[Dev Log] Nose Runner: The Seed of a Sneeze

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Hi all, I'm Sam, a long time podcast reader and game development student.


I got the idea for this game as I'm also a photic sneezer. I was in fact looking out of my window tending the seed of a sneeze just at the point when Chris started to talk about it in the Idle Thumbs episode I had on in the background. This has stuck with me as a fairly weird coincidence ever since and felt like as good of a reason as any to make a game based on an episode title, alongside the pun in the name of course. :P


I've been pretty swamped with uni work and exams for the majority of the jam but I had some time last weekend to start on my entry during Ludum Dare 32 and should have some time this weekend to finish it, or at least get it into a playable state.


Nose Runner is a neo-noir stealth game set in a futuristic world. A world where a strain of the common cold has developed that can make people sneeze with the force of a large explosion. This power can be very dangerous if put into the wrong hands, so an elite force of 'Cold Hunters' was formed to subdue rogue groups who intended to use their sneezes for personal gain. You have worked as a Cold Hunter for many years now. However, you have recently heard word of a bad seed within your department, the seed of a sneeze that must be stopped at all cost.


I have been focusing all of my time on the main sneeze mechanic and the AI for the game so I've still got to sort out the level structure and boss as of yet.


Implemented Features:

Player - Movement, Health, Sneezing

Enemies - AI, Health, Damage, Types

Levels - Hiding, Lights, Levels

UI - Menu, 

Audio - SFX, Music

Art - Player, Enemy and Boss Sprites


To Do:

Player - Photic Empowered Super Sneeze

Enemies - Bosses

Levels - Lights, Levels

UI - Menu, 

Audio - SFX, Music

Art - Background, Objects, UI


Here are some Gifs of development from last weekend:


The main sneezing mechanic.



The AI in action.


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Thanks :)


I've added a change log/to-do list to the first post to help track development.


I should have a lot of time to work on the game from tomorrow.

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