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  1. The Fall

    The Fall is a game that I feel like came out of nowhere, I heard of it on IRC and because Giant Bomb (In particular, Vinny, which is worth mentioning) did a quicklook ( The game, an atmospheric adventure game about robots, is only $10 on steam at full price, and, while it is only a few hours long, depending on how long it takes to figure out the puzzles, it left my very satisfied. In fact, I thought it was amazing. It seems to be episodic, and it is unclear to me whether the $10 purchase is just for the first episode, but if it is I have no complaints, as I think it is entirely justified, and it also tells a very satisfying narrative in the space it has, it does not feel lacking. For those unfamiliar (I assume most people, since I was) the quick look is a better illustration than any description I can give, but Ill try anyway. Imagine a game with the visual styling and atmosphere of The Swapper, but about robots and AI, and the problems they face, and also more of an adventure game than a puzzle game (no item combination, but picking up items and using them elsewhere in one off ways to solve adventure game style puzzles). If it is not clear from what i have already said, I adore this game and highly recommend it. It is not, however, without faults. Most of the criticism I have for it has to do with the controls. The game has some combat, though it is not the focus, and that part isn't terrible, but is a bit clunky. I got used to it and ended up not minding it, but it certainly isn't the draw. Its not awful though, its no Dreamfall. Anyway, has anyone else played it? I would love to talk about it, the subject matter and style are incredible and I really wish more games, or things in general, were like this. I also feel that this game has been relatively under the radar in the press (much like The Swapper as well) and would love to see it get more attention. Oh I should probably say the developer. It was made by Over the Moon Games ( and as far as I know it is their first game, but I don't know who is there and what else they may have done. Apparently the game was kickstarted, but I was not aware of it until very recently. As I said before, I think it is great and highly recommend it.
  2. I thought of a good like, subtutle, or tagline for the 'cast. Important if True, Apocryphal if Poo Anyway I really have to try that just, roasting some garlic and spreading it on bread. That sounds great.
  3. E3 2017

    Yeah I'm probably gonna get a 2DSXL (and not a switch, funnily). They come out with a new console and I get the latest rev of a 5 year old handheld instead (I mean i've never had a 3DS though)
  4. E3 2017

    I was surprised but happy to see metroid news. I don't have a 3DS though, but I've considered getting one. Might for whatever the thing is. Metroid Prime isn't really the metroid I want either, but maybe they will have 2D parts? I'm not sure, ill have to see. I'm glad they remembered Metroid exists though!
  5. On my way home from work today I was walking down Mission street to the train and saw a man remote and a strange white box robot he was remote controlling crossing the street at 17th, and I thought of this podcast. Then on BART i started listening to this episode and hear the discussion of how San Francisco now just has a bunch of weird robots. That's the whole story I just loved the synchronicity
  6. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Oh no! THis is fantastic but I just started a new job. Maybe I can find a team, but also, I've never done any gamedev. Or, not this kind. I've worked on a server backend for a networked mobile game, but that's not very transferrable to user-facing game work.
  7. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    lol I used to work in the building right next to that, every time I walked past I thought about beppo's hole
  8. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    What are we thinking re: date and time?
  9. Readerwatch 3v3 Triwizard Overwatch Tournament

    I also signed up! For anyone reading this, most of our organization around this is probably going to be done in Slack, I remember some people who weren't in there missed out on some things last time.
  10. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    I've been to Whitechapel the part of London, but not the bar near where I live, and i've been meaning to go for a while but haven't, so that sounds fantastic. Count me in.
  11. I've only played a few games with Ana on the team (I haven't played her myself). I don't think people have figured out how to use her effectively yet, she hasn't been useful in the games ive played, and also hasn't been difficult to play against.
  12. I'm working on getting better at mei... haven't really gotten the hang of using the ice block when I should, or positioning of the wall, but I like her a lot.
  13. this is deffo the best view of that, it was awesome. I didn't really do a ton that match, mostly got killed a bunch by Boodoo.
  14. I have a pretty specific memory of having an opinion based on something I heard and then completely changing my mind on it. When I was a college sophomore, I was listening to the Giant Bombcast and they were discussing Demon's Souls, mostly focusing on how bad and impenetrable it was. Later, I was at a friend's house and he had demon's souls, I mentioned that "oh that game is terrible" because I had formed that opinion based on what I thought of at the time as an authoritative voice on video games. I ended up playing it anyway, as like "haha ill play this bad game let's see how bad it is" and fell in love, it is still one of my absolute favorite games, and I've been a fan of every souls game since.
  15. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Hey y'all. I work at a game company now but I just do backend, want to learn regular game dev but can't rn. But, if anyone wants to make some kind of multiplayer or game that otherwise involved a networked backend, with any degree of game of matching of business logic at all (leaderboards, server side content, w/e), hmu. I'll even host it. Not usually a jam thing I know, but that's what I'm good at so putting it out there.
  16. GDC '16 / SF thumbs hang out

