.
  5. Filmmaking

    Not too late, thanks
  6. GOTFHOTY 2018

    I haven't played any games this year (well, maybe an hour of Assassin's Creed Origins) but I just want to say that thanks for making this thread. I might peruse it for finding at least one interesting game... although I still have a huge backlog so maybe not.
  7. Filmmaking

    My shooting is slightly delayed while we figure out music licensing, but now I'm taking this short film course at the local film school. Most of the (international) participants are just out of high school and the teacher is also maybe taking a different approach than I was expecting, so I'm feeling like maybe i'm not the audience for it, but I'm definitely learning something from it. The first week we are concentrating on writing, and so far we've had to turn ideas into concepts and tomorrow we need to submit loglines. As I may have mentioned here I've had a lot of trouble coming up with good ideas and concepts for scripts so I've asked others' help with getting them started from somewhere. But I think writing loglines might be the missing link for me, which lets me get from a very vague idea to a story. I actually wish I had written one for my movie first, instead I've struggled to come up with a way to describe it in one or two sentences. I was also struggling a lot yesterday to come up with concepts based on dreams, but I did my best to remember all the dreams I had this night and right now I turned them all into loglines. They are nothing like the original dreams any more, thogh. If anyone happens to see this today, can you suggest which one would be best to submit for the class for turning into a script and potentially a short 5 minute movie? A cynical absent-minded hermit wintering in a hut sees people coming out of the pine forest with bags of oranges. To defeat his hunger, he looks for the source of the oranges and rediscovers something he had forgotten. tagline: What neither rhymes nor compares to apples, but can lead to unforgetting memories? A nosy young man looks for a bathroom in the wrong place and has to solve a dark mystery to escape a cult of warehouse workers trying to summon Baphomet and get back to his friends. After coming out of the ordeal, he appears indifferent, even as his love interest tries to connect with him. tagline: He wanted to know it all, until he found out too much. A frustrated cyclist is planning a terrorist attack at a popular truck stop, but his plan is foiled by his addiction to cryptocurrency speculation. tagline: He pushed the pedals, they pushed him, once too many. A quiet hiker trying to read her favourite book meets an annoying tourist at an isolated camping site and has to continuously explain that she's not the proprietor to escape back to her books. tagline: She wants time with her books. He wants service and a fun week at the park. An inquisitive river rat discovers a system of pipes connected to the river and uncovers the hidden secret of her close-knit community to save her sick children. tagline: Think you're safe? Did you check under your house? A group of optimistic afro-cuban dancers try to come up with a choreography that would touch even the souls of the indifferent bureaucrats and save their local dance club from closing. tagline: Dance the ink away
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Saw Hereditary, which is quite good at horror. It’s better than The Witch (from a couple of years ago) at least, IMHO, while both have kind of similar moods. Also saw Pity, which is also good and very similar in mood to Killing of a Sacred Deer, but more down to earth and slightly more humorous.
  9. Filmmaking

    Small delay: realized that need help of a choreographer for a scene. Also started looking into music rights and realized the song I wanted to use is difficult to license. Now wondering how to find an easier to license song.
  10. Filmmaking

    I think the new version of the scene you saw is somewhat better in the new footage (and slightly worse in a few minor ways, plus I screwed up the focus in one shot, but it might not matter that much). Do you mean that one scene from the test shoot or the whole movie? I think I'll definitely post the movie eventually, but I think if I send it to festivals I might not have the right to share it publicly before that? At least I can send it password protected like Patrick did. I might also make a trailer if I have time.
  11. Filmmaking

    Almost a week has passed since we completed the first shoot. I have edited the material into a very rough cut, and tried to solve some audio problems. I think it will sound better than Hannah Takes the Stairs at least. I'm now already anxious to switch fully from the director-cinematographer role into the post-production jack-of-all-trades mode, and am learning some stuff about that from various online sources. But we still have to shoot the rest of the movie and ideally we should do it all during next week. I know I won't be able to do it fully next week, there is a stop-motion animation scene I could do any time myself, but will take a long time. I hope we get good music in the end, either licensed or commissioned (I know a few people who do music). The footage without montage really looked very cheesy to me without a musical counterpoint. When I did a rough cut montage and added music that doesn't exactly match what is happening on screen, but sort of hints at some different undertones, I started feeling a lot better about it. Maybe this is not ideal, I feel like I'm trying to solve a script problem with music and montage. But it's ok cause I'm not going to rewrite the script and reshoot what I already have, so now I need to fix problems with other tools. Although shooting some additional scenes is an option. I was not able to shoot even B-roll this week, my mind was not on the right wavelength. But tomorrow we will a close-ups we messed up the first time and I'll switch back into shooting mode and arrange the schedule for next week. And then I'm doing a 3-week short film course at the local film school's summer program, in which we'll shoot another short film. I will try to take some different roles there, maybe something more specific and technical rather than being the driver for the whole short... we'll see. Anyway, after I finish the shoot I'll do another rough cut, which I'll probably discard to start the real editing in August after I've learned some more about editing, sound mixing and so on. If I end up feeling good about the movie, I also want to get it to look good and sound good in a cinema, and maybe send it to a festival.
  12. Filmmaking

    I just edited the shot material together without any montage and it looks surprisingly like a movie. Maybe when we shoot the rest, it will actually make a comprehensible story. My only big remaining worry is that if the air conditioner noise can not be removed, it's going to sound as bad as e.g. Hannah Takes the Stairs.
  13. Filmmaking

    We now finished some loose ends shooting in the main location and now I'm starting too feel kind of depressed. Or at least I was before we did the final shoot. That raised my mood again. But now I'm afraid that I'm going to miss shooting a lot and will start getting depressed. Also as I look through it, I am realizing that there may be a lot more problems with the shot material than I thought. But we still have to shoot about 7 more scenes in various locations.
  14. Filmmaking

    I have an even better feeling after the second day. I actually let the assistant director do most of the directing while I focused on the camera. We cut maybe half of the shots and had extras on the set for way less than initially planned. But we shot as many scenes as I had planned and I think we even got enough coverage everywhere except one bit which we will shoot tomorrow. We will reshoot one scene from yesterday as well, due to a continuity issue discovered today. I had booked an extra day for rental gear for tomorrow night and we will put that to use as well. I still have some of the same doubts as before, but I think in these two days we recorded some pretty good performances for the type of movie we are making. And I'm starting to get super excited about spending most of August doing the montage.
  15. Filmmaking

    I have a first full shooting day behind me now. Overall I have quite a positive feeling, but also some doubts. Firstly, everything took much longer than I expected. And still somehow we managed to do almost as much as I had planned, although we had to switch around the shooting order. I had great assistants. They had no experience, but one was doing excellent job with sound recording and boom pole holding. The other was handling all the things that needed to be handled and I didn't have time to do. She was also the script supervisor and actually also noticed more details about acting that I as the director should have noticed, but I was too busy with also handling the camera. So she kind of took over directing occasionally and I let her, some of the time, if not most. Lighting and camera are really challenging. Most of the time we spent setting the lights so that the faces were lit as we wanted but without having lights or their reflections in the frame. This meant quite a bit of extra work occasionally. I have some doubts about whether the lighting will look ok in the end. In the LOG footage it seems to match, but I haven't checked what happens after applying a REC.709 LUT. Also the sound, I think we have great quality recording, but we had some heavy AC noise in both rooms where we shot. I hope it is somewhat removable (we did record room noise). The image is occasionally put together in the last minute because of camera/lens/room constraints. I hope I got most of it right. I dropped a lot of shots due to time constraints. My hunch is that there is enough coverage and inserts, but I'm not totally sure. And lastly, I'm still having a lot of doubts about the script. Several people have told me that it's not bad, but I'm still not sure if what I want will come across or it will be a laughable effort at telling a story. But overall, I think we got better footage and sound than I expected from this day. 1 hour 12 minutes or so, about 60GB.