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  1. This is a really great listen! Makes sure you are up to date as they discuss the 2 episode of season 3 I absolutely adore this programme, after hearing good things about the seconds season and that the third was starting soon, i watch all of it over the past couple of weeks. Its my favourite thing on TV at the moment. Really excited about the last 6 episodes, its going to be totes emosh.
  2. This was a really fun match to watch from yesterday's eleague Eita vs Daigo Watch at 1:27:00
  3. songs good as well. let me find it.... hmm, could've sworn the full length song was on spotify last year. This is the band anyway, worth a listen Ep 2 was great. Howard climbing through the back-gardens
  4. S'all good man!
  5. Died 20 years ago that's a shame. i wonder if they'll recast, or leave out entirely. Seeing as Bob is not supposed to age right? And I'd assume that goes for the rest of the red room crew. so we'll either get recast bob, giant, dwarf etc. Or a whole new gang of spirit folk, need more girls. I can imagine Monica Bellucci turning up in the red room, or the new madam of one eyed jacks.
  6. Bom bom bom bom BOM BOM BOM BOM *Bob slowly creeps towards camera* good I love that ominous evil music track from the show
  7. I don't know if Lynch will care about defying expections, surprising the audience with the unexpected. I cant help but think if we get evil dale cooper turning up in twin Peaks there's going to be a lot of fucking. Coop working his way around town like it's a season of Banshee How about nazi's. 'Green room' like organised alt right types... I guess they'd be no need for bob in that case. That would be terrible. the more I think about what twin Peaks will be in 2017, the more I hope it's going to be totally out of time and just avoid all the shit. By 'shit', I mean current reality
  8. Shhhhh how long does it take to grow a full mullet..? No, don't tell me! apparently denim on denim is in now so he'll have to switch up his look. Perhaps he could wear a sarong
  9. Ah yes of course, thanks for clearing that up. Excited for the new season and really glad I finally got around to watching it. Im so happy I actually managed to experience it without knowing who the killer was until the reveal. I'd considered it when his hair changed colour but was then thrown off when he said he'd seen Bob as a child. To be honest as I was binge watching it I didn't really give it much thought and just went along for the ride instead of trying to solve the case. Those first 14ish episodes were so good, although actually there was a lot of shit in there also. Looking back I hate almost everything outsider of the murder mystery :/ I cheered when Josie turned into a draw handle. I wonder how adult this new series will be swearing? More graphic violence? Sex/Nudity? I'd imagine they'd all appear now it's more exceptable on tv and appear in a lot of Lynch's subsequent work. Will be a little strange to have someone tell officer Andy to go fuck himself. also can't help thinking about what the actor who plays Bob will look like now and if he'll be returning. Shh don't tell me.
  10. Just finished watch the series and film which was incredible, so much better than I had hoped coming off the back of season 2. one thing that popped in to my head part way through watching the series was this i was like, is that a fucking twin Peaks spoiler? What else could it be reference too. So I was thinking perhaps Mike had more of a hand in the murders also. Jim Carrey and twin Peaks would be a perfect fit... even wearing the mask 👍🏻
  11. Loving this kid. Especially this cover
  12. The best. Thanks for asking. That Destiny 2 reveal was kinda disappointing though amirite. Like, what's the point, who is it for? Tells you nothing about anything. Only thing it does tell you is the thing that was there before, the tower, that's been destroyed, so that's not there anymore, there is now nothing. Surely this should've hinted at what'll be bigger, better, different, additive to the destiny experience. instead its "remember destiny that game you liked, well how about more of that, but instead this time there's NOTHING" oh, the things are going to come later? Cool, so what's the point in this. Marketing? This ain't selling to anyone new. Wise cracking robot in brown town! Where do I pre-order!? Remember how gorgeous all the outdoor environments were in Destiny. Apart from the sand place, that was blah. smoky brown town Gameplay trailer is in May, let's wrap this up, see you in 6 weeks.
  13. He needed a Nintendo switch
  14. Lol why do I play games? Now there's a fucking rabbit hole. With nothing at the end and nothing at the beginning with a tunnel made of nothing which is why I play games.