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  1. Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah I'm willing to attribute that "mature" stuff to marketing for the time being. The same buzzwords could have been attached to the witcher 3 as well. But at the same time what they chose to show gave me the same concerns as the rest of you. I dunno...overall the mechanics they show off in the trailer seemed fine but I'm a bit surprised at the buzz it got out of E3. Outside of the visual polish nothing seemed especially mind blowing. Maybe people are projecting what made the witcher 3 great onto this new setting? I mean I hope that's true...
  2. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    I liked RDR a lot for similar reasons as everyone else (atmosphere, music, moment-to-moment gameplay) but the story suffered from the same problem as GTA4, which is the protagonist spends the ENTIRE game saying some variety of "I've left that life behind" before going on to do the bidding of the latest psychopath and killing 100 dudes for them. It works for a while but eventually it gets pretty stale. But even if the flaws are roughly the same, it's been long enough that a prettier, slightly more polished version of RDR1 would be fine by me.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I dunno I got into Steven Universe pretty much from the start and the big lore stuff kicking in was more of a bonus. Adventure time is fun but sometimes the backstory stuff can be overwhelming and convoluted, especially in the later seasons. I think they are wrapping it up soon? I haven't seen the latest stuff since it's not on any streaming services last I checked.
  4. GOTFHOTY 2018

    The only game I've played that actually game out this year is Celeste. Extremely good mechanically. And yeah, like Henke said, the writing was surprisingly strong too, which was totally unexpected.
  5. SGDQ 2018

    Thanks for that playlist sam...I missed almost the entire thing this time and when I did remember to tune in, it was the final game. A seven hour "speedrun" of FFVI, which is cool and all, but no thanks.
  6. South Park

    Sorry but I really hate those "actually both sides are bad" sorts of arguments. Like what is that Columbus example you cited trying to say? How dare "PC culture" call out a garbage holiday and actually no, I am the racist for wanting to eliminate it? That Columbus was good, actually? Yeah there are plenty of people out there who just parrot talking points or whatever, but it doesn't make what they say wrong. Also, "having an opinion" these days is a term mainly used by the right to be mockingly dismissive of people that are challenging a pro-straight/white status quo and I'd be real hesitant to ever seriously use it. Personally, South Park lost me when they decided to devote an episode to making fun of Al Gore and climate change advocacy for some reason? There were some funny episodes beyond that point but the show's politics were increasingly trash and I drifted away from it not long after.
  7. Recently completed video games

    I took a break just like that when I played and I think it was a good idea. The expansions are as good as if not better than the main game, but the burnout can be very real. I just finished the WiiU classic Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, a Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover JRPG where you lead a squad of Japanese idols to save everyone from evil forces that feed off of people's artistic essences. This game was very silly but its heart is in the right place and the writing is very good and fun. Like this is a game where one of the characters at one point has a tv role as Sneeze Detective, a detective who has multiple personalities that change when she sneezes and there's random chances for characters to break into songs or whatever and do adorable super attacks mid combat. My main complaints would probably be that the dungeons are kinda lame and that Tsubasa's boobs are absurd.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Here's an interesting interview with the (now former) showrunner to read regarding season 2. Full of finale spoilers. Regarding the end of S2:
  9. Missions that made you quit

    Oh I remembered one! In the first God of War, there's a segment where you have to climb some tower with rotating bits with various spikes and things on it. The controls for it were bad and the hit detection was shit and if you messed up you got knocked to the bottom. I was already getting frustrated with that sort of stuff in the game so I just quit.
  10. The Good Place

    I've also gone back through and the situations Chidi gets put in are especially fun in hindsight. But I doubt it's gonna redeem the show for you or anything. I personally never cared much about the "big secret" behind what was going on...the setting lets the writers do basically whatever they want and it's fun watching the characters deal with this absurd place. And as a side note, considering the setting, I wouldn't count on the morality stuff going away anytime soon.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Hmm...I don't remember if there's a head explosion or not but in S2 there is My thoughts on the show mostly mirror BigJKO's. I love the effects & absurd gore and the 30 minute format keeps things moving. The supporting characters are all good too. It's a fun show!
  12. Missions that made you quit

    I quit Goldeneye for a long time because of that level where you protect Natalya while she stands in the middle of a wide open room hacking some computer. But that was in the days when I owned like three games so a few months later I went back and got through it You mean that Hell section? I got to the final boss in that area a few times but it was just too much. I just put it down at that point too.
  13. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    I believe there's a thread in the waypoint forum that has details (I'd link it but my work blocks vice domains)
  14. What's the Name of the Game!?

  15. The Good Place

    When is Chidi gonna get his shit figured out.