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Gave up on Ghostbusters The Game, as it was dreadful. Simply busting a ghost is so fiddly and messy, and despite all the pointless different weapon modes it's pretty much all you do, just trying to wrangle the systems into alignment over and over again.

The storytelling's really clunky as well - dull video gamey shit, boring dialogue, badly directed. Also, the player-character, "Rookie", looks like a first pass attempt at a Dan Ackroyd model, it's weird.

I feel like what they should have done was make it tricky to get the ghosts in your beam, but once you do it's simple to get them to the trap, so the real challenge is to catch them without doing too much damage to the properties and therefore making a loss on the job. With some light RPG stuff it could have been like the movies where it's basically just a regular extermination business.

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Spyro Remastered PS4


Never played these games as kid, so not the trilogy as I like 3D platformers. I finished the first game, got to the final area of the second game but was greeted by "you need 60 Orbs to progress to the final boss!" - I had like 18 so that meant replaying basically every level to try and get all the hidden orbs, which I can not be bothered to do. So I moved onto Spyro 3, and its the same thing. I just want to mess around at my own pace, not be forced to find what should be optional items.

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