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5 hours ago, Roderick said:

Well, that was, in a way, wholly to be expected. Whenever you dig up an old success, chances are you won't be able to repeat the magic.


Yeah, I'm not saying that the end result came as a particular surprise for me. I was already cynical about how big production companies, Production IG in particular, have made it a policy of consolidating legacy properties and giving them to young writers and directors in order to help them get their sea legs with a product that basically can't fail. In the abstract, I even approve somewhat, given that the first generation of anime creatives has begun to pass away and the second generation is looking to retire. I just wish they'd had something more to say with it? As it stands, the two sequels feel like a business decision rather than a passion project... which I know they were, but still. I guess anime's catching the fever for obligatory sequels, same as every other creative industry, and I guess that it's good that it's just as much to train the next generation as to make scads of money. I just want more, especially from something as storied as FLCL, and not for it to serve merely as a loose thematic framework for coming-of-age stories.


At least, after making a dog's breakfast of Ghost in the Shell with the awful ARISE OVAs and The New Movie, it looks like Kenji Kamiyama's coming back to the franchise, hopefully to direct a third season of Stand-Alone Complex rather than to continue the over-grim, over-dramatic world of ARISE.

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