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  1. I really enjoyed this episode and now I am very impatient to wait for #5. Robert Forster is awesome but I can't help to really miss Michael Ontkean as Truman. *sigh*. I am wondering why Albert seems so withdrawn so far. I miss his cynical side.
  2. I have mixed feelings on particular this episode. a large part felt a bit too much like a lynch movie. what I liked about twin peaks always was a good balanced mix of the supernatural and the rational. but here cooper´s bizarre digital" (?) adventure trip to get out of the lodge took really long. I was actually a bit relieved when he finally made it out. if you also add the red room scenes it felt overall not enough time spent on the other plots "irl" (which I find highly interesting by the way). I dunno, this episode was just a bit too much of the one thing and not enough of the other. I hope it will balance out a bit. @Bjorn: I like your puzzling about leland. I also felt his true self was at times present, where he was able to suppress bob. but now it seems a doppelgänger is really a seperate entity. weird.