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  1. Happy Holidays! Inspired by this festive season, I've decided to create an Overcooked-style, task management game, where the goal is to get your chores done while keeping the pesky yule lads at bay. In order to keep scope reasonable I will likely only include 1 or 2 types of chores, but am considering adding a twist that will allow you to "cut corners", getting your work done faster, but increasing the likelihood of a visit from Gryla, the child-eating mother of the yule-lads. (source: Important if True 20: Christmas is Cancelled) Edit: Christmas is Canceled has been released and you can download it here - The Christmas holiday is upon the wintery Scandinavian countryside, and you've been tasked by your mother with preparing the sausages for the festivities. Unbeknownst to her though, the Yule Lads of lore are more than just bed time stories, and some of them have arrived to frustrate your sausage preparation duties.