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  1. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Well, I ended up pushing through the story as fast as I could and am watching the credits now. I got to agree with a lot of criticism of the game. The missions are downright ridiculous and the point where the game really falls apart and even throws away the immersion it seems to be seeking in other areas. The overall story I actually liked, although not all parts of it. The growing rift between Arthur and Dutch was well done. But then again it could have been done even much better. One thing that was pretty weak is the landscapes. They were lit like never before, but the first game had the landscapes almost be characters in the story, or at least important to the story. Here it was just forest, some mountains and the one plain and a swap. Disappointing. I mean, there are beautiful and even different-looking places here, but they don’t feel as different places as the areas in RDR. In RDR you would often travel the ridge between Armadillo and the Macfarlane ranch. And this would give you a wide ass view of the desert/prairie (or what is that type of landscape called?) every time you went down. And then up the ridge you really feel in a different place and then same later in the plains around Blackwater and the snowy forests. And then Mexico again added 2 or 3 different areas on top of that. In RDR2 you have the intro mountains and the epilogue meadows and plains, but the meat of the game takes place in a chunk of land that feels quite similar throughout except that vegetation is occasionally different. Ok, the bayou is something of its own with the crocodiles and then there is the plain with the bison, but the latter doesn’t get much use. And the main piece of beauty near the first camp out of the mountains - the horseshoe - is nice but it’s all somehow shaped so that you never really get a good sense of your beatings around there. And then there’s the fact that all the rocks in the game are kind of similar. I was always keeping an eye out for the face rock as it was on a treasure map and a rail station poster, but never found it. It could have been anywhere on the map because there were rocks like that everywhere. And so maybe my complaint isn’t that there weren’t distinct landscapes, just that they weren’t well organized as in the first game and the way I traversed the game mostly following the story meant that I was mostly seeing same looking places. And now after the credits I see I can go back to the original games areas eg Armadillo, but I imagine there won’t be much to do. Maybe I could have always gone there, but again the story and other content kept me in certain areas. Maybe you can even go to Mexico? The size of the map seems to extend there, but I tried to swim there and died on the shore weirdly. In any case I will try to do the side content like hunting and treasure hunting now and see if that changes what I think of the landscapes in this game.
  2. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    So far I'm enjoying it, but I've noticed some of the negative sides thenexus6 mentioned a few posts above. Especially riding + shooting combined is fucked. I've been playing both with keyboard + mouse and Steam controller... with mouse the aiming is more manual and takes longer sometimes... but with the controller keeping yourself orientated is such a pain... as with many other games. Indeed it feels like a game from years ago, as already did the previous GTA and RDR games. On the other hand the scope of everything is impressive and in some ways the slowness of everything adds to immersion, but I feel like a fool after a longer session of playing, like I'm wasting my life on mundane things in a virtual world... I got this feeling especially after accidentally riding into Saint Denis after a gunslinger encounter. Before that the world seemed of a manageable scope, with Valentine being "the town". Now suddenly I realized that if the previous area had seemed full of things to interact with (or waste time on), now everything seemed suddenly ten times bigger. And I don't even know if St. Denis is the biggest city in the game. Probably not? I'm now thinking whether to give up at this point to avoid feeling like I'm wasting time completing this game... or I could try to ignore the completionist in me and take the opening up of the world as a chance to pick and choose more of what I interact with... In any case, I don't want to go the route of playing this for an entire year or alternatively screwing up my sleep patterns playing this into late nights...
  3. Netflix Originals

    I liked Marriage Story a lot and The Irishman was also good, although I think the motivation for the main character to become involved in a life of crime (in his 50s or something!) in the first place was almost non-existent. By Letterboxd ratings I Lost My Body and Dolemite Is My Name seem worth a look, but I haven't yet.
  4. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    I've been away from mainstream gaming for a few years now, I think. Basically since The Witcher 3. But I'll plunge back in at least briefly for hope of some more red redemption, even if dead. The Eurogamer review says that it has (familiar to me) flaws in storytelling, mission design and game design in general, but has some technical and artistic excellence nontheless. So I'll try to enjoy it, shouldn't be too hard given that RDR was one of my favourite games of all time. I'm not sure my PC can cope with it, but if not, maybe an upgrade is in store anyway... [edit] So far it looks very good. With the tutorial, subtitles on and everything, there was a bit too much going on at once during the first mission. I am missing a bigger screen for playing this. It looks like it's not meant for a 21" monitor :| I might try it on my big screen assuming Steam link can handle it.
  5. Full Throttle Remastered

