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  1. For some reason, I made a list of movies that prominently feature a swimming pool throught the movie (i.e. not in just one or two scenes)
  2. Life

    Thanks for the recommendations. I'm feeling a bit better after a few days. I thought about going to a therapist. A few years ago I actually did find one I liked, but they thought I had no reason to keep going and I only went once. But now it seems they have moved and I don't remember the name and didn't feel like searching for a new one again. So maybe I'll wait it out a bit and if it gets worse again I'll try going to another therapist.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    It’s been getting very high early ratings, so I was excited. But when you say it’s like The Witch, it reduces my enthusiasm. I thought The Witch was below average, even though some parts of it were quite memorable.
  4. Life

    A thing happened recently that has me a little worried. I took a comedy writing class on a Sunday and it was kind of intensive and after the class I felt like my brain was really really tired while everything else seemed ok. And now this feeling has been coming back. I can function at work, at least most of the day, and I am working on a video project at my spare time, at the writing stage. So maybe it's too much? But it doesn't feel like too much - I'm only spending a couple of nights in the week on the video project, the rest of the time I'm just watching movies or something. There are also other things in my personal life, like a friend being depressed whom I've been hanging out with more, now. My sister is depressed and she's having some marriage problems while being a new mom. My mom is depressed because of the sister situation, and they don't get a long but she has to babysit a lot after my sister went back to part-time work. And now my grandma fell and is in the hospital for at least a month, and I really don't like his son, my uncle, who has somehow become a supporter of the local far right party. I felt fine just a month ago, but now it feels like all of this is a bit much to deal with, and I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to perform as well at work as I need to, or that I'm going to have to slow things down with my filmmaking hobby, which I have actually wanted to spend more and more time on.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Has anyone seen Ms .45? I don't know, I kind of loved it, even though it's quite dark.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Oh yeah, it stuck with me as well. One of the best films I saw at the local festival a year ago. After seeing it, I also immediately went and got hold of as much of the director’s (Alice Rohrwacher) other movies as I could and enjoyed those as well: The Wonders and Corpo Celeste.
  7. Filmmaking

    Well, I think I want more reason than just getting it on a big screen in front of a few random people. The local one would have been perfect because people who have heard about the film could have checked it out. Also I kind of would want to see for myself how something I put together would look in a cinema. So I don’t want to send it somewhere far and not be able to travel there myself. Basically I think I’d like to send it to somewhere nearby or where I’d want to travel. I guess I have to dig a bit since the main festival said no - I don’t know that many other festivals. I could send an improved cut again next year, of course.
  8. Filmmaking

    My film didn't get selected for the local shorts festival. Now I have to figure out if I want to keep working on an improved cut (that I've been tinkering with after some additional feedback) and send to some other festivals or just put it online... I have no idea really what festivals I could send it to where there would be some point to it.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I have resumed my top 250 lists watching recently... Only 22 movies to go on the Letterboxd Top 250 narrative films list. Most of them are between 3 and 14 hours long so I might not get through the remainder quickly, maybe next year. But in the past weeks I saw some good stuff. Aliens (1986, James Cameron) is such a brilliant action film. I had forgotten that I had already seen it and it must be because I saw it as a kid because some images came back to me as memories of nightmares. I think the story actually comes out better in the Director's Cut, which really makes the movie a lot more about motherhood, and maybe I looked at it in a naive way, but it felt quite powerful. The ending is still quite disgustingly good. The images in this film are just so amazing. I want to learn more about what they did for the lighting. I have the Alien to Prometheus box set with some extras so might go through those soon. Just watched A Face in the Crowd (1957, Elia Kazan). This is my second Kazan movie after On the Waterfront and I liked this a lot more. It made me think of films like Ace in the Hole and Scarface from the way it thrusts you into a story that just keeps escalating until something must give. Ok, every story might be said to do that, but in these three it's made very apparent how the escalation happens around and affects one person/event. I think this film deserves to be more well know than it is and today it might even be thought prophetic. The Fifth Seal (1976, Zoltan Fabri). It is an easy to follow film where some men discuss philosophy and steaks at a semi-underground bar during the war and later their philosophy is put to test. I don't want to spoil too much, but it's a film worth seeing and speaks something about the human condition. The Second Mother (2015, Anna Muylaert) is about a woman, Val, who works as a nanny and housekeeper with a rich São Paulo family. When Val's daughter, whom she hasn't seen for 10 years, comes to town to attempt to get into the university to study architecture, her different outlook causes some friction and Val has to re-evaluate her own attitudes towards life. There are some really powerful moments in it towards the end where I really empathized with the mother. Pixote (1981, Hector Babenco) was not on the Top 250 list, but might as well be. I think it was recently restored and was now on Mubi. It's about a young Brazilian boy who gets in with a bad crowd and has to survive in the brutal youth detention system and the criminal world. He just wants to be a child, but nobody gives him that opportunity.
  10. Netflix Originals

    Was Shirkers a Netflix Original? I remember it seeing in close proximity to Fyre, and enjoying it a lot more I haven't seen most of ther others, currently mostly going through various Top 250 lists etc.
  11. Filmmaking

    This guy gives out solid filmmaking advice: He shot some great short horror films at home with his wife and when they went viral, he got some offers and became a Hollywood director. I haven't seen his features yet. He made Annabel Creations and Shazam and a feature length version of one of his shorts.
  12. Filmmaking

    Thanks! Next I want to practice on even shorter formats, especially storytelling, lighting and set design. It will be a while before I dare to tackle a feature, but I hope I will one day. I have an idea forming for a 2-3 minute horror/funny currently. At some point it would definitely be fun to do a Mario Bava homage!
  13. Other podcasts

    This one has probably been mentioned here before, but I just listened to a couple of episodes of PatrickR's Directors Club podcast and it's quite enjoyable I loved the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood discussion (I really didn't like that movie and I think they touched on almost all aspects of why I didn't like it).
  14. Filmmaking

    Oh damn, I knew I made it too hard, just didn’t want password next to link. Tycho almost has it, but It’s Halladay, not Ha. I was a bit drunk yesterday when posting it, and forgot to mention that our own Ben X really helped a lot in making this movie better by providing feedback in multiple phases of the process. Firstly, the script was improved a lot thanks to several iterations after his feedback, and especially some quite dumb dialogue was avoided. Secondly, when I had the movie cut to around 15 minutes and thought I couldn’t cut anything else, Ben identified many sequences that were superfluous and dragged the energy down instead of providing some additional context. And thus I cut almost a third of the movie and it became a 10 minute movie as I had wanted at first. And thirdly during the sound editing again he really helped to make some things sound more natural or impactful. PS Overall I’m happy enough with the result that I’ll try to send it to some festivals before making it freely available online until October 2020 when the music license expires
  15. Filmmaking

    I just had the premiere for my short film for the people who helped make it, so now I feel like I could show it to more people. The password is: the full name of the protagonist of Frances Ha, without spaces, with the last vocal of first name replaced with 3 and the last vocal of last name replaced with 4. Also my cousin designed a poster for it: