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Elder Scrolls: Legends, Elder Hearthstone

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It's in open beta now, via Bethesda's launcher (that it shares with Fallout Shelter)


I've only tried it for as long as it took me to get through Act 1 (first bit of the tutorial, I think there's at least 2 more?)



There's two reasons I'd suggest anyone interested should try this out:


If you aren't a Hearthstone fiend, this is honestly the most interesting choices a single player Elder Scrolls has presented me with in ages. Or at least it feels like it. Mechanics wise it's choose your own adventure binary thing with visible rewards: cards. You are attacked by wolves, defeat them, find a wolf pup and either, adopt it and get a wolf creature card OR abandon it and get a spell card that causes creatures to return to enemy hands. It's a 1 GB download, at least an hour of playing cards singleplayer. I'll post more as I find it.


If you are a Hearthstone/Magic: the gathering fiend, this feels like it moves away from Hearthstone towards something similar to MTG.

So similar things from Hearthstone:

  • 30 health
  • Mulligan rules
  • Creature attack/health thing/no regening like MTG
  • 100 gold per card pack, quests to get gold, also some thing literally called "arena"

Not similar to Hearthstone:

  • A graveyard that you can open and browse through
  • Every 5 health you lose, you draw a card (called runes)
  • Prophecy cards, when you draw one via a rune, you can play it for free. This interrupts the enemy players turn, I've seen 4 mana deal 4 damage, a creature that deals 1 dmg to a whole lane of enemy creatures
  • 2 LANES: I want to get a bit into this, it looks like the most trivial baby garbage to add. If anyone's tried Duelyst, the grid is a lot of extra system to consider, where to move, how to block things, etc. This game has 2 lanes, creatures can only attack via one lane. I've only played the AI so far but I'm guessing it stops the dumb hearthstone thing of, enemy plays 2/1 turn one, you don't want to play a 2 mana 3/2 on your own turn because that's really bad. You can place it in another lane and it won't auto trade. Maybe not halfway between MTG and HS but at least a step away from HS's "Always play on curve, always trade up, never down."

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Never played Hearthstone myself, but I did play MTG a lot when I was young(er). I like this game. 

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I'm interested in checking this out but I'm holding out for and android version. My proverbial kingdom to the first big CCG with a good android version.

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