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Team JethKo - Knee Deep is a detective adventure with role-playing elements & turn-based combat.

What started as a small project turned into a huge thing that took almost a year of work. [: In this game I put ideas into action that have accompanied me since my teenage years & have now become reality.

Graphics (apart from facesets & backgrounds), music & story are made by me again.

In this concoction I celebrate the cartoons & the music of the 90s & Americana. I also wanted to promote the Artbreeder website with the backgrounds & facesets. [;

The focus of this thing is on humor & very far-fetched puzzles. [:

I hope you enjoy the game.


Sam & Max, The Tick, Duckman, Hotline Miami 2.

Grunge, Funk Metal, Nu Metal, Rave, Hip Hop, Jungle.



Jethro is fed up. He doesn't want to interview more D-celebrities for this smear sheet, for which he is hired as a writer.

He's after a big story again.

Then he hears of mysterious murders of young women plaguing Chillcottin City.

It's high time he reunited with his old pal Aoko to stir up the underworld of Chillcottins & the tech company that runs the place.



Chillcottin City is located where New England & the majestic Sequoia forests meet the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains & the Bayous.

The city is ruled almost dictatorially by a tech mogul, Robert E. Ternel, who even has ambitions to be crowned the new mayor.

Robert E. Ternel's corporation dominates the entire urban economy with its cybernetic & genetic engineering products. The nebulous religious fanatic Mr. Person Man is also said to be in cahoots with him.




Jethro Adimari, 33, is a passionate journalist & a failure. His wife Michelle loves him, although he is self-pitying and generally not the brightest. His wife doesn't like the fact that he spends so much time with Aoko when he's feeling adventurous again.

He adores his red Isetta "Richthofen".


Aoko Kitamoto, 27, is an unemployed justice fighter waiting to use violence against the good-for-nothing again. She loves video games, pop culture, being out of work & violence.

And many more quirky Chillcottin originals!

The villains:

No Clip Norman, Grimace, Moon Logic, Weird Rado Karadzic, Ant Ass Andy, and others.



* Approximately 4 hours of hard-hitting puzzle action with challenging battles!!


* Deep turn-based combat!!


* Limited save options!!


* Humor!!


* Things to find but also to miss!!


* High score will be shown to you at the end of this thing!!


* Hand drawn stuff!!


* Backgrounds were cobbled together using state-of-the-art AI technology!!


* Totally wacky characters!!


* A Lovestory??



Sound track:

Here is the link to the OST:








GET THE GAME FOR 0$ AT ITCH.IO!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

(just donate 0$ to download the full game!!!!!)




The game contains language & themes that some may find inappropriate.

Nothing in this thing is meant to be malicious or hurt anyone.


Have fun puzzling. *:


"When you look into the nostalgia long enough,

the nostalgia will look back at you!"


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Here is a walkthrough for when you get stuck. (;



After the intro we can take the camera & call Aoko (USE SMARTPHONE). Go outside & use the Isetta to go to Lil' Incheon (USE ISETTA). We go to Aoko's house & talk to her. She joins our group.

Chapter 1

The intro proper follows. We next go to Down Town to Pervert Park & use our finger to distract the gardener & stealthily steal the hedge trimmer. We enter the park & kill a couple of perverts to farm $50. With that we go back to Lil' Incheon to the nightclub & approach the square. We give him the $50 & buy ourselves an LSD trip. At the club we take the trip right away & enjoy the show. Now we have an empty blotter, go to "Friendship" with it, enter the farm, search the room & pick up the ectoplasm with the blotter. We go back to the mountains & trim the bush with the bush trimmer. We take the empty syringe. Our path next takes us to Westpoint where we enter the occupied house. We talk to the students & get a lighter. Now we go right back to Down Town to the museum & talk to the guy there. We ask him about what he chews on. We get well chewed rubber. Off to Coronado's Post in the trailer park where we talk to a most inconspicuous woman. She gives us sulfuric hair wax. We have everything together to make a rubber impression of the shoe print at Friendship on the meadow (those who have been paying attention in chemistry have a clear advantage). Next we go to Lil' Incheon in Aoko's apartment & take photos of her feet in the privacy of her own four walls, which we give to the perverted geek in the Hacker District, who now clears the way into the Hacker District. First, though, we have to get into Team Jethko's headquarters to check out the evidence. Yes, we have to go to the Hacker District. So back to Lil' Incheon in the Hacker District. We fight with the cyberpunks & dataghuls or avoid them & at the end of this level we meet the first boss: NoClip Norman! We kill him.

Chapter 2

Our way leads us to the Van Buren Highway, where we take a closer look at the next victim. We take a picture of her & took something shiny on us (a piece of a meat hook). Then we get in our car & drive to Midway go to the mall & the shovel emporium. We chat up the show pope until he gives us the shovel. Happy about so much generosity we drive to Masson Rouge & go to the Voodoo Temple. We approach the priestess & ask her about her wares. Instead of a store, cannibal maggots await us & we take them. Armed with shovel & maggots we go into the bayous & move north of the first big lake: the maggots start vibrating. Here we dig up the next victim. We take a picture of her. We head to the next neighborhood: Decatur. Go to the good neighborhood & approach the conspiracy guy who forces his pamphlet on us: nanu, that's just a massive amount of toilet paper. We drive to Lake Ponca & throw the toilet paper in. We drive back to Westpoint, enter the squat & speak to the students again. They give us the red book. With it we drive to the docks & go to the dockside bar. We give the red book to the angry sailors who, animated by words in the book, declare a revolution. Of course, the newly "elected" mayor Robert E. Ternel can't take this lying down, so he finally leaves his office. So we drive to Up Town, go to Ternel Tower & enter Robert E. Ternel's office. The piece of the mask is finally ours! We head back to our headquarters, analyze our evidence & get a code. Off to Midway to the entrance of the sewers. We enter the code & find ourselves in the underworld. We either kill the Bocore down here & get out of their way. We fight our way until we can go further down (southwest of the map). If we now approach Grimace, the next boss fight awaits us. Hopefully we kill Grimace as well.


Chapter 3

First we go to Westpoint, go to the occupied building & talk to the rebels. For safety, they give us smelling salts. With that, we drive all the way north to Chippeway Forest. We make our way through the forest & enter the hunting lodge. We wake the scout with our smelling salts. His joy knows no bounds & he gives us a crowbar. With the crowbar we can go uptown & finally open the door of Jethro's house. A nasty surprise awaits us! Jethro leaves shocked our group & gives us another chakram. Aoko is on her own from now on. With the chakram we go to Down Town & enter the police station. We show the police the chakram & are arrested.

In the cell we collect the turd, the skull of the rat & the thin bone. In our inventory we combine everything. Tada! We have a skeleton key (heh). We open the cell door. In the hallway, we best avoid the security guards. We go through a hallway & arrive at the last hallway. The door won't open. You can only leave this room by pressing ESCAPE on your keyboard. (Hilarious!). You are standing in front of the prison.

Go further to the east. Watch out for the moon faces. Learn their movement pattern to avoid them. We climb the observatory & address Moonlogic, the third boss. We kill this one as well.

Chapter 4

In a cutscene, Jethro rejoins our group. We head straight to the wasteland in the far southwest. We kill Mandelbrot. Go to the secret lab go all the way north & take a closer look at the ectoplasm pool. Break Robert's legs! Now it comes to the showdown with Robert E. Ternel. This is a tough one! We enjoy the credits & congratulations: you made it. Not without help (shame on you!), but still.

Of course, I've kept some secrets from you. (:  

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