[Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

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The art is especially nice in this game. I can echo the idea of adding a skip button. A couple times I tried to mash escape to skip repeated dialog before my brain remembered how to work. Besides that the game is fun, but a bit frustrating without the ability to skip dialog.

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On 6/19/2017 at 8:15 AM, Ben X said:

Works fine for me!


Great art here - the retro tile graphics and the demon portraits - and an amusingly weird story. Some cool puzzle rules too, though I did feel like I was just brute forcing rather than thinking, though, and a skip button would have really helped when repeating levels!


Thanks...and thanks for being first to comment! I do wish the puzzles were tighter. I think we could have tutorialized how the demons move better. They are very deliberate, but looking over some people's shoulders, many assume they are just moving randomly.


On 6/20/2017 at 3:02 PM, pdotjpg said:

Fine for me as well.


I really like the surreal, desolate, apocalyptic atmosphere you have here. The echoing dog barks, the crazy art style and the surprisingly large levels create a very strange vibe.


Game mechanics were cool, but I agree with Ben about brute forcing it. Still a cool space to inhabit and poke around in.


Cool. I'm glad we were able to create an interesting atmosphere. It's something I really love about games: exploring bizarre spaces. And really one of the main reasons I've moved to gamedev (from making comics). So glad we hit the mark...and thanks!


On 6/21/2017 at 9:09 AM, getinthedamnbox said:

Soooo stylish. I like how well-timed everything is in the opening, and the illustrations, pixel art, and dialogue system are all impressive. Good sense of humor with the writing, too.


I was defeated by the second stage, but I think part of the reason was that I didn't understand that my dogs' barks were stunning the demons (I thought they were enraging them, so I always backed off when it happened). I might give it another shot now that I understand that mechanic.


Yeah, I probably put more time than I should have in that intro. I must've convinced myself there would be a "Best Intro" award or something, haha. Dunno, just dreamed it up and had to make it!


We didn't have time to explain all the mechanics. The bark stuns them for 3 turns. Which is important for getting you out of jams sometimes I found when designing levels. You are sometimes "out of sync" with the demon paths and wait for a bark so the timing is right to slide through!


On 6/24/2017 at 4:54 PM, atte said:

Continuing to be a z_bill fan, your style is a unique blend of whimsical and gross, familiar and weird. At first I didn't remember the connection between dogs and the Law & Order theme, but I still (or maybe because of that) found the intro track superbly funny.


This came to my mind also.


Wow. Thanks a lot. Thanks for continuing to be supportive of my work! I can't take credit for it all; Greg and I developed the idea together!


I can't imagine that intro without the Law & Order theme now. It would all fall apart without it!


Hilariously, dogs will absolutely freak out at this game.



Re: skipping cutscenes. Yes, that's superbly annoying and I wanna get a version in where you can skip.


Are the Thumbs going to stream the games? If so, I'll get a new version out post-haste.

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I watched your dev video and enjoyed it! My dog on the other hand did not. She looked like this until she eventually left the room. Weird since dogs on TV don't normally even get her attention. I guess it was something about the 500 dogs!



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