    I played the remastered Full Throttle and I gotta say that it's indeed less cool than I remember. I guess the teenage me was more easily impressed. I liked the visuals a lot, though. In some sections they make a subtle improvement while staying close to original. I checked walkthrough several times because of being stuck on a dumb thing... I think it's still a good game, maybe not a great one.
  6. Steam store downish?

    For some reason the Steam Store doesn't load for me in the Steam app nor Firefox, my main browser. If I go to chrome, it loads. Anyone else having trouble with it? Maybe this is my chance to ignore the sale... just started playing through my long backlog a bit. (PS. I tried deleting the cookies for in Firefox, didn't help) [edit] Anyway it seems I'm able to buy stuff through Chrome. PPS. Even in Big Picture mode it's not available in the app.
  7. Filmmaking

    Oh man, I shot this Kickstarter video on the weekend and although the acting is very basic (card game developers acting) the material turned out quite nice, because we had done some planning and got a good location that provided a nice natural lighting after some tweaking. Can't wait to share the results in January or so.
  8. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Sprint is actually a term used in the very specific methodology called Scrum. There are other methodologies that fall under "agile" that may use different terms or not even do sprint-like things (e.g. Kanban)
  9. For some reason, I made a list of movies that prominently feature a swimming pool throught the movie (i.e. not in just one or two scenes)
  10. Life

    Thanks for the recommendations. I'm feeling a bit better after a few days. I thought about going to a therapist. A few years ago I actually did find one I liked, but they thought I had no reason to keep going and I only went once. But now it seems they have moved and I don't remember the name and didn't feel like searching for a new one again. So maybe I'll wait it out a bit and if it gets worse again I'll try going to another therapist.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    It’s been getting very high early ratings, so I was excited. But when you say it’s like The Witch, it reduces my enthusiasm. I thought The Witch was below average, even though some parts of it were quite memorable.
  12. Life

    A thing happened recently that has me a little worried. I took a comedy writing class on a Sunday and it was kind of intensive and after the class I felt like my brain was really really tired while everything else seemed ok. And now this feeling has been coming back. I can function at work, at least most of the day, and I am working on a video project at my spare time, at the writing stage. So maybe it's too much? But it doesn't feel like too much - I'm only spending a couple of nights in the week on the video project, the rest of the time I'm just watching movies or something. There are also other things in my personal life, like a friend being depressed whom I've been hanging out with more, now. My sister is depressed and she's having some marriage problems while being a new mom. My mom is depressed because of the sister situation, and they don't get a long but she has to babysit a lot after my sister went back to part-time work. And now my grandma fell and is in the hospital for at least a month, and I really don't like his son, my uncle, who has somehow become a supporter of the local far right party. I felt fine just a month ago, but now it feels like all of this is a bit much to deal with, and I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to perform as well at work as I need to, or that I'm going to have to slow things down with my filmmaking hobby, which I have actually wanted to spend more and more time on.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Has anyone seen Ms .45? I don't know, I kind of loved it, even though it's quite dark.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Oh yeah, it stuck with me as well. One of the best films I saw at the local festival a year ago. After seeing it, I also immediately went and got hold of as much of the director’s (Alice Rohrwacher) other movies as I could and enjoyed those as well: The Wonders and Corpo Celeste.
  15. Filmmaking

    Well, I think I want more reason than just getting it on a big screen in front of a few random people. The local one would have been perfect because people who have heard about the film could have checked it out. Also I kind of would want to see for myself how something I put together would look in a cinema. So I don’t want to send it somewhere far and not be able to travel there myself. Basically I think I’d like to send it to somewhere nearby or where I’d want to travel. I guess I have to dig a bit since the main festival said no - I don’t know that many other festivals. I could send an improved cut again next year, of course.