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[Dev Log] Hunker Down

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Hi!  I am please to announce that MarcusTegtmeier and I have begun work on our Winter Wizard Jam masterpiece, "Hunker Down".  We'll be using Unity, and following the "Focused Palette" diversifier.


What is Hunker Down?


A quiet, sleepy town sits in the woods.  All seems still, calm, peaceful.  But YOU, dear player, know better, for a fearsome blizzard is fast approaching!  Bereft of supplies, you have only a short time to gather what you need before the storm hits.  You'd better hurry up... and hunker down.

  • Explore a beautiful, snowy town
  • Deal with the neighbors
  • Prioritize to maximize your preparedness
  • Survive the storm

Featuring beautiful pixel art by MarcusTegtmeier:



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