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  1. Filmmaking

    A video I made in our office in Spring for an internal contest can now be shared. I even kind of got paid for it since I did it during work hours
  2. Filmmaking

    I put most of the movie together roughly as a test (still haven't shot 3 key scenes) and it was 16 minutes... so with those key scenes it could approach 20 minutes. Also, I find that it seems quite boring when watching through those 16 minutes without any music. For original rough cut I added some jazz that created some tension in some places but when I remove that it seems really dull. I'm not sure if I can license this song that track that I used originally nor if I want to. But maybe I can get a friend to make some music that fits. Anyway maybe it's not just the music. I'm worried that it's going to be a really boring movie. :/ [edit] just watched Tommy Wiseau’s The Room and at least I hope my dialogue and the actors’ delivery is slightly better than that movie.
  3. Filmmaking

    Actually depending on how well it turns out, I might go for perpetual license as well, but that could double the cost.
  4. Filmmaking

    Us$ No, I’m just thinking of not showing it after that. I’m actually licensing another song over credits and that costs even more. Together the music licensing more than doubled my budget
  5. I envy the technical skills on display, but I found The Double Life of Veronique to be incredibly dull. The only thing that might make it interesting would be trying to solve the puzzle of what it was, but then that's not the movie any more.
  6. Filmmaking

    500$ I think, for one year festival and online usage. Perpetual would double it.
  7. Filmmaking

    We filmed a dance scene on Sunday. It turned out the original one sentence in the script - "Cleo dances from the office to the street" or something like that - was several practice hours of preparation with a choreographer, a whole day of shooting (and probably another 2-3 hours later to do some fixes), over 1 minute of the film and licensing about 100 seconds of a music track.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Jacques Rivette is a pretty weird French New Wave director. I’ve seen several of his films and I kind of like parts of them, but also think that they are too weird and long. Noroit has really cool weirdly diegetic music, but I think Celine and Julie Go Boating is his most accessible film. At least it kept my interest better than the others. So if you want to watch at least one Rivette film (and you should), this is the one.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Tale of Tales (1979) is a Soviet animated short and it is really good. By the same guy who made Hedgehog in the Fog, which is really famous in Estonia, but I had never seen Tale of Tales before. Watching it kind of felt like something between Tarkovsky’s The Mirror and Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow.
  10. What’s the appeal of the Marx Brothers? I’m watching Duck Soup and it seems like one of the least funny comedy movies ever to me. Maybe you have to know the brothers before seeing this? It starts out completely silly, with no motivation for why things happen and only gets stupider.
  11. Oh, vampire movies that I didn’t find as good as I expected based on other’s opinions: Near Dark. Although it definitely has nice shots.
  12. Filmmaking

    Some progress, we started the dancing lessons for the actress with a professional choreographer. It's going to be pretty cool, I think. I was trying to find camera angles during the lesson, but it's also been a couple of years since I did any dancing and I was kind of wanting to also take part in that.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Days of Heaven (1978) is super good. It's maybe my favourite Terrence Malick movie so far. I don't give it the full 5 stars only because I am not a huge fan of the distance Malick keeps from the characters, making them seem slightly unreal. But it's shot perfectly, I'm glad I am still discovering films this good after watching through what I thought was almost all of the highest rated classics in the past few years.
  14. Idle Thumbs Mastodon

    Great news, a couple of days ago I came to this forum to check if we had a Mastodon
  15. Life

    You're right, what I said is not that applicable to starting out. Sometimes I wish I could give advice to people who are going through a similar thing that I've gone through, but I usually can't because I forget (sometimes knowingly) what was going through my mind when I was just learning something. All I can say is that perhaps Python is indeed a good way to start. Although I've never used it for anything serious myself, I know they do use it at our company for some back-end systems.