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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    I binged through Westworld and as you can guess I started liking it at one point. I think it was somewhere between episode 4 and 5. The second season is a bit too all over the place and takes way long to get where it’s going, but I cannot say that I disliked it. Another show I’m watching is Pose from Netflix. It’s about the ball scene in 80’s New York which I have zero interest of, but following the troubles of the several trans characters seems enlightening. It’s not easy to binge and I think I like it that way - been watching one or two episodes a week. The cast is also trans women, but I haven’t looked up what trans women generally think about it, though. Initially it seemed pretty male-gaze’y but it seems to be with a point.
  2. Filmmaking

    I accidentally made a tiny short nature video yesterday
  3. Ok, this isn't about a movie, but what's so great about Mad Men? Was it just that at the time it didn't seem as awful with the treatment of women and bombarding us with stereotyped macho behaviour of men or does it turn that whole thing around at some point? I've only seen 2 episodes, but if that casual sexism isn't turned around quickly (like in the next 2 episodes) then I don't see the point of just keeping watching this ... whatever it is.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Almost through with Insecure and got used to the pacing. It’s good! Will give Westworld another try at least for another episode and then I still have a bunch of HBO stuff, recommended here and what I’ve wanted to see before that I only now realized was HBO. And by the time I’m done Netflix has probably released some new good stuff...
  5. Netflix Originals

    I don't know if this should go here now or to Recommendations, but Russian Doll is kind of brilliant and really fresh. I've seen two episodes so far, and hope it can keep up. It's created by and starts Natasha Lyonne, who played Nicky in OITNB and she's great here as well. The photography / grading does great things with color and the story plays with your expectations in a funny way. It's great!
  6. Post-apocaliptic books: were do they hide?

    John Wyndham's Day of the Triffids. But that's more apocalypse-as-it-happened-just-now
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Started with Insecure and it’s pretty good indeed although the pace could be faster. Also watched Westworld episode one and I don’t get the general appeal - it seems so boring so far. Any other HBO recommendations? Just subscribed to it and already binged through Girls, which was 100% awesome and maybe one of the best series ever.
  8. Photos of things

    Nice photos! Architecture, what drone is it? To me looks sharper than Mavic Pro (which I have). [edit] I see from the meta-data that it's a Mavic 2 Pro. Looks like a very nice improvement over the previous.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I binged thorugh Sex Education and liked it. It's a story of a teenage boy living with a single mom who works from home as a sex therapist. There's not as many jokes or domestic situations as you could imagine from that description, but instead it's more of a high school drama, but a good one. With the help of a girl who he falls for, the boy discovers that he too has an ability to help people with their sex issues, even though he is not experienced. It has some flaws, but it's overall a warm feeling show.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    Has anyone seen the new series "You" on Netflix? I just binged thru it, but I'm not sure what I think of it. On one hand it was able to pull my interest enough to make me watch through the season. It was kind of well written in the sense that everything had a purpose and was connected somehow. But on the other hand, the show kind of takes the side of the creepy
  11. Filmmaking

    Haha, turns out the reason that I couldn't keep the dancers in frame was not because I needed a wider lens. I had actually previously tested the space with even narrower lens on a different camera body, and that seemed like it would be enough. It turns out when the Pocket 4K is set to record RAW 1080p video, then it crops in 2x, making the image 2x narrower that the lens would normally give. I feel so stupid, that I wasted a whole day of shooting trying to find good angles to shoot from without figuring out that this was what was hindering me - I naturally wanted to film RAW if possible, so I could get best options for color grading. The moral, I guess: always do a proper camera test with a new camera before taking it to a shoot. But anyway, I have a chance to fix it today in the re-shoot and I hope it will be a cool video that I can share soon.
  12. Women Directors

    Chanced upon another one: Katharina Mückstein. I saw her L'Animale (2018) on Mubi. Hadn't heard anything about this film, and it's average rating was actually just below my threshold of picking films from Mubi, but I'm glad I did. This has some really strong visuals and a gripping story. It's a coming of age story of a tomboy-ish girl who mostly rides on motorbikes with her male asshole friends. Maybe things feel left a bit unresolved at the end, but that's almost my only issue with the film.
  13. Filmmaking

    Recently shot a video interview with 11 people and am editing those... Fairly simple, one camera and one person at a time. Today shot a dance video in a house that had quite a large living area, but it was a HUGE challenge to get good angles. When I looked at the footage, I initially felt like a total failure, that I didn't manage to keep the dancers' bodies in the shot. But I really needed a wider lens, which I will borrow for some reshoots this Sunday. And after editing the footage, it doesn't look that bad. After these I will need a break and get back to editing my movie - and I still have a few extra scenes to shoot... Also, I have to say the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K rocks. I love the picture quality, especially color of skin tones. I rented it for the dance video shoot and will buy myself one. It's really a bargain for the quality it offers as I understand - so if you want to make low-budget films, consider that camera. It comes with DaVinci Resolve Studio, which can handle all the editing needs, probably (well even the free version can for the most part, but lacks some things you might need). I already want to write or find a new good script to shoot with the Pocket 4K.
  14. CHRISTMAS 2018

    Merry Christmas!
  15. Filmmaking

    The company organizing the trip in the above video now wants me to do a promo video for them. I'm also doing one for a friend who acted in my movie. And also a dance video for the choreographer who helped me with my film. I'm not asking a lot for these because I'm still not super confident that what I do is up to some industry standards, but I feel like it might be possible to make a living with videography, but then again I think my current profession of programming pays much better... And video work means lugging around a lot of gear mostly by myself. But I do love the planning part and the time between setting up the gear and packing it up again.