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  1. Ah, that makes sense - in fact I bet you brought this up when talking about the change; I occasionally miss some stuff depending on if I am listening at work or not. As someone who has been playing Dragon Quest VII and Downwell exclusively for about a month now I would not like to feel forced to play something new each week. Like I said I do enjoy the video game discussion mostly, but I will give the new format a shot since the reason I like Idle Thumbs is because you guys are observant in a way most podcasts aren't and not necessary because it is about video games. If you guys can apply that focus to stuff other than video games that will be cool, but as someone who doesn't watch too many movies or reads much fiction beyond Steinbeck I might end up dropping off.
  2. I rarely post here but I've been listening off and on since 08. I most recently came back since it was the original crew again and it started to focus more and more on video games. I don't mind some of the tangents but I feel like they mostly end up covering the same handful of topics (robots, Jeff Goldblum, Disney, George Lucas, etc...). If you want to continue down that path by all means - I've already got tons of enjoyment and my $10 kickstarter backing worth from the cast - but I might end up checking out in a few weeks. Personally I think should just start a new show wholly dedicated to pop culture or whatever and keep the video game show as is, but again it's up to you.
  3. Thumbs of Four (Gears of War 4)

    Hearing that you made it to wave 41 on casual in an hour definitely makes the mode more appealing to me. I've only played it on normal twice and both times my team fell apart around wave 25 after about 90 minutes. Granted these were just random public games so the lack of communication may have slowed the game down a bit. I was also surprised to see the waves get as difficult as they do on normal, it helped reset my expectations for the mode. Anyway my xbox tag is Kbohls and I sent an invite to the Idle Thumbs club. Hope to get some games in this weekend!
  4. Thumbs of Four (Gears of War 4)

    So it's been about 2 years since I've done anything related to Thumbs but I've been listening to the show lately and curiosity brought me back to these forums. I picked this game up over the weekend on PC and would be down to play some organized games with you folks. I will probably be around most evenings after work; say 6-8pm EST, generally being free all weekend as well. This is my first Gears game and it's pretty fun so far. I've mostly played social versus since I have a few other single player games in the hopper right now but I played a match of horde and found it decent. Are the games always 50 waves? That seems to be quite the commitment and I would image the mode wouldn't be as popular as it is if it always required this amount of time.
  5. Nintendo Network ID Exchange Thread

    Sup nerds, I bought a Wii U and am going to add you all. If you want to add me, person from the future, you can find me at k-bohls.
  6. Assassins Creed Unity

    This is my main problem with the Assassins Creed series as well, the missions structure evolves at a glacial pace. I think the sneak into a compound and assassinate some target mechanics work pretty well and I enjoyed most of the missions where I was tasked to do just that. But most of the on land missions in Black Flag were at best non-offensive and at worst supremely frustrating. If they can overhaul what I am actually doing from mission to mission I will get excited. That said I am always happy when someone makes a big budget game that takes place during an interesting time period or historical setting. And that would make me more forgiving if this turns out to just be another Assassins Creed game.
  7. Diablo III BattleTags

    I agree. I played through most of the game on expert starting off with a new barbarian using only self found gear. I also just hit 60 with said barbarian, which is my first character to do so and it's very exciting to finally get into the paragon system.
  8. Diablo III BattleTags

    I have been leveling up a new barbarian since the patch and am enjoying my time way more. Being able to select difficulty from the outset is a huge change which means, at the rate I am going, I will be near level 60 by the time I finish one run through. Here is my Battle.net.tag: kbohls#1253
  9. Titanfall

    Watching some of that Giant Bomb stream it does actually look like a neat game, or at the very least something different from most multiplayer shooters which interests me. The movement seems pretty fluid and the inclusion of unlimited sprint is the right choice in my opinion. Still a little hesitant about those AI soldiers, I would rather just have more players with only a few getting titans within a match. Also I will listen to no one who says that a robot with hands is alright.
  10. Titanfall

    I don't get all the hate on Origin. In my experience it runs faster than Steam and is generally a slimmer client. That said I still have some problems with Titanfall. I really don't like the additional AI soldiers that run around the battle, they don't appear to do anything and just stand around while being shot at. I also am a little skeptical on the actual Titans, they just appear to be an occasional power up you get without many unique weapons and more limited movement. Also the fact that they are robots that hold guns is lame, the gun should just be the arm of a robot, this is robot design 101. Maybe I will check it out when the full scope is revealed when it launches, but I am a little cautious about it.
  11. Oh man I wish I could go on a crazy night mission with you all. I am back at school now so I am unable to waste my life playing DayZ, but come spring break berry picking and Nidhogging all night long.
  12. I should be able to join you guys tomorrow, I am brand new to the game (I didn't play the mod) but have been playing the standalone version quite a lot since I bought it. Hopefully I can find some good gear for tomorrow as I was just gunned down in cold blood while roaming Chernogorsk. If not I could always act as bandit bait or something.
  13. GOTY.cx 2013

    What?! That makes it even more confusing to why they would lock it behind a complete play through for Link Between Worlds. The little bit of Hero mode I played in Link Between Worlds was pretty challenging and how I would have preferred to play the game... bummer.
  14. GOTY.cx 2013

    We got ourselves a baby gamer over here! I kid, I kid. I really want to know what Zelda you played where the dungeons were 40 minutes because Link Between Worlds ain't it. The only dungeon that really stumped me was the shadow(?) dungeon because I missed a platform I had to break to let light into the lower levels. It really seemed to me that LBW followed the trend of Nintendo's 3ds games having small levels for "playing on the go" which I think is incredibly aggravating. Despite this the minute to minute puzzles are usually quite good and it seemed that giving the player every item upfront allowed for a bit more variation in solving them. The bosses are also pretty good and I liked how each one had multiple stages, even if it was only a movement/attack speed increase. But I again found them to simply be a cakewalk - especially if you brought a bottle or two of milk into the fight. It certainly isn't a bad game, but was lacking enough in key areas to be a disappointment for me. In the future I really hope Nintendo opens up and lets me play the harder mode from the start. Unlocking the difficulty I want to play after beating the game once is a really dumb move that seems to be done only to stop kids from picking the harder mode and not enjoying themselves. Unfortunately this mentality seems to extend to all Nintendo games these days.