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  1. I just got around to playing Driver:SF and had a good time with it and so when I felt like grabbing an old Idle Thumbs episode to listen to, I picked this one to remember what they said about the game. This is big spoilers for Driver: SF if anyone cares. So like Chris and Nappi and other people said this entire game you've got tons of missions where you jump into an innocent person's car for the express purpose of steering it into opposing traffic to ram head on some car you are chasing or racing against. Even if everyone miraculously survives, at a minimum you've destroyed hundreds of people's cars. (And yeah, of course it's just a dream, but at this point in the story Tanner is completely unaware of that.) So then comes the big plot point where the villain Jericho also gets the power to possess any car and uses it to crash civilian cars into you. But the best, most hilarious part of it is that Tanner has the amazing gall to say to his partner: "Oh no! Now Jericho can jump into any car like I can. But unlike me, Jericho has no concern for the safety of innocent civilians!" And that's supposed to be a big ominous dramatic beat instead of the amazing WHAT? that it is. It's very much like the part Chris made fun of in Max Payne 3 where Max has the completely self-unaware moment shaking his head at the stupid media for paying attention to a guy running amok and killing hundreds of people.
  2. Psychonauts 2

    Man, I know this trailer is great by how much it makes me want to go back and replay the first Psychonauts. I'm a lot more excited for this game now than I thought I would be.
  3. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    "Idle Thumbs" is what they do when their thimbs are idle. Their thumbs haven't been idle for several months.
  4. Is there ever going to be a thread for the April Ruination? Because I have a horrible story to drop into it.
  5. Every time Jake said "marbled crayfish," I couldn't stop my brain from hearing it as "Marvel Crayfish," which made it sound like the Important If Crew were bullshitting hypothetical plots for Ant-Man 3: Ant-Man and The Wasp 2: The Insect/Crustacean War or something. (You know, like Star Wars: Dark Forces III: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast)
  6. Yeah, you guys should dial back on the goofy fictional stuff like Amazon Alexa, statue-loving birds, New Zealand AI scams, Gak ingredients, Martin Shkreli, and "Marmite" and get back to talking about real stuff like segregated Fallout vaults, the biography of ex-Chancellor Mayor Ragnar, Cheatin' Hitman, and Luigi lore. After all, "Important if True" is logically equivalent to "Not Important if False."
  7. It can't possibly be good for your character or your immortal souls to just record this bullshit and then have a bunch of fans tell you how much they love it. But sorry, I'm lovin' it. This is the bullshit I crave.
  8. The part that made me laugh out loud in the grocery store late at night and causing people to stare at me was when Jake realized that an exponentially doubling Buzzfeed article would, of course, generate an exponentially growing number of Takes. "The Internet will demand Takes!" So thanks for that Jake. I sometimes wonder if I have a reputation at that store as the weird guy who laughs to himself.
  9. My argument was that a valid wine "note" needs to be a comparison between the flavor component in question and a thing or concept that somehow resembles the flavor in the mind of the sommelier. "A hint of a summer breeze" or "the flavor of falling in love" would be valid notes, but nonsense like "a note of invite circle" would not. Therefore the sommelier would run out of unique ways to describe each note much, much sooner than you estimate. Your "valuable shaggy" and "invite circle" are examples of flavors I suggested would have to be listed as "another incomparable, indescribable note." I think, by definition, the sommelier for this wine is someone who is able to describe what it tastes like. If we mention such a person (or series of persons) we have to be assuming magical knowledge from the genie or a series of identical bottles of wine which the sommelier tastes before offering the description.
  10. Anyone Remember?

    In honor of Stephen Hawking, I'd like to listen again to Chris's story about how he read A Brief History of Time, thought he'd understood it, and thoughtlessly persisted for an embarrassing amount of time in the belief that A Brief History of Time was a book he'd already read and understood. Anyone know where to find it? I loved that story.
  11. Also, is there a name for when you have no idea how to spell a word like "sommeliers"--and you guess--and then you can't remember whether or not the box you're typing in has automatic spellcheck so you have to go to another tab and use Google to figure out whether or not you in fact accidentally spelled it right? Because I just did that thing.
  12. If wine "notes" are comparisons to flavors, odors, or even concepts used to describe aspects of a wine's flavor, and they were doubling every year, then our endless generations of sommeliers would all too soon run out of things in the universe to compare to the flavor of our exponentially improving wine. Eventually, they would simply be saying "another incomparable, indescribable note; another incomparable, indescribable note; another incomparable, indescribable note..." over and over, and their mouths would become specialized for saying that one phrase as quickly as humanly possible. Possibly a particularly cheeky sommelier descendant would take it upon himself to start simply saying "another note; another note; another note..." but even this enormous reduction in the total number of syllables would be completely surpassed by the doubling in 2 or at most 3 years later.
  13. I nominate "Canadectdotes" as the name for stories about Nick's adventures in Canada where he somehow brings out the rudeness lying dormant in the Canadian national temperament.
  14. Yes. To me, it sounded like Nick had somehow decided that all the jokes Chris and Jake were making this episode were somehow at his expense and he was laughing sarcastically at them in a "haha very funny you got me very clever haha" sense. So good.
  15. I read this as "Sly Boosted" and I endorse it as the correct term of art for Chris's shenanigans. (Linguistically, Sly Bootsed will almost certainly get corrupted to Sly Boosted within a few hundred years anyway, so you might as well get on board with it now.)