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  1. Plug your shit

    Ordered the book! It's going to be a nice gift to someone, although I haven't figured out who yet.
  2. Stranger Things

    Yeah, by “gross” I actually meant two things - the audiovisual gooey stuff and the tropes. Also the whole arc with the sheriff - from domestic violence user to love interest by persistence and then a martyr
  3. Stranger Things

    Is it just me or is season 3 way more gross than the previous ones? I still like it though
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Also just remembered... somewhere in the movie a local man points to a person in a corner as the keeper of some tradition. One of the main characters (a visitor) responds with a surprise by asking "The disabled?" (the person had a disfigured face)
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Sure. Firstly, the casting choices. If you know Chidi from The Good Place, they actually cast the actor to play basically the same character here. All the characters are very one-dimensional and I didn’t really get their motivations to do certain things. Secondly, even though they are going for a very overexposed look knowingly, it still comes off as cheap amateur cinematography at times, as if someone got the camera settings wrong. And the visual effects during some trippy sequences are super lame IMHO. Thirdly, there is no tension or increasing creepiness. From very early on, we know that SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG and until the end the feeling remains the same. Patrick thinks similarly in more detail [edit] Regarding the last point, this may be one of the cases where having seen the trailer ruins the movie experience. I think because the trailer gave a very specific expectation of where this story was going and then besides some details the movie followed it pretty closely. So if you haven’t seen the trailer and don’t want your expectations ruined, don’t read the spoiler:
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Booksmart is maybe the best movie of this year so far. The way it avoids cliches and stays funny throughout is almost miraculous. Also, a recommendation to NOT see: Midsommar. What potential this movie had, but ended up being quite shit.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    I saw The Last Black Man in San Francisco in the Alamo Drafthouse theatre. I think it’s mostly that I’m not local why I didn’t get it, but I saw/heard some local people really enjoying it! I got that it was about the San Francisco housing crisis and the racism related to that, but for me it didn’t connect at all.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Chernobyl is great! (onlythe last episode is a bit weaker, the 4th one has some amazing shots IIRC)
  9. I have a kind of weird relationship with Mubi lately. Firstly, I'm payin for it by year and I think it's a great service worth supporting even if I don't use it as much as I feel I'm paying for. But then I occasionally don't use it much for 2 months and I get a guilty feeling for paying something for a thing I don't use, and then if I have time, I go on a Mubi binge. Just last week I watched like 10 movies in a row (some were shorts*). There are some great movies on there, but I've mostly already seen those e.g. best works of Agnes Varda (RIP), Jonas Mekas, other famous directors. Then there's utter tripe like the films restored by NWR or promoted by him (not sure which, don't care) - usually these are garbage movies with trivial plots that feature naked women in some capacity. But most of the stuff on Mubi is exactly a little bit too average for my taste. Such movies that, after watching, I think I've expanded my view of world cinema a little bit, but I haven't really seen a movie I would remember and recommend to others. Occasionally one of those movies is something I end up liking a lot. And I guess that's why I keep doing it and keep paying for the service. Like, I'll remember the song "el limón, el limonero..." from Bad Hair forever. I was able to watch some Bollywood classics I would probably never have watched otherwise., I saw a previous movie of Ruben Östlund, which I also wouldn't have otherwise. etc. I just wish that when I went on a binge I would chance upon some great movies but lately it's mostly average or slightly better. * that's my favourite excuse when spending too much time watching movies.
  10. Game of Thrones (TV show)

    Ok as I read the start of this page by Cbirdsong, I think the exact saame can be said by this season, but now it’s worse because the production value is also somehow used in the wrong places, at least in the finale.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    I somehow didn’t get into Easy when I first tried to watch it, but when I got through a couple of episodes I started liking it. Reminds me of High Maintenance.
  12. Life

    Today is quite weird. It's my last day at ZeroTurnaround RougeWave Perforce and I'm joining a new company after 8 years of working here. Last post from work laptop At my new employer I will travel to San Francisco occasionally so maybe I can join some thumb meetup some time if any is happening there. Haven't been paying attention.
  13. Filmmaking

    I gave up on the idea in the previous post about making the movie understandable only by sound. That would be a totally different discipline and I have enough on my plate as it is. I think I have an actually close to final cut of my movie, but we still have a lot of sound mixing and editing , color correction and grading to do. And to create proper credits with bloopers and stuff. Still, if anyone wants to see the current state and give some feedback, let me know by PM and I'll send you a link. I might also have to prepare some questions like Patrick did when he shared his movie, so I might take a couple of days with getting back to you, though.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    I saw Us (award of most unsearchable title goes to?) and man it's weird. I kind of like it, but I'm not sure that it made any sense to me. Might have to digest a bit. Get Out was very clearly understandable compared to this.
  15. I randomly happened to see two pieces within a couple of days that used "Fade to white" to mean the same thing. One was an episode in High Maintenance and the other was The Passion of Anna by Bergman. Didn't know this was a thing, have you noticed it any other works?