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  1. I hope they can make creating tiny low-fi black & white videos compelling. That little black & white clip at the end seems like a disappointing version of that glorious wide-screen, full-color sunrise. Maybe if they lean into getting the player to learn the difference between what looks good in color and what makes a good-looking black & white film, that could be very cool.
  2. I was confused about the discussion of R2D2 not speaking English but then remembered that in America they bleeped out his hilariously over-the-top swearing to get a PG rating when they decided Star Wars should be a kids' movie.
  3. My future holds alot including you And online shopping sounds fantastic too I won a chocolate bar in school today Mistakes were clearly made along the way. My sister thinks miami is a state im gonna take her on a ice-cream date.. ::) Real music isn't on the radio. Who doesn't like a ballerina though? I'm cut and weeping like a rubber tree your twitter drama doesn't interest me My new obsession after ruby red food, shower, cellphone search, assignment, bed. I'm getting back into the gym today DELAY DELAY DELAY DELAY DELAY... Our thoughts determine our reality. The person you were kissing wasn't me. I'm tired of pretending I'm okay I wanna be a mermaid for a day
  4. Here's the main sequence from around Christmas, in case anyone else wants to see it.
  5. Thanks RubixsQube! My wife is teaching Whitman tomorrow and I thought this might be a fun anecdote she could use.
  6. Could I please get a link to those NYT articles about the allegedly imminent death of Walt Whitman?
  7. You are a bad person and you should feel bad about your life choices. (In other words, you got me.)
  8. infamous space turtle, I've listened to your robo-Thumbs a bunch of times it still cracks me up. Such good comic timing, like pushing the "I'm Loving It" enough times that it's doubly funny. Great work and totally deserved to get quoted on the following week's podcast.
  9. A meeting between Idle Thumbs and their ad agency: AD GUY: So tell me about your audience. Chris: They are the kind of people who would probably enjoy eating more canned sardines. But watching a StarCraft video would be too weird for them. Jake: Um... AD GUY: So old man food, but no nerd stuff? Jake: Uh...
  10. I'm pretty sure that's Delilah in the tower you can see in the background of the video preview, drawing a sketch of the shirtless dude.
  11. Bennett "QWOP" Foddy's new game is a Sexy Hiking remake starring a shirtless dude in a pot climbing a mountain with a sledge hammer and I love the trailer so much. "success is delicious" And I can't hear the last sentence without mentally inserting: "I created this game for a certain kind of person: Nick Breckon."
  12. In retrospect, EvilCoop at the end of Season 2 seems to have been saying, "How's Annie? As if. Like Twin Peaks is ever gonna spend even 30 seconds caring about how Annie is doing? Ha."
  13. Also, since Jake endorsed Shitty Mario, I'm gonna link to my post about the Shitty Mario (I can call it that since I did the very-off-brand sculpting) board game I made with my kids a bunch of years ago when they were little.
  14. Nick is definitely not the only athlete who thinks PB&Js are his secret weapon The NBA's Secret Addiction ESPN exclusive! How one performance-enhancing sandwich has spread through the NBA. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/page/presents18931717/the-nba-secret-addiction
  15. It could even be One chants out between two worlds, "Fire!" Walk with me. (line breaks changed for emphasis; there are plenty of poems where the first word of a line is the last word of the previous sentence)