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  1. Filmmaking

    This guy gives out solid filmmaking advice: He shot some great short horror films at home with his wife and when they went viral, he got some offers and became a Hollywood director. I haven't seen his features yet. He made Annabel Creations and Shazam and a feature length version of one of his shorts.
  2. Filmmaking

    Thanks! Next I want to practice on even shorter formats, especially storytelling, lighting and set design. It will be a while before I dare to tackle a feature, but I hope I will one day. I have an idea forming for a 2-3 minute horror/funny currently. At some point it would definitely be fun to do a Mario Bava homage!
  3. Other podcasts

    This one has probably been mentioned here before, but I just listened to a couple of episodes of PatrickR's Directors Club podcast and it's quite enjoyable I loved the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood discussion (I really didn't like that movie and I think they touched on almost all aspects of why I didn't like it).
  4. Filmmaking

    Oh damn, I knew I made it too hard, just didn’t want password next to link. Tycho almost has it, but It’s Halladay, not Ha. I was a bit drunk yesterday when posting it, and forgot to mention that our own Ben X really helped a lot in making this movie better by providing feedback in multiple phases of the process. Firstly, the script was improved a lot thanks to several iterations after his feedback, and especially some quite dumb dialogue was avoided. Secondly, when I had the movie cut to around 15 minutes and thought I couldn’t cut anything else, Ben identified many sequences that were superfluous and dragged the energy down instead of providing some additional context. And thus I cut almost a third of the movie and it became a 10 minute movie as I had wanted at first. And thirdly during the sound editing again he really helped to make some things sound more natural or impactful. PS Overall I’m happy enough with the result that I’ll try to send it to some festivals before making it freely available online until October 2020 when the music license expires
  5. Filmmaking

    I just had the premiere for my short film for the people who helped make it, so now I feel like I could show it to more people. The password is: the full name of the protagonist of Frances Ha, without spaces, with the last vocal of first name replaced with 3 and the last vocal of last name replaced with 4. Also my cousin designed a poster for it:
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    I finally saw Rififi (1955) and it's a really good movie, but I'm slightly disappointed because I was expecting a masterpiece. And I have a small doubt that maybe I would have seen it as a masterpiece if I had watched it 2-3 years ago before seeing many other classics... Anyway, it seems somewhat derivative of at least these movies: The Asphalt Jungle (1950), The Wages of Fear (1953) and Le Trou (1960). Of course, it came out before Le Trou, but I think the latter executed a similar idea to a big chunk of this film much better. And maybe I'm being unfair to it because I saw it after all of these other films, but it just feels too much of a mishmash of different things and there were some sequences early in the film where I just wasn't able to keep full attention on what exactly was being established.
  7. Marvel movies

    I rarely see superhero movies, but decided to watch Spider-Verse because of its high placing on Letterboxd that doesn’t seem to drop as quickly as usual for new movies. It’s really well animated, occasionally just brilliant, but I to me the story and the actor’s deliveries felt occasionally too generic or scripted.
  8. Life

  9. Women Directors

    Elaine May is a director from way back. I saw Mikey and Nicky a few years ago, don't remember why exactly, but I kind of liked the style, it really draws you into the world of a particular character as if you're there next to them. But as I say that I realize I'm saying it more about The Heardbreak Kid, which I just watched right now. But I remember a similar style being in Mikey and Nicky, even though I don't remember the details of the movie that well. I'm also planning to watch A New Leaf and I already saw from a clip that this one has some great comedic moments with Walter Matthau. May also co-wrote Tootsie and Labyrinth.
  10. Filmmaking

    Yeah, I think I saw someone mention that somewhere. I would rather keep the costs down for now though, unless I feel like I really need one and would rather not work on it myself.
  11. Filmmaking

    I feel like I should make a trailer, but ... I just finished a year of post-production... I'm kind of ready to not do more of that for a while...
  12. Mario Bava - Godfather of Italian Horror

    I miss the time when I discovered Mario Bava thanks to Patrick. I'm not sure if I would have decided to make a short movie myself if I had not seen Bava. Well, Mad Max: Fury Road was also maybe a big motivator that pushed me on the path that lead to making a film. Not that I in any way approached Bava with my filmmaking, but it inspired me. I'm posting this because I'm about to watch Hercules in the Haunted World soon, that's one of the main ones I haven't seen yet and just obtained a good quality copy. I miss the time I discovered Bava because it was so exciting to find so many amazing movies that most people have not even heard about - but after the initial excitement there is sadness, that great stuff exists, but people don't generally hear about it. I should also convince more of my friends to watch him... they are generally not horror fans, but most of Bava is not SO horror, IMHO. I have to sneak in Rabid Dogs on a movie night or something... Or why not even Hercules. I have a movie night today but planned to watch The Terror. Also after discovering Bava I haven't found anything else that is comparable and now I'm wondering if I ever will - or could there be another set of 10-20 movies out there that I have never heard about but would love. I hope so.
  13. Filmmaking

    My film is almost finished! After like a year and a half of phases with different intensity... Originally I hoped it would be just a couple of months of intense work. I am planning to submit it to a festival today or tomorrow. I'm actually not sure if I have to have a finished film when submitting, but just to be safe... I just have to work on the credits a bit and maybe add some footsteps. And then I'll probably discover that I need to spend more time on promoting, preparing for more festivals etc....
  14. Wow! Trailer is really cool, also started listening to the podcast.
  15. Plug your shit

    Ordered the book! It's going to be a nice gift to someone, although I haven't figured out who yet.