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  1. I tried to play the original (or the one on Steam) and show it to a friend, but I also noticed that it doesn't hold up. I think I still might get this version also, because I was such a huge fan of it back in the day.
  2. The controls were always very imprecise, and I think there were some swampy areas where you could get stuck on some things.
  3. Women Directors

    Hélène Cattet directs together with her husband, and they have made artsy giallo movies like Amer and The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears. I liked Amer more than Strange Color, but my appreciation of Strange Color is growing as time passes, even without seeing it again. I just saw their new movie Let the Bodies Tan and it's absolutely brilliant. It's still an artsy movie, but also an extremely well edited and stylish thriller. I wrote a few more words in the main recommendations thread.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Let the Bodies Tan ★ ★ ★ ★ I expected something as weird as The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears, but found a movie with a very easy to follow plot that revolves around the aftermath of a robbery. Let the Bodies Tan still goes pretty weird on the audio-visual level, but it's more or less easy to understand what is going on in the narrative level. I really appreciate this combination of weirdness and normality. Non-linear editing is used in an excellent manner that helps the viewer understand the action and every character's current position; suspense is kept high throughout the movie. Occasionally some of the characters remember back to previous sexual encounters in the same location probably a few days earlier, which gives short pauses from the tension. The sound focuses on the little details, and overamplifies things such as lighting a lighter to a roaring fire. Overall, I think this is my favourite movie so far from the director duo Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani. [edit] Also I must add that in any given frame, there is *nothing* superfluous. At least that's what it felt like to me, that every tiniest object visible and every sound audible, are there for a reason, curated.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Damn, Killing of a Sacred Deer didn’t fit into my festival schedule, but I hope it will be in cinemas later.
  6. Assassin's Creed Origins

    It's amazing how what started from this little game grew into such a huge franchise. I think I might mostly agree with the Polygon raking, except I stopped playing after Black Flag. To me that game was really a pinnacle of what this series could reach after Brotherhood. I rank both Brotherhood and Black Flag very highly, but they are very different games. Black Flag is actually held back by being an Assasin's Creed game, most of the missions resembling the other games felt like an obstacle on the way of this amazing pirate game, as did the modern day episodes. But I guess there's no way this game could have happened if it were not part of the series. And then Brotherhood to me is the best example of what the original Assasin's Creed idea could be. Yes, maybe Ezio wasn't that great of a character in it, but this game was more about the gameplay than the narrative. But seeing that the Origins, while considered somewhat of a reboot, is still ranked lower than what I consider the two high points of the series, I think I will give it a pass since I would really have to drop some other things to play such a huge game nowadays.
  7. Well, maybe not exactly, but the general normalization of trolling is really bothering me and I think it's somewhat very connected to gamer culture. In Russia the government is actually paying people to troll other countries. Actually it's a bit weird to consider that this kind of Russian manipulation that is now seen in US elections, Brexit, Catalonia, has always been present and successful in Estonia. The biggest and probably most corrupt party is in power in the capital somewhat thanks to Russian connections. Unfortunately all other parties are just mostly ignoring the local Russian population, so it's not only the Russian meddling that is helping them votes, but also that they are mostly the only ones who actually represent the local Russians somewhat. But still, I don't think I can even remember a time when Russia hasn't been trying to sow misinformation. But it never had as big an effect as now. Anyway, I think it's a sick world if the western world has to deal with stuff like Brexit because we can't agree that Russia is an actual fucking enemy that is actually fighting us every day.
  8. I pretty much play only a few small indie games a year now. I’ve been thinking lately about the time when in the 90s and 2000s we were laughing at some lawyers and various people who wanted to blame video games for real world violence and how we never believed them. But now after gamergate and trump, it seems like maybe gamers and gamer culture in general had an even worse effect on the world. Whenever someone now speaks of gamers, I think gamergaters. I think that event almost completely put me off gaming as such and I don’t really want to be associated with it a lot any more. I don’t hide that I still play some games, but I’ve definitely stopped identifying with gamers. But maybe the same would have just happened without gamergate as I just gradually played less and less
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    It’s probably well known to most of you but I just saw Scarface for the first time, and there was a lecture about its influence on pop culture. It’s definitely good, and now I understand much better why the GTA games are like they are and where that all comes from.
  10. Women Directors

    I just counted how many of the PÖFF 2017 movies I already bought tickets for are directed by women and was pleasantly surprised that it's even as high as 8/26. (It's also 8/32 though if I count some next ones I might buy). I didn't deliberately pick films by women, except in a couple of cases, and not sure of the overall ratio at the festival. So anyway, during the next 3 weeks, I might add some more to this list.
  11. Actually now I'm thinking that it's the same dress, just appears like that to the camera or after encoding when the pixels-per-dress decreases.
  12. Damn, after googling I think this was deliberate?
  13. I think I just found a continuity error in Pierrot le Fou. After someone posted a photo of a model that reminded me of Anna Karina and after someone else commented that it makes him think of the 60s, I wanted to see if I actually would find a similar frame from the movie. Her dress changes from striped to non-striped. And I don't think it's just captured like that on the camera, in another scene she is about the same size and you can see it's striped.
  14. Letterboxd

    Just spent almost the whole day adding my local Film Festival as a list of lists to Letterboxd I wish there was an easier way of doing it and better way to present it on Letterboxd. Also that all the submitters would already add their film to IMDB and TheMovieDB. I haven't added anything to IMDB because I never tried and don't know how hard it is, but I did have to add about 20 films to TheMovieDB because that's what Letterboxd uses for importing films. Also a lot of trouble with that importing. I think it somehow expects the data to "settle" before it works really well, but since I'm going list by list, I only start adding the movie to the DB if I'm already going through the list and find that it's missing. Then I add some essential data, and go to the import URL in Letterboxd. But usually some data ends up missing, like language, director, year, poster. And I have no idea why that is, except that I think if I waited some minutes before importing, it worked better. But I don't want to do that while editing a list, because then I have to use some buffer to remember where to add this movie once it's been imported. Maybe I should report this to letterboxd... Also I wish TheMovieDB imported some things from IMDB since you usually enter the IMDB id as a first thing anyway...
  15. mother!

    I think I'm with you, Problem Machine, mostly. I do get the comedy reading, but I think it was more of a really over the top Polanski's Apartment Trilogy movie - a psychological thriller. And then it finally descended into a blurry phantasmagoria, a free-for-all mayhem. I liked the movie a lot, but I do think the ending kind of betrayed what the first half was. I don't begrudge it that, but I'd like the version where this is the fourth movie in The Apartment Tetralogy. Did anyone else think (during the first half at least) that the Ed Harris character was the husband's secret (to Grace) gay lover? To me that was the only way it made any sense until nothing made any sense. I'm from a country where the bible is not really a thing for most people, besides the story of Jesus, so I didn't pick up the biblical stuff at all. Now that I think back, the baby was an obvious biblical reference, though, and the other things too.