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  1. The Next President

    "Ghetto" is alive and current for Jewish people across the globe so holy shit. Fuck off.
  2. The Next President

    My Jewish roomie says "fuck off" and I'm inclined to agree with her. You're being disingenuous and ew. This is some anti-Semitic shit starting up here. I'm out. Peace Idle Thumbs forum.
  3. The Next President

    "Ghetto" is literally a part of Jewish history since the 1500s. Black people can be bothered by it and be mistaken about the implication of the statement. And it's not like that history of Jews and ghettos went out of style historically speaking. There was kind of an infamous period of time in the 1930s/1940s that kept that bullshit going.
  4. The Next President

    People being ignorant of the word "ghetto" and what it means to Jewish people is not a fault of Sanders'. This is an illustration of American media at large being wrong for browbeating a person on something it doesn't understand. "Ghetto? YOU MEAN BLACK PEOPLE." Or y'know. The ghettos Jews were placed into multiple times in their history. This is shameful, Twig. Edit - By the way, 'white people' - the name we give to predominantly white Christians / atheists - don't know what it is like to live in a ghetto. Any other ethnic or religious minority can make the claim they have experienced ghettos directly or some variation of them. Sanders is right, and people just blowing by that point over semantics is gross.
  5. The Next President

    There's a lot at stake in this election, beyond typical "this team vs that team" stuff. The reason why Sanders' campaign is referred to as a "revolution" is because of the lack of corporate interest on his part. It's atypical for a politician to not be sponsored in the way Nascar drivers are sponsored. I have very, very strong views and feelings about wealthy controlling the meager (the latter of which I have been my whole life). It isn't about pitch forks and torches, but at the very least, stop controlling us and keeping us down to the extent that they do. I view human history as the poor rising up against the wealthy's latest scheme to control, over and over and over again. It gets more sophisticated each round but eventually the poor wise up and take effective action. I see this as a chance to start that process again. Clinton is far from the one-and-only politician I despise for being manipulated by money, but she has particular relevance because she is the first stage of opposition for a guy who can and does fight against that. If Sanders wins the nomination for the Democrats, I will be able to shut up about Clinton, and move on to whoever ends up getting the Republican nomination (or whatever other third party interests suddenly spring up if they have that kind of momentum). I'm not going to promise to stop aggressively pushing against Clinton because I will slip up. I will continue to point out faults and how they show against what Sanders does or will do by comparison. I'm not gonna run around going nuts name calling people here. But asking me to not focus on her is absurd. Why wouldn't I? Like I said, she's more relevant than anything right now. Hell, her running worries me about Sanders' chances more than Sanders being pitted against any of the GOP's current runners. Edit - By the way I want to see this supposed apology over a supposed ghetto statement.
  6. The Next President

    I thought it was pretty clear what I'm saying. Clinton claims to support black people and has a history of being really bad to them. Sanders has a history of helping them since before he took any office. (to further illustrate, Sanders let BLM protesters speak when getting on stage unplanned; Clinton kicks out a woman demanding answers on the "brought to heel" crap while saying she'd be happy to answer that concern, then didn't answer) Clinton says $12 is "good enough" or "realistic." Sanders says $15 is where it's at. Just a couple examples.
  7. Black Lives Matter

    Something pretty damning just came across the social media desk to me. A Nixon policy advisor was quoted in 1994, previously without attention, as having admitted to the War on Drugs being invented to keep anti-war leftists and black people down in the country. The quote has resurfaced by the efforts of a writer on the net. http://jezebel.com/nixons-policy-advisor-admits-he-invented-war-on-drugs-t-1766359595 The War on Drugs being a complete load isn't new to me, but I didn't know one of the people behind it was so frank about it.
  8. The Next President

    I would rather people support Sanders because you get the few positives of Clinton without the baggage, and more positives on top of that. Yes.
  9. The Next President

    I focus on the Clinton / Sanders side of the election process, for now, because they're the most relevant to me. Either way, they are who I'd prefer over any of the people running for the GOP ticket. But between the two, I have a preference, and it is a strong preference. This isn't like 2000 or 2004 when any Democrat would do for me.
  10. The Next President

    Does that make what she's doing okay?
  11. The Next President

    One of my roomies (Jewish, very actively practicing her faith) is now personally offended by Hillary Clinton. The reason? Clinton used the story of Purim and twisted it beyond belief. Incidentally my roomie had just told me the story of Purim a couple days ago (as Purim was this past week or so) so my awareness of the story is way higher than it ever has been (which is to say, I didn't know the story existed and it's fresh in my mind). Clinton decided to try and make the story about feminism and also use it to justify military action / war in the middle east, which is far from what the story is about in either situation. If anything, the story doesn't think much of women. So now we're in the same boat of Clinton trying to appease demographics we belong to. She has the lame pandering to Jewish people without understanding their texts at all, and I've got "I'm like you're Mexican grandmother!" which she in no way is. I will again point out that Sanders doesn't engage in lame ass pandering. Hillary is trying to be everything to everyone and would honestly get more respect if she didn't feel she had to speak on everything ever.
  12. The Next President

    Citation needed. Examples please. Every time I see the guy speak or that he did speak, it isn't in response like some sort of damage control.
  13. The Next President

    Bill Clinton decided to make a massive error during a speech for his wife's candidacy, saying, "Hillary can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us." Now, she's running for president, so it's safe to assume he was talking about Obama right? In all fairness his aides have clarified that he was talking about the Republicans' obstructionism, but I mean... that's kind of a long walk from the words he actually said. It's also kind of hilarious when you try to think about him not being in the right period of time, thinking it is 2008, or 2000, or 1992, etc. Edit - And then Sanders seized an opportunity. Absolutely fairly, I'd say. The Clintons aren't clean fighters in politics so let's not get upset at Sanders. I also want to take this moment to add, how many times are the Clintons going to apologize for shit they say throughout this election? And how often, by comparison, has Sanders had to make apologies, let alone been demanded to make apologies?
  14. The Next President

    Nevermind I just realized they have a counter next to the percentages. What the -fuck-. They only have 75 statements to rate Sanders compared to 174 statements for Clinton. Not aiming for an equal sample size really screws all this up, and now begs the question, what statements for Sanders are not being included.
  15. The Next President

    How many statements are being rated per candidate?