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  1. a divine exodus of snakes

    Man, peeps are really stepping it up this year. Love those tiles, and the portraits are fantastic.
  2. I just spotted this on twitter and man, it looks so good. I'm also filled with envy, because I'm really wishing I had the spare time for Wizard Jam right now.
  3. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Thanks guys! Next time I need a break from my main project I'll probably come back to this and flesh things out a little more.
  4. [Release] Life as a Dung Beetle

    This is a really interesting mashup of systems. Great work pulling this together as a first timer!
  5. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Thanks guys! The Rat King himself only has one actual animation for his head, to give him a look of surprise or alarm when he hits something. Then the little rats have Idle, Squeak, Groom, Run and Fall. And Goldbloom has his walk cycle, which I made with the free version of Spriter. I had to re-export that a few times with the timeline stretched out first to 30, then 60 frames until it was finally smooth enough to not look like a slideshow compared to everything else in the game. That probably took the longest.
  6. My boss saw me playing this on my lunch break and took over until ten minutes after the break was over. I had time to play an awesome game, eat lunch AND check twitter thanks to you!
  7. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    Man, this came out so ace! Love that Dot Gobbler cameo, too. That kind of cross-pollination should be a diversifier next time!
  8. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Thanks a ton, really glad you all liked it! I'll try! I've got a few other projects that take precedence for now, but I'd definitely like to keep stacking rats in the future. I'm not sure Goldblum hates rats so much as he's indifferent and perhaps unaware of them. Even kings are beneath his notice when he's lost in thought, pondering chaos theory and Fly stuff.
  9. [Release] Punch Wizard

    Man, this came out so rad. I love that VHS effect so much.
  10. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    https://riv-hester.itch.io/rigid-body-rat-king Alright, it came out even smaller than I though it would but it's up. There are two stages out of the five or six I wanted to get in that are both really short, but they work on a basic level. It's like a prototype of a proof-of-concept of what I wanted to do, but there's probably a little fun to be had. I certainly had enough fun working on it to make this worthwhile, anyway! And thanks so much everyone for your comments, support and input! Wow, awesome! Rat King loves you too, he told me so.
  11. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Thanks everybody! I caught the plague that's been going around at work, so things were a little slow today. I managed to get stack compression and jumping in, though. Think you'll ever get a chance to make that? I'd love to see someone else's take on this kind of mechanic. Ha, are Swedes known for their stacking prowess? I think I'm missing something here.
  12. [Release] The First Age of Extreme

    Great effects! I love those fireballs.
  13. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    This is looking unreasonably slick.
  14. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Oh man thanks for the reminder, I forgot! Yeah, I'll try to work that in. No, you are. (buttering you up for the secret cash prize that definitely exists) I've got it covered, but thanks for the offer! Much appreciated.
  15. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Still need an animation for when rats chew through the string, but here's another thing that works now. I also got dropping / losing rats to work. They still just sit there on the ground though, so I think I'll get them running around next.