[Released] From Earth to Pluto

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Game is available here:


Overall I'm happy with where the physics model ended up in the limited time I had over the holidays to tweak it. I would still like to get some audio in, and work with the lines I'm drawing and the shaders more.






Wizard Jam time!!!


Okay, so basically I want to make a golf game, because this is the year of golf games( Golf Story, Everybody's Golf, maybe more) and I found an episode that provided an aesthetic; Idle Thumbs 238: From Earth to Pluto.


The general idea is this. I will model an exaggerated solar system in which you tee off on Earth, and must jump between planets and potentially other cosmic entities to reach the hole on Pluto. The physics in general are going to be strange in that you are playing space golf across mass distances, and gravity is all messed up, so I'm just going to model a familiar trajectory, but now that I think of it having things like black holes would give me some other game play options.


New game development things I'm going to focus on:

  1. Scriptable Objects
  2. Materials/Shaders


Here is what I have so far. I have basically gotten the power bar working, but there isn't an aim offset yet so that's coming next.




Next items:(mostly for my benefit)

  1. Accuracy Offset
  2. Predicted distance/path before shot is taken
  3. UI to select different clubs
  4. Forces at play ie. solar winds, black holes, comets...
  5. All the art
  6. Menus and other UI
  7. Other game state stuff

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I forgot to post here that I have submitted my game! It doesn't have any sound, and I didn't get to dig into shaders as much as I had hoped, but those are things I can add later. I spent a lot of time getting a physics model working with different clubs which have different power and angle outputs, as well as planet gravity.

I had a tough time getting the trajectory and lines to look right, so there's some room to improve there, but overall I'm happy with how my first real physics intensive game turned out.


Hot tip, you can hit the ball while it's moving through space!

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While I'm not very good at this, flying through space feels quite relaxing. I was going to mention that the trajectory line in the mini map acts a bit weird from time to time, but you seem to have noted that already.

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