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  1. Demon's Souls

    Good to know. I will then bump up my rapier some more and continue to poke things to death from behind my shield. The way those guards scuttle towards you once you've been zapped is fuckin creepy as hell.
  2. Demon's Souls

    I ended up poking around in both 1-2 and 3-1 (those cthulhu lookin' guards....ugh) for a bit...I didn't go all the way through them but they netted me enough souls/upgrades and general practice to go back to 2-1 and get through without too much difficulty. Both bosses so far have be surprisingly easy. I'd say I'm feeling more comfortable with things in general at this point aside from maybe the fact that I'm (probably unreasonably) hesitant to upgrade weapons because I have this feeling I'll find something better and have wasted my upgrade materials. That and I wish the game weren't quite so dark...
  3. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    I went through the House of Wax edit history and it looks like the original update didn't have a citation for "Wax House, Baby" at all, but three months later it's added with the comment "adding cite i missed during the article overhaul" which, I don't know why, but I find even more hilarious.
  4. Demon's Souls

    So with the servers for this shutting down at the end of February, I thought I would finally give this a go. I've played a bit of Bloodborne but otherwise am a Souls newbie. Unfortunately it seems the North American servers are, though technically still up, in a shit state and the server desync causes these really terrible audio issues along with issues saving/loading. From what I've read on reddit, this has been the state of things for about a year now. So sadly it seems like I'm forced to play in offline mode anyway... So far I've just made it through the first area. I see that referred to as 1-1 online, but is that indicated in the game anywhere? Which is 2-1? Does it even matter? I started as a Royal since it seems to be considered the best newbie class. My brain really wants me to look up best builds/weapons but I'm trying to avoid that. I'm planning on ignoring all the world tendency stuff though. I toyed around a bit with what I assume is 2-1 (the archstone right next to 1-1) and got wrecked a few times in a row by this fat laughing guy that shoots fire balls. I'll try and keep posting here as a go, partly to motivate myself to keep at it...I can have a hard time sticking with games that are all dark and gloomy (and hard) even if I enjoy them.
  5. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    In theory I agree with everything you've said. Dual wielding can take guys down super fast and is really satisfying and with upgrades things definitely get easier. Mainly it's when there are multiple enemies or you are getting flanked that shit gets bad. They are very accurate/lethal and I had a very hard time noticing when I was being hit by someone off screen.
  6. Wolfenstein II: It's a Blastkowicz

    I dunno, maybe it was because I played with a controller, but I was getting absolutely melted on the middle difficultly (for experienced players or whatever). There's very little feedback when you're getting hit and enemies can drop you from full health to nothing in an instant. Things are manageable if you take out the commander but I think enemies are too quick to trigger the alarm and once that happens it can get overwhelming very fast and for a run and gun play style you are just too fragile. I ended up dropping down one difficulty after a few levels and I still hit several spots where I died frequently. And fwiw I played the previous game and don't remember having this much of an issue.
  7. Recently completed video games

    Just finished Nier Automata the other day. I dunno, I expected to like this more than I did. There were a lot of interesting ideas and setups in there, but I almost never felt like they were examined enough or given time to develop into anything more substantial. New stuff seemed to just keep coming out of nowhere.
  8. Is Steam (Valve) Good? If not, what then?

    My problem with Steam is that it pulls in incomprehensible amounts of money and yet instead of trying to make their marketplace good and healthy they seem to pour their resources into lootboxes & item trading while either getting their community to do the rest of the work for them or relying on algorithms that are generally trash. I am not a heavy steam user these days so correct me if I'm wrong, but their review system and forums are total cesspools as well. They have no excuse for not paying for the resources necessary to fix these and all the other problems people above me have listed and yet here we are (and there Gabe Newell is, a literal billionaire). And this is only tangentially related but god, how many developers have gone through there without producing a thing? Where are the Valve tell alls? I'm so ready for that shit.
  9. Kentucky Route Zero

    I should be more specific in that it lends itself to a replay. Along the path you're on you have some chances to do option A or B activities so you can go back through and see what the other stuff is (I haven' y'all I haven't wanted to face that I've done it all)
  10. Kentucky Route Zero

    If it helps, the structure of 4 lends itself to replays more than the previous ones did.
  11. GOTY of the Year

    Well I only played four 2017 games so far this year so I'll just list them all! Breath of the Wild - The most fun I've had exploring an open world basically ever? GOTY. Pyre - I loved the art in this one so much and the cast of characters are fun and diverse. The branching visual novel setup is cool too and there's tons of cool Lore if that's your thing. The Rites themselves are fun though maybe not remarkable. Persona 5 - Flawed but overall I really loved it. The soundtrack is amazing. Destiny 2 - The campaign story is still bad but the shooting in these games remains top shelf and the raids are a totally unique thing that I love (Vault of Glass is still the best one though). I didn't find myself redoing endgame stuff like I have in the past but hey, the next expansion is out today! I'm playing Nier at the moment. Just a few hours in but it's definitely got some ideas in there. I'm not sure the gameplay is up any of the Thumbs' alley but I'd love one of them to play through it for the 'cast.
  12. Idle Thumbs 314: Super Mario Mumblecore

    Extremely worth checking out:
  13. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Joke's on them since the gov't is removing all the regulations on that stuff anyway.
  14. Yeah I wanted to mention these too. Though to some degree the "puzzle" is just that the game doesn't tell you what is going on or how things work and you have to figure it out through a lot of trial and error. Still a lot of fun but maybe not quite like an escape room. Once you've figured out how things work in a destiny raid there's still the matter of execution so they are replayable unlike a straight up puzzle though.
  15. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    I feel like my animal "friends" are just using me for my couches though. Anyway thanks for the info...probably just not a game for me.