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  1. Bloozzard

    I couldn't find a good spot to plunk down my [half-in-jest] rant against the new Loot Treasure Goblin amiibo, which brings me to opening this Blizzard topic. General Blizzard stuff can go here, for which this is the prime season! Blizzcon just came and went, and it brought a ton of useless controversy and at least one neat announcement. WARCRAFT 3: REFORGED This isn't your typical slap-some-textures-on-a-model-and-call-it-4K upgrade. They're really taking their toolbox to War3 and updating levels to suit current developments in that one MMO thing that no one's heard of or played. So: yay! Let's visit modern-day Stratholme in The Culling! I'm a liiiiittle worried that the upgraded models and everything might start to clash with the extremely saturated greens of the grasses and other cartoon stylings. World of Warcraft is colorful too, but loads in tons of atmospheric fog and sheens and whatnots. This is still a ways from releasing, but from this trailer it sometimes feels as if it might go ahead and hurt my eyes. This upgrade couldn't have happened to a more worthy game, though. Warcraft 3 is AMAZING. I feel the RPG-y strategy gameplay will still feel rather modern, though, not so much its graphics. It took this uncomfortable position where it was Blizz's first 3D strategy game, and it came out in a time (2001) when it was kinda OK-looking, but already then you could tell that it wasn't going to age particularly well. It wasn't until Starcraft 2 that they hit that quality bar. If any game in their library was begging for a visual overhaul, it was War3. So, 2019! I'll probably play it. Diablo Immortal People got so pissed at this, apparently. But why? You can just as easily pretend this doesn't, or will not, exist. I do it all the time with the millions of uninteresting mobile games in the world. That doesn't drag me down. And odds are Diablo Immortal is at least going to offer something actually good. Not some trillion-character-sprites-collectathon, but an actual goddamn game that you might have to pay for. All loot, no loot boxes. D4 will be a ways off, of course. Actually, I don't have a clue what I would expect from Diablo 4. The current Diablo ("3") is such a complete package... it's so quintessentially "Diablo" that I wouldn't know how to improve on it. You could make it different, of course. Make it more MMO, more persistent, or just create an entirely different set of combat mechanics just because you wouldn't want to do the same thing again. Which is probably exactly what they'll do. Whatever, it'll be great once it arrives in 2022 (highly educated guess). Some cool shit for Overwatch