    Hi I haven't posted in here yet, and, although I am not attending GDC, i do live here (and now even work in the games industry) so I will be down for various forms of hanging out. I'll be at the Saturday night thing, though I'm going to see the first F1 race later that night.
  17. Oh man, Whiz Burger. If i had listened to this cast earlier, i might have been eating a burger from there while listening (got a burger from there on Saturday). It's like 2 blocks from my apartment so whenever i want a fast food style burger I go there. They have good seasoned waffle fries too.
  18. This was a really cool episode, since I hadn't heard most of those shows before (and, shamefully, have not dived into idle weekend yet, though I plan to have it in my regular rotation). I enjoyed all of the clips, except for the esports today one. I don't mean that in a disparaging way at all, I simply lacked the context to know what was being discussed, so I couldn't really follow it (I follow neither dota, esports, nor traditional sports and have no notion of how teams and drafting and those dynamics work, and don't know the names of any dota teams or personalities). I particularly did enjoy the book club segment and will likely listen to the show, despite never reading any literature myself. I tend to use books as escapism, as entertainment, and literature often feels like work, so I gravitate to genre fiction. I do, however, very much enjoy listening to good discussion about it. e: also can you say "neither... nor" with more than 2 things? For some reason that feels incorrect, but it seems like it works.
  19. I just bought undertale today and an really looking forward to playing it when i get home. I think i was sold since i saw the screenshot about the cactus (the most tsundere of plants). On the goty subject, I have been thinking about gotys recently, and I came to the conclusion that i really dislike the notion of site-wide goty awards. I think stuff like people's individual favorite games is awesome, its really fun and interesting to read/listen to someone describe why one game is their favorite. But, site wide goty picks (I'm most familiar with Giant Bomb's, which is also fascinating because they make the deliberation process transparent) are much less interesting. Invariably, they end up being some safe, popular pick, since people need to agree. I don't think there is much value in saying "Our site thinks game X was the best game this year", especially for a site with a set of diverse opinions and games played. All of that is lost, in exchange for putting a gold star on a game. To be clear, I don't think that big AAA easy picks are chosen as goty picks for cynical reasons as much as I think they are the compromises when people with a diverse set of opinions and experiences try to pick a single game. And I'm sure there are people for whom those safe picks are their favorite, that's totally legitimate. I just wish that, instead of going for that kind of award, sites would instead choose something that most people probably haven't played or heard of, and choose to highlight that instead. Nobody that is reading a goty list is going to be surprised to see MGSV and decide to play it for that reason, but if the pick were something like Undertale, or SOMA, or even more known but not as widely played titles, like Splatoon even, I would find it a lot more appealing. That said, I am not arguing against doing them, more articulating my own dislike of the concept. e: as a follow to that, as much as I often dislike the arguing and such, i am kind of looking forward to giant bomb's goty deliberations this year, just to hear what Austin has to say, as his is definitely the most interesting voice on the site.
  20. Yeah, they mentioned several times that some were covers and that confused me. I think the man who sold the world is the only cover, and as you mention that cover is 80s appropriate, vs the original bowie which is earlier. I'd assumed the songs were originals and so was second guessing myself, thinking that maybe i just don't know the originals of some of them well enough.
  21. The discussion of custom helicopter themes on the cast reminded me i hadn't actually posted this in the forums here, just shared it on irc. I'm pretty proud. I still have that as my music and I really need to change it because I hear it all the time now, it never stops. help.
  22. e: posted this in the wrong episode's thread, oops!
  23. Wait you can? I was also pretty dissasitified with the ending, but I still really like the game for what it was trying to do and how well it started. What if the entire game was in that yurt?
  24. anime

    I quite liked Madoka (I didn't watch the last movie or whatever it was, just the regular series). I think that was a combination of I went in without any expectations (I thought it was just a well-reputed magical girl anime, didn't know where it was going to go) and also the super cool art. Good/Weird art goes a long way with me I guess. I also really liked Beyond the Boundary based mostly on the art/animation, as well as Redline. Recently started Steins;gate, which I am liking a lot. Also went in without knowing anything about it, quite happy with it so far. About halfway through.