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  1. Filmmaking

    I gave up on the idea in the previous post about making the movie understandable only by sound. That would be a totally different discipline and I have enough on my plate as it is. I think I have an actually close to final cut of my movie, but we still have a lot of sound mixing and editing , color correction and grading to do. And to create proper credits with bloopers and stuff. Still, if anyone wants to see the current state and give some feedback, let me know by PM and I'll send you a link. I might also have to prepare some questions like Patrick did when he shared his movie, so I might take a couple of days with getting back to you, though.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    I saw Us (award of most unsearchable title goes to?) and man it's weird. I kind of like it, but I'm not sure that it made any sense to me. Might have to digest a bit. Get Out was very clearly understandable compared to this.
  3. I randomly happened to see two pieces within a couple of days that used "Fade to white" to mean the same thing. One was an episode in High Maintenance and the other was The Passion of Anna by Bergman. Didn't know this was a thing, have you noticed it any other works?
  4. Filmmaking

    I'm now trying to come up with a way to make the sound so good that the whole movie could be somewhat understood only by the sound. I found this research, I wonder if it's something unique or if it's reiterating in other words what all good film sound editors know (probably more of the latter?)
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm watching it. Through 1st season and into the second. It's... good... and kind of meh sometimes. I think overall I like it, but I wish it had a stronger concept running through it. A good thing is that it's not something that invites you to binge it.
  6. Filmmaking

    My short film is progressing. The video editing is almost done, now the main remaining things are shooting a short stop motion animation sequence ADR - re-recording some lines, recording some new lines to replace what's being said foley, sound editing and mixing color correction and grading I have gotten a bit of experience with the last two doing some video projects for friends. But I'm somewhat color blind and because of this I dread the process of color grading a bit. Also it's actually a very technical area that I know I can't do at a similar level as a pro could, but I think I better do it myself to get the experience and to save money. And same goes for the whole sound process. But both are also actually kind of fun processes for having very direct and detailed control over what the end result is going to look and sound like. I know I should spend some more time learning about these disciplines, but when I stop at some level of depth, am I going to be able to make the right artistic choices with what I know? I'm aiming for an autumn release now, though, so I can take my time. The most difficult is going to be the stop motion animation, which is another thing that I initially described with one sentence in the script, but is now going to be much more complicated. [edit] Also I forgot finding/commissioning music. I have a friend who wants to try making the music, but I haven't shown him the movie yet.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Truth and Justice is an Estonian film made more in the Hollywood style. It is pretty true to the book on which it is based, which is one of our most famous saga. So if you want to learn something about Estonian culture, I guess this movie is a good way to get an introduction, in a familiar format. I wouldn't say it's super great because I think it really comes together at the very end, and you might get bored somewhere in the middle of this two and a half hour epic. (it also shares a single line with the short film I'm making because I borrowed the line from the same book).
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    I finished Pose and now watched Paris is Burning. Interesting to see the doc after the fictional series and how accurate it seemed in many ways.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I binged through Westworld and as you can guess I started liking it at one point. I think it was somewhere between episode 4 and 5. The second season is a bit too all over the place and takes way long to get where it’s going, but I cannot say that I disliked it. Another show I’m watching is Pose from Netflix. It’s about the ball scene in 80’s New York which I have zero interest of, but following the troubles of the several trans characters seems enlightening. It’s not easy to binge and I think I like it that way - been watching one or two episodes a week. The cast is also trans women, but I haven’t looked up what trans women generally think about it, though. Initially it seemed pretty male-gaze’y but it seems to be with a point.
  10. Filmmaking

    I accidentally made a tiny short nature video yesterday
  11. Ok, this isn't about a movie, but what's so great about Mad Men? Was it just that at the time it didn't seem as awful with the treatment of women and bombarding us with stereotyped macho behaviour of men or does it turn that whole thing around at some point? I've only seen 2 episodes, but if that casual sexism isn't turned around quickly (like in the next 2 episodes) then I don't see the point of just keeping watching this ... whatever it is.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    Almost through with Insecure and got used to the pacing. It’s good! Will give Westworld another try at least for another episode and then I still have a bunch of HBO stuff, recommended here and what I’ve wanted to see before that I only now realized was HBO. And by the time I’m done Netflix has probably released some new good stuff...
  13. Netflix Originals

    I don't know if this should go here now or to Recommendations, but Russian Doll is kind of brilliant and really fresh. I've seen two episodes so far, and hope it can keep up. It's created by and starts Natasha Lyonne, who played Nicky in OITNB and she's great here as well. The photography / grading does great things with color and the story plays with your expectations in a funny way. It's great!
  14. Post-apocaliptic books: were do they hide?

    John Wyndham's Day of the Triffids. But that's more apocalypse-as-it-happened-just-now
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Started with Insecure and it’s pretty good indeed although the pace could be faster. Also watched Westworld episode one and I don’t get the general appeal - it seems so boring so far. Any other HBO recommendations? Just subscribed to it and already binged through Girls, which was 100% awesome and maybe one of the best series ever.