Idle Thumbs 199: Bogost in the Shell

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John Walker's always struck me as the guy you tolerate at RPS because their editorial direction in general is really solid even if one of their writers is full of himself. Sort of like Ben Kuchera at Polygon, who appears to be better than he was at Penny Arcade Report but still not exactly great.

The thing about Walker is that he's one of the few people (and the first) to speak up about the cultural-ills in and surrounding video games, and the bad-faith shit that goes down on the business end. I appreciate people like that. I don't require them to be sophisticated or elegant in their language, just to have the courage to speak up in the first place.


As for Kuchera, he's the asshole that told people to move when complaints about the XB1 requiring internet being a thing were coming up. That's a guy that is detached from everyone else in the world.

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It's clear by now you don't like him, no need to belabor the point. Killfiling should extend to refraining from commenting as well, I think.

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