Something True 7: Charlie Joyride

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Something True 7:

Something True 7

Charlie Joyride
Elias Mortimer, a construction lobbyist, needed to land his firm a fat government contract to build veterans' hospitals. Luckily for him, the chief of the Veterans' Bureau had three great loves: getting bribed, misappropriating government funds, and intense 24/7 partying. They thought there was no way anything could go wrong. But what happened nearly destroyed them both.

Read a full transcript of this episode on the Something True website.

Follow Something true on Twitter @atruepodcast. (Or just follow Duncan and Alex.)

Music on this week’s episode:
Jahzzar – Take Me Higher*
Latché Swing – Swing 39*
Alialujah Choir – Kings and Queens*
Latché Swing – Menilmontant*
Costa and Nero – Rast’e Tou Teke*
Podington Bear – Starling*
Nick Jaina – High Beams*

*modified for the podcast.


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I got really thrown off by the music choice in this episode. There's a New Zealand politics podcast (Gone by lunchtime) that uses Jahzzar - Take Me Higher as their intro music.

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