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Something True 2.2:

Something True 2.2

What if Genghis Khan died, just before he really got going? Thanks to a blacksmith's son called Jelme, we don't have to wonder. We might, however, wonder why Jelme's heroic rescue required so much blood and so little clothing—but thanks to a blacksmith's podcast called Something True, we don't have to wonder.

Read a full transcript of this episode on the Something True website.

Follow Something True on Twitter @atruepodcast. (Or just follow Duncan and Alex.)

Music on this week’s episode:
Jahzzar – The Last Ones*
Gablé – Gloria*
Gablé – Douch OK*
Lee Maddeford – Tom's Lullaby (with Les Gauchers Orchestra)*
David Szesztay – Bizarre Waltz*

*modified for the podcast.

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