What's your stable of staples?

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Oh my goodness, a list of 25 games you're committing to playing? I can barely commit to one game in my real backlog.


Games I come back to or play regularly:

League of Legends


Nuclear Throne

Crypt of the Necrodancer


You Must Build A Boat



Games I want to finish sometime soon or keep playing:
Arkham Knight

Elite: Dangerous

XCOM (Have started a new game within the last few weeks)

Axiom Verge



Games that I tell myself I should put on the list, but if I'm honest with myself I haven't played them in a while even though I really like them:


Diablo 3

COD: Acronyms




Games I want to put on the list but I know realistically I'll never play them with any regularity even though I really like them

Cities: Skylines

Crusader Kings 2

Planetside 2

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The total war series would be my number one.Probably the series I have played the most and also for the longest starting back with the original medieval. I just reinstalled Shogun 2 to play rise of the samurai and a mod for Rome called Europa Barborum to finally get a campaign going as the romans. 


Besides that - Company of heroes 2 multiplayer (although I uninstalled it to make space for Shogun), Crusader kings 2 and Mount and Blade.


Used to play a lot of League of Legends but now I prefer to watch it.


The worlds ends with you, sins of a solar empire and ai: war command are possibles. 

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Lately its been Titanfall (mostly that), Star Citizen's Arena Commander dogfight module (and also admiring my ships in the hangar and occasionally climbing in the bigger ones and making pew pew sounds in the pilots seat), some Reflex (a Quake-like FPS that I really need to play more), Farcry 4 (it takes me a looooong time to finish a single player game generally, and anything open world takes me longer because I will spend most of my time doing stupid shit like jumping trucks off of stuff), Splatoon, Super Mario Kart 8, and stuff I'm forgetting.


But its mostly Titanfall...before that it was Tribes Ascend...every weekend I'd spend a few hours at least playing Tribes Ascend and Titanfall has sort of filled that role now (except for when my brother is watching something on Netflix...then I have to play single player games because it makes lots of latency...we need to mess with QoS settings I think).


For all the time I've spent with Titanfall (155 hours, which for me is a LOT...I spent 182 with Tribes Ascend and I played the hell out of that); I still suck:


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I still jump in Team Fortress 2 from time to time and play it mindlessly. I like listening to music at the same time and it's a good way to unwind.



Otherwise Age of Empires 2 or Grow Home. I don't play many other games because I don't really play games much anymore!

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (when I want some tactics with my shooting. I have played it to death however.)

Far Cry 4 (When I don't want tactics or want to snipe.)

Crusader Kings 2 (Pretty much the only strategy game I play anymore)

Kerbal Space Program (Whenever they add content I come back to it)

Just Cause 2 (For fucking around, will get replaced by 3 when it comes out)

Minecraft (Might start an Industrialcraft server with some friends soon)

Hitman Blood Money (Still my favorite stealth game)


Xcom and Civ 5 used to be on this list, but recently I start up a game and lose interest quickly.

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