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Idle Thumbs 141: "I was too busy losing it."

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I got to play EVE: Valkyrie at Sundance last week, on a, I think, first round device. I guess I'm pretty skeptical about the tech, considering it seems pretty easy to get nerds excited about things on the internet, especially things that are Too Good on Paper. 


Then I put it on my head. Wow! It's super neat right from the get-go. The Valkyrie demo was just a space dogfight against the second player, starting with you being blasted out of a launch tube into the fight. The controls were pretty standard (go / go faster / slow down / shoot), but the neatest aspects was that the left bumper (this was an Xbox 360 controller) was used to lock missiles. But you had to swivel your whole head to target who you wanted to lock onto. You know what's neat? Craning your head to look around your own actual virtual cockpit after a ship goes screaming by. When I finished, I got right back in line to try it again. The pixel resolution was, as has been mentioned everywhere, pretty low, but just the experience of having this 3D virtual space you inhabit was incredible. I can't wait until they come out with the high-resolution consumer version. 


I very rarely look at something and think: "this is the future of video gaming" because of how weird the industry can be, but in this instance, I 100% believe that the consumer rift is going to be a megasuccess.

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